Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My 1111 Friend From Nottingham

A little over a month ago while my family and I were on vacation in San Diego, I was contacted by a woman in Nottingham England. About ten miles outside of Nottingham is Sherwood Forest, the place where Robin Hood used to operate. The whole idea of Robin Hood, and Taking from the rich and giving to the poor has intrigued me. I take a risk by writing those words, but I am simply speaking my truth.

Since my awakening I have taken the extreme disequity of resources in the world personally. What happens in the name of money makes me sick to my stomach, and I hope I live to see it change....

That being said, and knowing the change is coming I have come to know this woman to be a soul mate. Our meeting was very synchronistic.

We have the same stories with different punchlines. Both of our paths led to misery and despair.

When she contacted me she thought she was going crazy. I think I am able to calm her when I tell her sometimes I still question my sanity, almost two years into my awakening. There aren't many people experiencing the type and frequency of synchronicity that people like us experience on a daily basis. I believe "it" has always been there. We just aren't present enough to notice it.

I have noticed over the past month she has suggested books to read, sent me email attachments, bought books of stuff that I read within the first six months of my awakening. Most poingnant to me is when she describes what she sees in meditation down to the last detail, and it was exactly what I saw and still see in deep meditation.

She sees "numbers" all the time. In fact thats why she contacted me. Those are increasing for her as well. Its all very amazing to me, almost like I am in a dream.

So anyway, having someone to connect and speak to...and help go through their own awakening is very powerful for me.

I was having a really bad start to the day today. I got my feelings hurt by my wife and four year old, I took it all way to personal. In the end it affected part of my day.

Right when I got to work I got an email from my friend who was having a bad day, working with some fear and negative energy, and together we were able to sort through it. Most importantly for me was getting out of my "self" and attempting to be of service to someone else.

Today it was 12:00 when I got into a VW Routan to move it (I hate moving cars around unless im selling them), 2:22 when I went to get a soda, 4:14 when I went over to see a buddy on the other side of Olympia, 7:17 when I looked at the clock on my phone to look at the pick up keys, and 8:08 getting onto HWY 101 on the way home from work. I'm sure I left a few out. I used to keep a log of it all but it got really tiring. As I look at the clock for the first time since I started typing (and i'm very slow...hunt and peck with a little speed) it is 10:10.

So through all this, and all my struggles on a day to day basis I see the synchronicity in my life. I love some of it. Some hurts really bad. One moment at a time I walk through it though, even when I'd like to run away.

I really don't fit in with the core of humanity anymore. I have crazy unexplainable spiritual experiences happen to me almost daily. I experience numerical phenomena daily. I see things in meditation and hear things and voices in meditation that have made me weep, because I understand the truth, and I think we would all be better off dropping food instead of bombs. War is fucking up an entire generation of our kids. Shanna just started her internship for her Master's of Counseling Psychology at Madigan Army Medical Center, listening to men and women forever affected by that senseless war. When do we wake up and realize what we are doing in the name of control and power.

I find strength in the fact my friend from Nottingham told me that "we" (1111ers) have been sent here with a very special purpose and life/soul mission, and we will play a key role in this shift of consciousness, and that she felt overwhelmed by knowing that.

I was able to share with her I started having those feelings when my awakening began, and they continue. That alone shows me this is very real. I know I am here for a special purpose. I am here to heal, teach, and grow, and experience life to its absolute fullest, while being of service to others

The beautiful thing is that most of us are saying the same things...I will keep this positive, because we are also saying what could be viewed as negative. Those "things" will become exposed as the "shift" continues. We are saying we are all one. We are saying peace is possible. We are saying we have enough abundance on this planet for everyone and its time for everyone to have abundance. We are saying there is no need for war, poverty, violence, that its all part of the system of things that are coming to an end. We are saying its time to start sharing with one another on a global scale.

Today was tax day in the US. About two years ago, when I first started my awakening I was led by a friend to a youtube video called Freedom-Fascism. It talked about how tax law is not legal, and its all a big fraud. It hit a nerve with me. I had a feeling back then that when more people started to wake up to what was being done to them under there noses, they might be a little upset. Today there were protests all over the Us called "tea parties," similar to the "Boston Tea Party." before the American Revolution. Americans protesting the crazy insane spending of tax dollars by goverment and corporations. Hmmm. I'm sure I wrote I saw this coming 12 months ago somewhere.

I pray each day for peace on this planet. I pray that more people awaken to their divinity and the absolute power of thought, and start putting that thought energy toward peace and love and away from fear.

I know this may be going out on a limb but i'm going to say it anyway. Before I leave this physical body...on this earth, I would like to see a world without borders or the need for armies. Where there are no terrorists or gangs because everyone experiences the abundance they were meant to have, and to express themselves spiritually as they wish. There are no borders..or border gaurds for that matter, because there is nothing to protect. Highly spiritually evolved individuals would never commit a crime against another because they know by harming another they are harming themselves.

Think about a world, where there is no poverty in Africa. It is possible. Everything is possible. Bill Gates gets it. Its called The Universal Law of Attraction. Think about an end to Gang Violence because everyone is able to follow their creative god given talent without being labled or stereotyped, because there is no poverty, and they have high self esteem and a solid family life. It is possible. Get enough powerful people behind it and anything can change.

Thats just a beginning to where I see what this world could become for all people. I think its time for the people to start standing up and questioning whats happening.

I look forward in hopeful anticipation on where the relationship of all of us 1111"ers will take us as we move through this "shift"

According to Terrence Mckenna, its all going to start accelerating rapidly.

Thanks for lettin me ramble



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