Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Quit My Job...and Hawaii is Definately in My Future :)

I have been pondering a job change since this resession hit. The management at the dealership I currently work at hasn't been very pro-active in doing creative things to generate business. I have lost money over mistakes made by a few managers, and by cars not being taken care of when we first get them. I actually kept a log of incidences for the past 3 months, and in the end, the writing was on the wall.

All the people that work at the dealership are good people, don't get me wrong, some are just not motivated, and I believe the current economic situation has affected morale.

I sat down with the owner/general manager yesterday and layed out the reasons I was leaving. It's never any fun having that conversation, and this time was no exception.

I have made alot of wonderful relationships with many of the salespeople, and i'm certain they will continue to be an active part of my life.

In fact, I moved to the dealership right across the street.

I actually have worked at my new dealership on two prior ocassions. The first time was while I was battling my addiction, and the second was a week after I finished my last treatment program almost four years ago.

The general manager is a driven, motivated, workaholic from the UK. He has seen "The Secret", and knows it works. Both of the sales managers are awesome, young, driven etc. All in all the morale is better and the atmosphere a bit lighter.

Shanna will be done with her internship for her Masters of Counseling Psychology in December, then it's my turn, unless the universe has something different in mind...I wouldn't mind starting earlier if the money I need to do so somehow manifested itself. We will certainly see.

I really would like to finish my Masters or PhD in Spiritual-Presence Based Counseling Psychology.

I believe part of the reason we met was to begin a practice together...

So anyway yesterday was a stressful day. I really feel like I am being called to make a move, even if its just a small one. I don't plan on being in this line of work too much longer.

Early last evening I called Shanna and we planned to go out to dinner to celebrate my new job. We decided to eat at one of the very few "good" barbeque places in Washington.

On the way out, I noticed a white Dodge Durango pass me. On the side and back I noticed hawaian themed bumper stickers. One said "Maui" with a Plumeria Flower next to it, and the other said "Aloha" with some other type of Hawaian Flower next to it. I Immediately looked for the synchronicity. Beau and I both smiled when I noticed both the first three numbers on the license plate 518 #$% (all letters) and the time on my cell phone, 5:18, were exactly the same. Wow!! I love it when that happens.

Hawaii, Australia, Europe, Africa, Peru,...and wherever else I can learn and help... Teaching Law of Attraction, Presence Based Counseling/Life Coaching/Consulting.....that the only way to "Peace" is through Inner Peace, Being of service to others, helping my family and friends, being an instrumental part of a sustainable organic farm, garden, and restuarant, helping to heal this planet, helping to share the "truth" of whats really going on, that has been so freely given to me...and anything else I am inspired to do on a moment to moment basis is what I believe I am going to be doing soon.

Or maybe i'm just going batshit crazy and all these numbers, and synchronicity, and visions and voices I see in meditation, unexplainable spiritual experiences I have, are completely random and have no meaning whatsoever.

Thanks for following this blog...share it with your friends if you like it.

Its all an illusion, and its all synchronicity folks. Hang on for the ride.

Love, Light, and Truth.



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