Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A New Job, an Old Friend, and 12-11

Hello All....

On Friday November 27th I began a new job in the automotive industry. Not exactly what I want to be doing, because I feel like I am being called to do more healing/spiritual work....but purposeful none the less.

What happened to me this weekend reminded me, through numerical synchronicity of course, I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be right now.

In the three days I worked last week I had the opportunity to test-drive two people in different cars.

Whenever a customer is test driving a car, it is state law that the dealership makes what is called a "demo-permit" that includes the customers current insurance card as well as their current drivers license

On Friday I got a drivers license from a customer, and his birthdate was 12-11. He drove the car and went on his way.

On Sunday November 30th. I made another demo-permit. This mans birthday was 12-11 as well.

Two demo permits in three days at work and both customers had a birthday of 12-11.

Late Friday night I received a phone call from a young man who had been released from prison after serving a three year sentence for drug-related issues.

In 1997 I was this young mans case-manager in a juvenile prison. I met him again in 2004 when I turned myself in to get drug and alcohol treatment in jail. I was walking past the bathroom in the treatment facility...and there he was...standing in the bathroom mirror. I looked at him...he looked at me..and he said "Mr. Lannan" what in the fu#$ are you doing here.

In 50 days of treatment we became very close. Looking back on all the synchronicity in my life...I know he has complete purpose in my life, and our meeting was no accident.

So last Saturday night I went to the clean/sober house he is staying at, and for about an hour he described what sounds like his very own spiritual awakening to me. He said he thought he was "going crazy" having the thoughts he was having about the Universe...and all the "synchroncity"...he was calling "coincidences" that he was experiencing in his life.

So Sunday, about an hour minutes before I met my second 12-11 birthday customer, this young man called me to talk about some of his own numerical phenomena that he had just experienced. After he hung up I looked at the time he called me, and sure enough...the time was 12:11.

An hour or so later I was staring at my second 12-11 birthday..one of two I had made demo permits for.

My second customer pointed out a Buick Lucerne he was interested in. I grabbed the keys from the lock box, hopped in the drivers seat and looked at the digital clock. I smiled when I saw 1:11 pop up on the digital clock when I started it....

Once again, thanks for reading my blog.

The awakening is well underway...and the puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More and More Synchronicity...As The Global Awakening Progresses

Hello Everyone and Namaste!!!!

It's been awhile since I sat down and put finger to keyboard. This month has been very interesting. I'm not going to spend any time going into it. However, I believe it was a major period of growth.

The Synchronicity and the 1111 phenomena has been going CRAZY....or is it me going crazy. I think the jury is still out on that one, and it will probably depend on who you ask.

I will share with you that about a half hour ago I was "awoken" by a soft voice in a dream. I got up, threw on my favorite red "Roots" fleece I got in Whistler/Blackcomb back in 1999, that says "Nagano 98" on it. Its warm and comfy!!!

Anyway, as I often do when I am awoken like this, the first thing I do when I walk out in the kitchen is look at the digital clock display on the microwave. The time read 12:21...Hmmmm?

I was inspired to sit down at the computer and sort through my e-mail and facebook messages.

One of my fellow "truth seekers/speakers/visionaries" Sean O' Grada, posted this video on his profile....Its funny, and sad at the same time...Have a look if you have time...


So about two weeks ago, I am driving down highway 101, on the way from my house to Olympia, when all of the sudden..and completely out of the "blue" I get this vision of pink cotton candy on a cone...I thought about the yummy taste and dismissed it.

Not more than 30 seconds later a woman passed me on the right because I have a tendency to "zone out" in the fast lane if there is not alot of traffic. As she passed I looked over my right shoulder and what I saw dropped my jaw wide open.

In the back seat of the car....a Toyota Camry actually....sat a beautiful young lady of about 4-5 years old. She smiled at me...as she was nibbling on a cone of pink cotton candy. She held it up high as they passed...almost as if she "knew"..it was so surreal..and unreal..it still gives me the goosebumps.

I smiled back and looked down at my digital clock and was amazed again when it read 1:11

How much more proof do I need?

One more "incident" that is noteworthy and then I'm going back to bed.

After I "lost" my job the beginning of this month, I went through a period of not being able to sleep. I called my Doc, and he called in a prescription for some medication to help me sleep at my local Costco.

I went there to pick it up. This particular day for one reason or another I was sad, angry, frustrated and depressed. After I picked up my prescription I sat in my car and started to cry.

5-10 minutes went by and I gathered my strength. I backed out of the stall and headed toward the parking lot exit. A vehicle, in a hurry and not paying attention, cut me off. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him. My initial response was to give him the "bird" ....but instead I looked at the plate. 888-#$% is what I read. I smiled. I looked at my digital clock on the Civic and it read 1:11.

I continued toward the exit, and ANOTHER car...did the EXACT same thing. Again I looked at the plate and it read 999-#$%.

From one moment, being completely lost in fear, uncertainty, pain, discomfort, etc....to seeing a series of numbers..all bundled together in this "phenomena" that is happening to people like me all over the planet...brought me back to complete present moment awareness...and a knowing that it is all OK.

Once again, thnk you for following this blog! I hope it inspires you, makes you wonder, and gives you a sense of wonder.

Love, Light, and TRUTH



Friday, November 6, 2009

Huge Changes Rumbling through My Life

On Wednesday 11/4/09 I resigned my position as a finance manager in the automotive industry after a series of "synchronicities" occurred earlier that morning.

For the past year, I have been being led to do something completely different with my life. However, a sense of comfort, familiarity, and fear has kept me from taking the leap into the great unknown. My spirit has been screaming at me to make a change, yet I haven't been strong enough to "just do it."

I believe a series of events, that I ultimately manifested into my life, led me to the point of being forced to resign.

For the past year, anytime I am asked how I "like" being in the auto industry, I always reply that I don't believe that its was feeding my spirit, and I didn't believe it was in allignment with my true purpose here on earth.

I think I am going to be led by source energy, to exactly where I am supposed to be and to exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

I know I am a healer. Prior to getting in the auto industry I was a counselor at a juvenile prison.

Since my awakening I have had this intense desire to get back in the "healing arts" at some level.

All my intuition has been leading me down that road, but I have been stuck.

I have wanted to design a treatment modality, Law of Attraction, and Present Moment Awareness based, that could compliment or eventually replace the typical "12 step program" modalities that are common with most addiction treatment facilities.

Based on my personal experience, and what has happened to me since my spiritual awakening, I don't buy into the whole "powerlessness" theoretical principles that guide 12 step based programs.

I believe we are very powerful "co-creators" with that "higher potential" I choose to call God.

The 1111 phenomena that I experience on a moment to moment basis, along with the intense para-normal spiritual activity that inundates my life, I believe I am being led on this Journey.

Yesterday for example, I was feeling sorry for myself. I spent the better part of the day crying....some was fear, but most was just an overwhelming sense of release, or relief.

I got my M.D. to prescribe something to help me sleep.

I went to Costco to pick up the prescription.

When I got in my car, I sat down and started crying again, asking God for some clarity and guidance.

As I was leaving the parking lot a car cut me off. My initial response, in my state of mind yesterday was to "cuss" the driver out. Instead I just slammed on my brakes and allowed the vehicle to pass in front of me. As the vehicle drove past I noticed the license plate read 888-#$%. I smiled and said "thank you" aloud as I often do when this happens to me. Intuitively I looked at my digital clock and it read 1:11. The interesting part to this, is my clock is still an hour "ahead" because I haven't turned it back for daylight savings time yet. I continued driving to exit the parking lot, and not more than ten seconds later another car did the EXACT same thing. Again I looked at the plate and it read 999-@#$. I smiled and said thank you out loud again. I mean what are the odds right.

Immediately I was brought into the knowing that EVERYTHING that "happens" in my life is completely purposeful.

What appears to me to be a setback...or a tragedy...is nothing more that an opportunity to rise above my comfort, complacency, and fear, and to begin doing the "work" I was sent here to do in the first place.

Last night, I was standing in the shower, just letting the hot water run over me. I was feeling blessed to have hot water to comfort and clean me, when I got an intuition.

I envisioned "Hitch-Hiking" along the I-90 coridor from Seattle to Boston, ending up in Washington DC.

I thought of making a HUGE sign to carry with me that says "Ask Me about 11:11" or "Fight The New World Order With Global Non-Compliance," or Be The Change, or You are So Much More than you have been led to BELIEVE....etc..etc..etc....You get the idea right.

My message is simple. We are all very powerful. We are all one. We can change the course through action. We can be a world at PEACE.

I thought about connecting with others, experiencing the 11:11 phenomena, or being led down similar paths of awareness along the way.

I thought about the conversation, and the doors this journey might open for me. Most importantly....I was excited at the thought of raising the vibrational level on this planet.

If anyone lives along the I-90 coridor would like to "sponsor" me, in the from of a warm place to sleep, or a hot meal on my journey of awareness, please let me know.

If anyone reading this has any ideas or suggestions on how to make this intuition a reality, please get ahold of me.

Once again, thanks for following my blog. WE are the bringers of TRUTH and LIGHT.

Spread the WORD

Love and Light



Monday, October 19, 2009

The Drive to Work, a Homless Guy, Mooshkas and the Munchkin, and 7:17

I drove to work today. I can take two exits to get to work. I prefer one because its a more direct route, but today I was inspired to take the road less travelled.

At the end of the off amp I saw my favorite homeless guy Don, standing with his sign. I rolled down my window and reached for my wallet. I asked him if he remembered me, I told him Shanna was my partner, and she serves him food and beverages at the sports bars she works at part time. He assured me he remembered me, then startred talking about "Mooshkas and the Munchkin" referring to my cat mooshkas, named by my Munchkin...Tehya.

I looked at my clock when I was leaving, 7:17. The date of my awakening was 7-1-07

Don was wearing an old tattered "saints" jacket too

Thanks for letting me share


Monday, October 12, 2009

11-22, 11 October, Flight 22, and Divine Timing on an Airplane.

Yesterday I left Seattle to fly to Nashville to attend a Finance Manager's conference held by Allstate and Nissan North America.

When I was approaching the "dreaded" TSA screening area I pulled out my passport and out fell an old "demo permit" people use to test-drive cars. I have made it a habit to save the permits if the customers birthdays I "manifest" have 11's or combinations of 11's in their birthdays.

I picked up the demo permit, not havinga clue what I would find. I looked at the date first. It was 3-8-09, and it was from a kid I sold a car to about two hours before my family left for a vacation for San Diego. Here is where it gets interesting. I picked up the permit and his birthday was 11-22. Yesterday was the 11th, and my flight number.....U guessed it....22!!!

I'm wearing a walking cast still from my broken foot, so I was placed aside by a TSA agent so they could run some type of swab test on my cast and my hands...I guess to make sure my cast wasn't fashioned from c-4, tnt, or some other high explosive.

As he was doing his job, I said, "its all changed since 9-11, and he agreed." I said, what do you think happened on 9-11. He gave me a funny look, and said, I don't think it happened like they tell us it happened...WOW

He then went on to say he had recently seen some footage of the carnage at the Pentagon...and how video tapes of bystanders were confiscated, there was ZERO plane wreckage, etc....I said, "A plane didn't hit the fu$#ing Pentagon," and "what we were told about 9-11 by our Government and the news media is FAR from the truth....they don't want us to know the truth." He looked at me and smiled, nodding his head up and down.

Who knows, he may have "reported" me to his superiors to get me on some type of terrorist watch list...LOL....Probably not. The bottom line is I don't care. I am sharing my truth, and it appeared our two minute airport security conversation while he was checking my leg for explosives resonated deeply within him.

I smiled and went on my way, just realizing I had just had a conversation, albeit very brief and in a very low voice, careful of who was listening, with a TSA Agent at an airport...who seemingly believes in some other "side of the story," other than the US Government approved for TV version.

I got on the plane and walked to my seat. I sat down next to two young ladies. One young lady was reading an article, correlating thimerisol (the mercury adjunct in many immunizations) and autism. After speaking to her for five minutes, I knew we were meant to be sitting together. Our conversation, although initially on immunizations in general moved to H1N1 vaccine. It seems that both of her children have autism. According to her, her youngest child has Autism so "bad" at some point she fears he will have to be institutionalized...WOW AGAIN. Her birthday...10-09, and her friend, 11-17!!!!

Within five more minutes we were speaking about the nature of the Law of Attraction, and the movie The Secret.

As I was sitting there I was again reminded that its ALL synchronicity...As long as we are AWAKE enough to see it.

Divine timing, divine purpose...in all things...as long as we have our eyes and ears open!

Thanks for your contunued reading and comments.



Saturday, October 3, 2009

1111, 12:21, and a Deer with Bad Timing..I just wanted to share what happened to me today....and what I learned.

I just wanted to share what happened to me today....and what I learned.

On the way to work today, while driving down Steamboat Island Road, enjoying the trees, my cup of tea, and a half of a cigar left over from last night, a deer ran from the woods to the left of my car, in full stride.

I had about one second of reaction time, and slammed on my brakes. I went into a skid.I have been in a few wrecks, and a few other intense, traumatic situations. What I notice, and what other people who experience trauma/high-arenaline situations report is a feeling of "slow-motion."

Everything was "slow-motion"...as i was still skidding, she hit the front of my car...and was ejected about 20 feet in the air. I followed her in the air, as she was flying upside down now, landing about 15-20 feet off the road to the right of my car, in a heavy grass, and scotch broom laden area.

I stopped and got out of my car, still not wanting to believe what just happened.

I ran over a squirrel about 15 years ago, that I almost got in a wreck over, and I felt horrible.

I looked at the front of my car and could see her hair sticking out of my grill. The front wasn't as messed up as I thought it would be, and the only engine issue is a fan and a piece of metal touching, that makes a horrible noise.

I listened to the woodline and didn't hear any thing moving. I called 911, let them know what happened and continued to drive to work.I felt horrible.

My core belief, is that moment to moment, day to day, everything happens with complete divine timing and purpose. Even the stufff that is considered "bad."So then I begin to question why. If I would have left my home just 2 seconds earlier or later, that doe and I would have never met. There was no one else coming on Steamboat Island road, either way, for at least the next two minutes. As I was walking on the side of the road, one car passed me.

I got to work and was really bummed out. Why did that deer pick me.? I called Shanna and left a few messages, and I called mom. Mom basically told me what I already know but it was helpful to have someone else tell me. Shanna called me back and we talked too.

I wrote a friend in Canada who also sees the numbers, and also has very similar beliefs on whats going on in the world.She told me to go do some research on deer symbolism...I was pretty amazed at what I learned. After reading for about ten minutes I got it. It still hurts my heart but its all part of the puzzle nonetheless.

Heres where it gets interesting.My general manager has a neighbor that buys all of her cars here. In the past ten years, they have bought at least ten cars. Today she was in buying an older Honda that we would normally wholesale because it has too many miles and is hard to get financed. It was for her daughter. It was a cash deal, with no financing involved, and had to many miles on it to put extended protection. I have been training for the finance department for three weeks now. I haven't actually been able to "sign a customer up" on a car yet. My manager decided to let me get my feet wet, by letting me sign my general manager's neighbor up on the Honda. Due to the fact there was no finance paperwork, warranty, gap, etc, the paperwork was very simple. I didn't have the opportunity to make any money, but thats ok. For a first deal, I didn't care. It justs means they trust me enough now to let me get started.

I have seen her many times in the past when she has bought cars. She has never bought one from me. I introduced myself to her, and she told me her name was "Shanna." My partner's name is Shanna. I smiled at the synchronicity.I grabbed her file and walked over to my office. I put it down on my desk and opened it up. The first document on the top of the pile was her drivers license. I looked at her birthday and my jaw dropped and I shook my head when I saw 11-11-1969....WOW...I printed up all of her paperwork and brought her in my office. The signing went smooth. I was still a bit nervous, even though I couldn't sell her anything.I went through it all, we chatted about how I got my broken foot, our kids, and our jobs. There was nobody in line, so we just chatted for a few minutes.Her daughter called and she got up to go meet her in the front of the dealership.I "intuitivelly" looked at the little digital clock on the bottom right of my computer screen, and shook my head again when I read 12:21.

Somethings going down.!!!!...I feel it to my core, and I have something much much higher leading me down this path.... I promise i'm not crazy...If you look up 1111 phenomena you will be amazed...same as 2012...Ohhh...By the way. Last night I had a dream I wrecked my car and ended up in a ditch....The only thing I wish I would have done was look at the clock, or been paying attention to what song was playing, when I hit the deer. So there you have it.

Thanks for listening.


Friday, September 18, 2009

9-9-09, A new 1111 Friend From Canada, A Broken Foot And My Podiatrist

It seems like I haven't written in awhile. I have been putting alot of focus and energy into bringing together on papar and possibly in film, the common messages of all the 1111 people I have met over the course of the past two years, and more specifically the "awakening" stories of 10-15, who are being led down the EXACT SAME PATHS of awareness and discovery, some of which are considered "Conspiracy Theories."

More importantly however, is the common vision we see of a world of peace and harmony free of poverty, and violence and disease.

I know it may sound far fetched based on what we see happening globally. The good news is more and more people are being awoken each day.

I knew something synchronistic would happen on 9-9-09. If you saw all the numbers i see, and throw on top of that my life path is a "9", I knew it was going to be an interesting day.

About midday my friend Bing, who I believe I met on Mike Dooleys Website www.tut.com, contacted me about a woman who had just started experiencing the "numbers" and she was having a bit of difficulty with it all, and maybe even a bit frightened. Bing asked us all to e-mail her to reassure she wasn't going crazy.

Very early on in my awakening I was very frightened. I learned things that most people don't want to think about. I was led to different paths of awareness which resonated with me more deeply than anything had in my life. It all started making sense. Deeper into my awakening I learned about the Universal Law of Attraction, Present Moment Awareness, and Quantum Physics, and I began to see miracles happen around me daily. I experience the "spirit" on a daily basis. I have known since day one of my awakening, I wanted to be of service to people experiencing the same things I had gone through.

on 9-9-09 I got my chance to be of service to someone who had just begun experiencing the 1111 phenomena and it's awesome seeing someone following the same paths of awareness, knowing we are being led by something much, much bigger than I can put my mind around.

In my first E-mail I wrote that she would be led, through "intuition" down various paths of awareness or discovery she never knew existed. I told her some might even frighten her, but to focus on what we each can do to be part of the solution and "Be The Change."

A few e-mails later she mentioned one particular group of individuals and the fact that alot of 1111ers are being led to learn about them, and that we have something in common with them.

I remember reading the email and silenty saying to myself, "it's happening Blayne, we are going to change the world."

I reminded her to focus on what she can do and who she can "be" daily to Be The Change, and to look for the synchronicity.

I do my best to Be The Change, and to be an inspiration to this person daily. Like all of my 1111 friends, I see a peace project of some sort with her in my future. She is a life path "9" too, which I thought was pretty synchronistic as well.

Today I went back to my podiatrist to get a cast put on my broken foot. The foot was a result of a MMA/JiuJitsu sparring accident in my little brothers front yard with my 15 year old son.. I was aiming for the thigh, and connected with the hipbone. I still believe i'm 20 and i'm ok with that. I surf, snowboard, rapell, hike, climb, waterski, skydive way less than I would if I had more dough, and I want to do more...of everything....mostly helping people awaken to their own divinity...all over the world.

When I pulled into his complex, there was one empty spot in the front row by his practice. I pulled in, and instinctively looked at the license plate of tha cars parked next to me. Sure enough the one next to me began with 911-#$%.. In Washington State, the plates begin with three digits followed by three letters. So I start to pay attention.

The last time I was there I was in quite a bit of pain so I didn't notice much. Today when I sat down, I saw pictures of my Doc and part of his staff doing pro-bono work in El Salvador. Since Philanthropy has been in my blood since the first day of my awakening, I decided I was going to get to know this guy.

What happened during the time he was casting up my leg left me in awe once again, as I see the unfoldment of an amazing divine plan happen in front of my eyes.

I can"t even remember how we got on the topic of The youtube video called "Zeitgeist" or "Freedom-Fascism" or the Federal Reserve Conspiracy. All I know is we both began our awakenings about two years ago, both of our families and co-workers think we are "conspiracy theorists" and we have been led down similar paths of awareness.

I think I mentioned to him that I had an awakening that led me to want to be a philanthropist, and the conversation went from there, once again, It all felt very dreamlike. I'm confident my higher purpose for being there wasn't to get my foot put in a cast....My foot simply got me a seat in front of this man...The purpose was what we discussed.

0nce again thanks for letting me share and for reading.

Veritas Lux Aequitas



Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Little Brother, Hawaii, and Synchronicity.

Its been a few weeks since I have written. Sometimes when I am struggling with fear I forget to share the magic that is going on.

First, a few weeks ago my Aunt bought a car and I drove it down I-5 to her in Stockton California.

A week earlier, I had been introduced to a spiritual Guru who lives in San Francisco over the internet.

The trip to Stockton allowed me to spend some time with this amazing man. The story of driving to inner city San Francisco to find his house was very synchronistic. I just happened, after driving around the block two times on Nob Hill, to find one parking spot. The parking spot...just happened to be in the front of his house....AMAZING.

After spending 4 hours with this highly educated, well connected man, I discovered we were meant to meet at that specific moment in time....to do something very important.

Tonight I was invited to my brothers house for dinner. He had just returned from a deployment to the Phillipines. The last word I got two months ago was once he returned from the Phillipines he would be leaving for Afghanistan very soon thereafter.

Tonight. over an amazing dinner he and his wife prepared, my beautiful little brother informed me the Army was sending him to the Island of Oahu to be a Special Forces Liiason Officer to the Pacific Fleet.

He is to be there 6-9 months prior to going to grad school, then back to West Point to teach.

This was good news for the entire family, because he has been in a hostile area for the past 2 years of his life.

It also makes me wonder if all the "Hawaii" synchronicity I have been dealing with had something to do with him.

My hope is he and I will be able to spend some time together on oahu....maybe thats what all the Hawaii synchronicity has been about.

Time will tell, and spirit will lead me i'm sure.

The 1111 and other number patterns have been inundating my life more and more each day

Since I got back, I was offerred a finance manager position at the dealership I currently work for. This was something I have been trying to manifest for the past year. Now it's coming to fruition.

Finally. I have been trying to manifest a finance manager job at the dealership I work for, for the past 18 months. Early this week I was told I would be training to go in our finance department on 1 September 2009.

It appears everything is coming together.

Thanks for letting me share



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Living in the Dream

I am amazed each day by the synchronicity I attract into my life, simply by opening myself up to the endless possibilities that is "life", living in and with complete present moment awareness.

I find when I am in complete present moment awareness, situations which used to cause me great inner turmoil, don't affect me that much at all.

I know those situations which cause disharmony and discongruence in my life, were most likely created by my thoughts and my actions, and its my responsibility to change them. I am no longer simply a "victim" of my circumstances.

I know those circumstances that could be seen as "negative" when examined from every possible angle, have complete purpose in my life.

What we "spirits" having this amazing "human" experience sometimes fail to realize and notice is we don't have all the information, and fail to see the "bigger picture."

A few days ago my Aunt Roxane told me to get in contact with someone she characterized as being "just like me." She told me he was very well known all over the world, was very well respected and loved by many, and was very busy spreading "love" and "peace." She gave me his telephone number and told me to call him. She told me to leave a message if he did not answer, but assured me he would get in contact with me. she said it could take up to a few days for him to return my call, but to be patient and he would call.

When someone "tells" me to do anything these days, as long as it's not unhealthy physically, emotionally, spiritually, or completely against the "law" or my morality....I try and "just do it." I don't give it much thought...I just get it done.

I figure she had magically reappeared into my life for a purpose, and was attempting to help me connect with "like minded spirits," so instead of using "logic" to talk myself out of calling a complete stranger, I just picked up the phone and dialed.

He didn't answer the phone so I left him a message. This is kind of what my message said. "Hello, you don't know me, but my name is Blayne Lannan. My Aunt Roxane gave me your number and told me I should call you. So going on faith and intuition I picked up the phone and called you. I don't know where this connection will lead me, but it doesn't really matter. I began what I consider to be a RADICAL spiritual transformation on 7-1-07 that has completely changed the way I live, the way I perceive myself and others, the way I view "reality", etc..etc..etc. I went on to share that at times I feel very confused and alone, and that Auntie Roxane thought you may be able to share some insight.

About three hours later my phone rang and I picked it up. Within two minutes of speaking to Carl, I felt like I had known him for years. I told him what had happened to me in the past 25 months and he laughed and told me to breath!!!!

He said he could hear the passion and energy in my voice, and that I had been "chosen." He went on to tell me things about "me" that I have known since my awakening, but was to freaked out to share.

He validated everything I had been seeing, feeling, and hearing since my awakening, including the bizarre visions, meditations, dreams, numerical phenomena, and synchronicity I live with each and every day.

At one point during the conversation I used the term "wierd" to express something that had happened to me. It upset him a little bit, and he indicated part of the problem was seeing these amazing experiences as "wierd." He indicated that is part of the problem, that if maybe we started looking at these "paranormal" experiences as "normal" maybe more of us would and could wake up.

I told him I felt alone and different, and he lovingly reminded me I am different because I have awoken.

He went on to say 99% of humanity is "ASLEEP," something I have felt since my awakening began.

I remember telling my Air Force Colonel ex-wife she was "asleep," at one point very early on in my enlightenment. That went over like a "lead balloon."

It was an amazing conversation, and in the end, I feel like I have gained a friend who "COMPLETELY" gets it. We both agreed to a certain degree our "connecting" goes much deeper than what can be seen at face value.

I believe "like minded individuals" and spiritually evolved individuals are being "re-connected" during this difficult time to be the "spearhead" of this upcoming shift of human consciousness.

My vision is of a core group of highly spiritually evolved beings coming together to be the change we so greatly need right now.

Imagine if you can a world that is free of war and violence because the core operating principle is sharing and helping one another. Imagine a world of spiritual beings who understand our "oneness."

The truth is right now all over this little speck in the cosmos we call "earth", there are people of all colors, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, creeds, etc..etc... awakening to their true nature and divinity. They are looking around at all the craziness that exists globally and they are starting to ask why? The answers that they have been given for centuries are not "holding water" anymore, and they are asking for and seeking change.

So, there you have it!

Thanks once again for listening to me share, and for taking what I have to say with some consideration.

I believe the next 3-5 years will be a critical time in our history, where many great truths that have been hidden in plain sight will finally be revealed.

I look forward to it all with great anticipation.



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Aunt Roxane

The past week or so has been somewhat difficult for me to find the magic in my life, living in complete present moment awareness, and seeing the synchronicity I am normally able to experience without too much effort.

I blame most of it on my overwhelming desire to help humanity awaken to our unity, and oneness. At times I feel very powerless, like no one "gets it." I worry as I move in and out of fear, that as a humanity, specifically a United States we are headed in the wrong direction.

Since my awakening just over 25 months ago, teaching truth, present moment awareness, synchronicity, Law of Attraction, and our "divinity" has been at the forefront of my mind. Sometimes I just want to scream out at the top of my lungs, WAKE UP PLEASE, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

I see all the signs around me that "things" are not right, and definately not as they appear to be. I know there is a higher divine purpose in all things, based upon my life and my awakening, but whenever I try to approach this subject with my family and friends, I feel like they don't "get it."

This causes dis-harmony and dis-congruence inside of me, a feeling that is very difficult to explain. When I am in complete present moment awareness, everything feels and is perfect. The truth is, it's all perfect...all the time. I just don't have all the information. The Universal plan is unfolding in it's time, by it's purpose, despite all my efforts to "speed up the process."

Mid last week, I was contacted by a person who was a very important part of my life, when I was in my early teens. She found me on facebook. After emailing back and forth for the past few days, and speaking to her on the phone, I know the Universal Law of Attraction and the Synchronicity in my life is working effortlessly and flawlessly on both our behalf.

Aunt Roxane was married to my Uncle Zach for a very brief period of time. Looking back on our relationship now, I know we were and are complete kindred spirits. I remember feeling very close to her, more close than I have ever felt to any of my Aunts and Uncles.

My dad has 11 brothers and sisters, each unique, wonderful, and beautiful in their own way. When I had my awakening and wrote my first substancial writing called "My Truth," I sent a hard copy to each of my dads siblings. I wanted to share with them all that I had been led to, in an attempt to help them awaken to their divinity.

The reaction was very mixed. A few of them embraced what I had to say, and a few never commented on what I had written.

The Lannan family was raised in the traditional Roman Catholic faith. I was baptized Catholic. Much of what I believe to be "The Truth" now goes completely against traditional Catholic Dogma.

When my Aunt Roxane contacted me, I was both surprized and happy. What has happened over the past few days has me in a state of complete "knowing" again.

First of all, her birthday is 2-22. Secondly, she has been "living" the principles that resonate so deeply within me.

She understands present moment awareness. She understands The Universal Law of Attraction. She understands Synchronicity. Most importantly, and what I so desperately needed to hear, she understands that "it" is all perfect...in the present moment, and the "Universal" plan is unfolding flawlessly and effortlessly, on behalf of humanity, as we move closer and closer to this very much needed "shift of human consciousness."

I called my mom, who was also very close to Roxane at one point in her life and told my mom, "she is just like me!!!."

As I was speaking to her yesterday about 9-11, The Illuminati, "cover-ups", etc...etc...she reminded me that even in it's apparant "chaos" we are moving toward this "shift." She reminded me the only thing I was getting by being fearful and angry at what I see happening around me, was getting me more fear, and more anger. I thanked her.

My Aunt Roxane stepped back into my life, very synchronistically I might add, to help me get back on the path of surrender, acceptance, and awareness. She has been a practicing Buddhist for many, many years, and I believe she "gets it." In fact, she is the first person I consider to be family that "gets it."

Whats more amazing is the things she has told me in the past few days that validate what I have been thinking and feeling for just over 25 months.

She told me she has always been "psychic," although like me she likes the term "intuitive." I believe my intuitive abilities have increased greatly since my awakening. I have spoken of many things that have come true, happened, or are coming true.

She told me I would be "teaching" on a national level, and perhaps the "world stage," sharing my message and vision in an attempt to help awaken humanity.

I was told this exact same thing, in the voice of a gentle old man I still don't recognize, very early on in my awakening. I have told my partner and my family I believe I was "chosen" to carry this message. Roxane used those "EXACT" words. She said, "Blayne, you have been chosen." As I sit here writing I wonder like I often do....."WHY ME."

She told me I have "it." The charisma of people like Ghandi, JFK, MLK, etc... Those visionary people that saw our potential as a humanity to create peace. Why is it these visionaries keep dying? I have my own ideas. I'm not going to discuss it here. I think it would be counter-productive to the message.

She told me I was going to be "famous." She asked me to think about how I would react to fame, and money, and all the other "stuff" that goes along with it. I told her I am still going to be the same person I have always been. I will use it for the uplifting and betterment of humanity, and I will use it to help create a world of complete peace and harmony.

I have a vision of a world with no militaries. I have a vision of highly spiritually evolved leaders/visionaries sitting together at a world table, figuring out a "better way." A world free of opression of any kind. A world free of war and violence because it's poeple understand anytime I harm someone or something in any way, I am harming myself tenfold. A world who's mantra is "how can I be of service to you?" A world where abundance, not poverty reigns supreme, with the understanding that there is more than enough "stuff" for everyone.

You see, we have been brainwashed into believing we have to protect our "stuff," when the truth of the matter is it's not our "stuff" to begin with. We are "one" humanity, and all the "stuff" available should be shared with one another. I believe that is what "God" (whatever your idea of God is) intended, not a humanity killing one another in the name of "stuff" or religion....I don't believe in that nonsense for one second. That line of thinking doesn't work for me anymore.

Once again, thanks for listening and allowing me to share. If you like what I have to say, please pass this on. Together we can be the change. I will take it a step further and say, "We MUST be the change." At the present time, and under our current circumstance we need to begin taking action toward peace NOW.

To my soulmate and Aunt Roxane. Thank you for synchronistically and magically appearing in my life after so many years. To the Universal Source of All Things, thank you for orchestrating our re-connection. I am amazed each day as the process unfolds.

I wish you all Peace, Light, and Love. The truth is...thats all there really is. The rest is simply bad programming.

Veritas, Lux, Et Aequitas!!!!



Saturday, August 1, 2009


I try to keep this Blog positive. I know there are tons of folks out there experiencing this 1111 phenomena, and our numbers continue to grow.

So forgive me, before I begin, if this Blog seems a little macabre.

I have had a very, very, difficult week. I feel like my soul is being attacked. I have been moving in and out of fear multiple times daily.

I still see "the numbers" I still am reminded of the syncnronicity that connects space/time, and I am still attracting "like minded individuals" all the time.

Last night I was awoken after a dream/vision at exactly 2:22 AM. From what I remembered this morning I was in the midst of what appeared to be some type of concentration camp. Many people had very fearful, scared looks on their faces. It was not a pleasant place. People were frantically searching for their loved ones.

I have been doing alot of learning about what I believe to be the hidden agenda of the New World Order. I'm sure you have heard that catch phrase. Presidents since Ronald Reagan have been using it in speeches like its a good thing, and its no big deal.

I can assure you based upon the research that I have done...that it is indeed a very, very, big deal.

As I type these words I wonder if I might someday be considered a "Dissident" for sharing my truth. I was awoken soime two years ago to help shed some light on what is happening to all of us.

For awhile during the past few weeks I have been perusing websitesf individual who are very outspoken on what they believe the New World Order is about. I stopped about a week ago because it was really starting to stress me out.

I keep reminding myself...be the change Blayne....The Law of Attraction is in charge....I manifestt the life I desire.

I woke up this morning wondering about that dream. I went to a website that I haven't been to in about a week, and here is what I read:

Doubt the government plans to impose martial law and round up dissidents and other malcontents? Well, the Army National Guard is advertising for qualified personnel to work as Corrections Officers and Internment/Resettlement Specialists.

“Avenge me, boys!” Fiction becomes fact. In the film Red Dawn, Harry Dean Stanton is put in a communist re-education camp.

“As an Internment/Resettlement Specialist for the Army National Guard, you will ensure the smooth running of military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility, similar to those duties conducted by civilian Corrections Officers,” a classified ad posted on the web states. “This will require you to know proper procedures and military law; and have the ability to think quickly in high-stress situations. Specific duties may include assisting with supervision and management operations; providing facility security; providing custody, control, supervision, and escort; and counseling individual prisoners in rehabilitative programs.”
The term “rehabilitative programs” is key. Glenn Beck and the corporate media may attempt to discredit the fact there are FEMA camps, but military documents demonstrate the government plans to herd people into internment camps. Army Regulation 210-35, entitled “Civilian Inmate Labor Program,” provides “guidance for establishing and managing civilian inmate labor programs on Army installations. It provides guidance on establishing prison camps on Army installations.”
In Mao’s China, the government established a sprawling system of administrative detention centers — known as Laogai — designed to reeducate dissidents and other social misfits through forced slave labor. In the Soviet Union under Stalin, a network of gulags — a Russian acronym for The Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps and Colonies — were established, primarily for political prisoners and as a mechanism for repressing political opposition to the Soviet state.
Rex 84 was created in the United States for basically the same reason. “The Rex-84 Alpha Explan (Readiness Exercise 1984, Exercise Plan; otherwise known as a continuity of government plan), indicates that FEMA in association with 34 other federal civil departments and agencies, along with other NATO nations, conducted a civil readiness exercise during April 5-13, 1984. It was conducted in coordination and simultaneously with a Joint Chiefs exercise, Night Train 84, a worldwide military command post exercise (including Continental U.S. Forces or CONUS) based on multi-emergency scenarios operating both abroad and at home. In the combined exercise, Rex-84 Bravo, FEMA and DOD led the other federal agencies and departments, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Secret Service, the Treasury, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Veterans Administration through a gaming exercise to test military assistance in civil defense,” writes Diana Reynolds. “The exercise anticipated civil disturbances, major demonstrations and strikes that would affect continuity of government and/or resource mobilization. To fight subversive activities, there was authorization for the military to implement government ordered movements of civilian populations at state and regional levels, the arrest of certain unidentified segments of the population, and the imposition of martial law.”

Rex 84 falls under master military contingency plan, Operation Garden Plot, allegedly developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and now under the control of the U.S. Northern Command. Garden Plot was last activated as Noble Eagle following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Under National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive (National Security Presidential Directive NSPD 51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-20, or called simply “Executive Directive 51″ for short), signed by George W. Bush on May 4, 2007, the government has the authority to declare a national emergency and impose martial law. NSPD 51 grants extraordinary police state powers to the White House and Homeland Security, presumably including detention of a large number of people as established under Rex 84 and other military programs.
On July 30, CNN reported that the U.S. military is gearing up to get involved in the H1N1 swine flu outbreak promised to strike later this year. “The U.S. military wants to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials,” a proposal that is currently on the desk of Sec. Def. Robert Gates, according to CNN. “As a first step, Gates is being asked to sign a so-called ‘execution order’ that would authorize the military to begin to conduct the detailed planning to execute the proposed plan.”
It looks like the Army National Guard is gearing up to staff camps and “execute the proposed plan” of forcibly vaccinating the public and rounding up and hauling off those who refuse to be injected with a soft kill eugenics weapon as dangerous enemies of the state who need to be interned in forced labor and re-education camps.

I read this....I thought about my dream last night, and I felt I needed to share.

Please be aware

Do some research on your own

Follow your "gut."

Thanks for letting me share



Friday, July 24, 2009

"E.R. Docs", Law of Attraction, Army Guys, and Synchroncity.

It started last night. I was sitting at my desk pondering transfering to a Honda franchise for a change of pace, and there are some internal issues at my current store, that are a bit stressful

A young man approached me inquiring about an Xterra. He actually walked up to me at my desk as I was writing. After five minutes of talking to him I found out he was an "ER Doc," had just finished residency at trauma in a hospital in Allentown Pa., and was beginning a job at Greys Harbor County Medical Center on August 1st. I would have never guessed he was a "Doc."

At any rate, I have been "attracting" a number of people in the medical field. I'm not sure what the synchronicity is right now. I'm sure it will present itself at the appropriate time.

I spent about two hours negotiating a deal with him last night. He agreed to contract on the vehicle if we met a specific price. We met that price and he backed out at the last moment.

Giving his "word" to my sales manager he would be back in the morning, that he had to "sleep on it." He left. Being in the business for 8 years I know that whenever a customer says those words, 95% of the time they arent't coming back. For some reason society makes it Ok to lie to car salesman. I stll don't get it. I was thinking he was going to call a dealer up north to see if they could beat our price by a few hundred bucks, and go there instead...It happens every day. I don't think its ethical after using 2 hours of someones time.

Before I left last night I called him and told him if he was going to come back, to come back at 0800 si I could get out of a sales meeting. He kind of chukled and we hung up.

This morning I showed up at 0820, and in the sales office sat the "Doc." He bought the Xterra and even paid a little profit.

When I was waiting for him to come out of the finance office I was "drawn" to my general managers office. He had meditation music coming out of his computer speakers. I walked around the front and on the screen were different beautiful landscape and ocean scenes with Law of Attraction "quotes" across the header. I meditated on the screen and music for about ten minutes.

He finished the finance office I sent him on his way. I headed down to get gas and instead of going to Shell where I always go, something "inspired" me to go to AMPM a bit farther down. I pulled behind a car at the pump and my mouth dropped when I saw a Hawaian plate that read 717-#$%. I love it when that happens. It just means my vision is unfolding, even when it feels like it isn't.

I sat around for the better part of the day. I got an intuition to go outside. Within 15 seconds of walking out the door I saw what I was supposed to see. This time it was a used Nissan Armada, a military kid and his wife and a high energy kid that reminded me of Tehya. That car made number two for the day, and I made good profit on it.

All day long I was bombarded with "the numbers" like every day....Some days more intense than others.

At some point in the day, My general manager Marshall Adams and approached me to tell me "good job." I told him I had meditated on his computer screen for ten minutes and I just "attracted" car deals today. I said it was Law of Attraction. He agreed with me and smiled.

Again its feels very very dreamlike. The state is pure bliss and knowing. It's hard to explain. One has to experience this to understand the complex feelings.

The past few days it has been the "antithesis" based on the beginning of the month. I enjoy this energy pattern, I hope it sticks around awhile.

Thanks for letting me share.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swine Flu Synchronicity

As all of my followers are aware, since my awakening just over two years ago now, I am passionate about sharing what I have been led to. A few weeks ago I started researching the "Swine Flu" and the "Swine Flu Vaccine." What I have learned concerns me and it shoud concern you as well.

My mom is a nurse in Alaska. She has been practicing for over twenty years. About a week ago I left a voicemail asking her not to take the vaccine. Last night she returned my phone call to tell me that she has never had any type of flu vaccine, and she DEFINATELY would not be taking this one.

She went on to say she believes these types of vaccines and medication like anti-biotics are creating a population that cannot fight disease or sickness naturally. These types of medcations are killing our immune system.

I asked her why she thought it was this way and the first thing that came out of my moms mouth was "big pharmaceutical companies make alot of money." She went on to say the media "hyped" the swine flu and the fact of the matter is that it has created very few fatalities, not unlike all the other influenza virus's out there

She continued saying there is alot of evidence that many vaccinations are correlated to autism.

Then I start wondering? Why would the "powers that be" want a population that has a horrible immune system? Why would a country like the U.K try to mandate every child having the vaccine before they would be allowed to go to school. Is something sinister unfolding before our eyes. I don't know, you can be the judge of that.

This evening when I got home from work and decided to peruse David Icke's website, here is what I read. It was at the very top of his site. Very synchronistic I think. The purpose of this is not to create fear, but to raise awareness. Please read with an open mind. If what Mr. Icke writes resonates with you, please do some research on your own, and share this information with your loved ones.

Thanks for reading



By David Icke
These are challenging times and we need to stay calm and think things through - not just panic and react. Fear, panic and emotional reaction got us into this mess and it is certainly not going to get us out of it.
We also need to realise - here, now - that we have long crossed the line into a fully-fledged fascist dictatorship. It has hidden itself to most people this far, but it is about to lift the veil.
It is no longer an option to do nothing or passively acquiesce to authority out of fear or apathy. Or, at least, it's not if we care about our freedoms and, most importantly, those of our children and grandchildren who will have to live almost their entire lives under a global jackboot of sheer, undiluted evil.
The word 'evil' is much overused and I don't say it lightly; but we are dealing with evil in the sense that the word is the reverse of 'live'. Those behind the conspiracy to cull the human population and turn the rest into little more than computer terminals are anti-life. They have no respect for it and no empathy with those who suffer the consequences of their actions, no matter how appalling.
I have been warning of what was coming for nearly 20 years and it is not 'coming' any more - it's here. No more excuses from anyone, please. We have to deal with it. We have to draw a line in the sand and say no more.
Never was this more important than with the conspiracy to force swine flu vaccination upon the global population. The swine flu virus was created in a laboratory to generate mass panic with the specific intention of forcing everyone to have the vaccine. Problem-Reaction-Solution. This 'natural' swine flu virus apparently contains genes from humans, birds and pigs from several continents.
If you concoct and release a virus and then implement a clearly long-planned mass vaccination programme, there can be only one sensible conclusion: swine flu is not the biggest danger here - it's the vaccine.
The scale and speed of the planned vaccination programme is insane given that the overwhelming majority of those who have contracted the virus have had very mild symptoms. Dr Peter Holden of the Rothschild-controlled British Medical Association said that although swine flu was not causing serious illness they were eager to start a mass vaccination campaign, beginning with 'priority groups'. Ugh?? This is not about public health and never was.
Those administering the vaccinations have no clue what is in them or their potential effect. They are just repeaters thinking what they are told to think and doing what they are told to do. Only those at the core of the conspiracy, and those who bother to research it, know what the game is.
'Get yer flu shot, get yer flu shot, get yer flu shot ...'
The Austrian journalist, Jane Bürgermeister, has filed criminal charges with the FBI against the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations, Barack Obama, a Rockefeller, a Rothschild, and others, over a plot she uncovered to cull the population with a deadly swine flu vaccine.
She said that bird flu and swine flu have been developed in laboratories and released on the public with the aim of mass murder through vaccination. Her filed document is called Bioterrorism Evidence. She writes here about the United States, but what she says applies everywhere:
'There is evidence that an international corporate criminal syndicate, which has annexed high government office at Federal and State level, is intent on carrying out a mass genocide against the people of the United States by using an artificial (genetic) flu pandemic virus and forced vaccine program to cause mass death and injury and depopulate America in order to transfer control of the United States to the United Nations and affiliated security forces (UN troops from countries such as China, Canada, the UK and Mexico).
There is proof many organisations - World Health Organisation, UN as well as vaccine companies such as Baxter and Novartis - are part of a single system under the control of a core criminal group, who give the strategic leadership, and who have also funded the development, manufacturing and release of artificial viruses in order to justify mass vaccinations with a bioweapon substance in order to eliminate the people of the USA, and so gain control of the assets, resources etc of North America.
The motivation for the crime is classical robbery followed by murder although the scale and method are new in history. The core group sets its strategic goals and operative priorities in secret using committees such as the Trilateral Commission, and in person to person contact in the annual Bilderberg meeting.'
Jane Bürgermeister is a rare real journalist, so much so that she was sacked from her job as European correspondent of the Renewable Energy World website after she filed the charges with the FBI. Renewable Energy? It is their backbone and sense of decency that need renewing, but it shows how controlled everything is.
What Bürgermeister describes in her FBI submission is a summary of what I have been trying to get across in my books and talks for nearly two decades. A cabal of interbreeding families is seeking to impose a global fascist dictatorship of total human control.
Their vehicle is a secret society network structured like a transnational corporation. The operational headquarters is in Europe, in places like Rome, London, Paris, Brussels and Berlin. I refer to this as 'the Spider' and it dictates to the global web.
There are subsidiary networks of secret societies in every country that answer to the 'Spider'. Their job is to control their country's politics, banking, business, military, media, medicine, and so on, and introduce in their sphere of influence the global agenda dictated by the 'Spider'. Those on the inner levels of this structure are collectively known as the 'Illuminati'.
This is how they coordinate between apparently unconnected governments, corporations, media groups etc. The Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties (the same bloodline) are fundamentally involved in this, as I have long exposed, and they dominate pharmaceutical medicine and government 'health' policy worldwide.
The web controls governments, the pharmaceutical industry, or 'Big Pharma', the World Health Organisation and public heath 'protection' agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. In short, they control the entire medical system.
The Illuminati cabal established global bodies like the World Heath Organisation, World Bank and World Trade Organisation to transfer power from the many to the few. Their goal is a world government, world central bank, world currency and world army.
You have to centralise power to impose a global dictatorship and diversity is your worst nightmare. The Illuminati network is behind 'globalisation' and the creation of superstate dictatorships like the European Union for this same reason.
Given this essential background, it was no surprise when I saw the list of names and organisations in Jane Bürgermeister's submission to the FBI:
'Specifically, evidence is presented that Defendants President Barack Obama, President of the United States, David Nabarro, UN System Coordinator for Influenza,
Margaret Chan, Director-General of World Health Organisation, Kathleen Sibelius, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Secretary Janet Napolitano, the Department of Homeland Security, David de Rothschild, banker, David Rockefeller, banker, George Soros, banker, and Alois Stoger, Austrian Health Minister, among others, are part of this international corporate crime syndicate which has, marching as one phalanx to carry out their plan of genocide, have developed, produced, stockpiled and used biological weapons to eliminate the population of the United States for financial and political gain.'
Bürgermeister says there is clear evidence that pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies are actively engaged in producing, developing, manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bioweapons on earth.
She says the swine flu virus was created and released with help from the Rothschild/Rockefeller-controlled World Health Organisation - the very body which then said it was spreading so fast that a pandemic had to be declared.
The symptoms of 'swine flu' at present are pretty much the same as regular flu and it is easy to call everything 'swine flu' to increase the official numbers. The British government has announced that people should no longer see a doctor if they have flu symptoms and instead a system of diagnosis over the phone has been introduced without laboratory confirmation. How convenient for fixing the figures:
'Hello, I've got a cold, doc.'
'I think its swine flu, I'll tick you off.'
Jane Bürgermeister has filed bioterrorism charges against pharmaceutical giants like Novartis International AG, based in Basel, Switzerland, Baxter AG, based in Austria, and its parent company, Baxter International in Deerfield, Illinois. Guess who is providing much of the swine flu vaccine for mass inoculation - Baxter International and Novartis.
This is the same Baxter International that sent bird flu virus to European laboratories 'by mistake' earlier this year and it was mixed with a seasonal flu virus to create a much more dangerous strain.
Last year at least 81 people were killed by Baxter International's contaminated blood-thinning product, heparin, which was made in China from, among other things, pig intestines. Isn't pharmaceutical medicine wonderful? The contaminated heparin also seriously injured hundreds of people and it was revealed that the factory of Baxter's Chinese supplier had never been inspected by either American or Chinese public 'protection' agencies.
More than 50 dialysis patients died in 2001 because of faults with Baxter International equipment, and this month Baxter Healthcare Corporation, a subsidiary of Baxter International, reached an out-of-court settlement of two million dollars with the State of Kentucky. Baxter had been caught inflating the cost of intravenous drugs sold to Kentucky Medicaid by as much as 1,300 per cent.
This is clearly a company you can trust and it is now is a major source of the swine flu vaccine that governments across the world want to impose upon entire populations with the most minimal safety checks. The vaccine is being fast-tracked through the regulatory system with safety trials lasting less than a week. The London Times reported:
'Regulators at the European Medicines Agency said the fast-tracked procedure has involved clinical trials of a "mock-up" vaccine similar to the one that will be used for the biggest mass vaccination programme in generations. It will be introduced into the general population while regulators continue to carry out simultaneous clinical trials.'
My emphasis.
There is no need for 'trials' at all, except for public consumption. They already know what is in it and its effect. The drug companies have even been given immunity from prosecution from death or injury from the vaccine in a document signed by Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.
Baxter International said it will be shipping swine flu vaccine worldwide by the end of July and the potential profits are fantastic; but this is not primarily about money. It about a long-planned mass-culling of the human population.
We are told that the drug companies and the World Health Organisation have been working at fever pitch to develop a vaccine for the 'new' swine flu strain known as H1N1, but ... wait for it ... Baxter International filed a patent for the H1N1 vaccine on August 28th 2008. Click here to read ...
Baxter Vaccine Patent Application US 2009/0060950 A1 says:
'... In particular preferred embodiments the composition or vaccine comprises more than one antigen ... such as influenza A and influenza B in particular selected from of one or more of the human H1N1, H2N2, H3N2, H5N1, H7N7, H1N2, H9N2, H7N2, H7N3, H10N7 subtypes, of the pig flu H1N1, H1N2, H3N1 and H3N2 subtypes, of the dog or horse flu H7N7, H3N8 subtypes or of the avian H5N1, H7N2, H1N7, H7N3, H13N6, H5N9, H11N6, H3N8, H9N2, H5N2, H4N8, H10N7, H2N2, H8N4, H14N5, H6N5, H12N5 subtypes.'
The patent was published in March 2009, a month before the virus was released in Mexico in April, but it was filed seven months before this 'new strain' was officially known about. It is the most blatant set-up you could ever see.
The patent includes the following ingredients and toxicity warning:
'Suitable adjuvants can be selected from mineral gels, aluminium hydroxide, surface active substances, lysolecithin, pluronic polyols, polyanions or oil emulsions such as water in oil or oil in water, or a combination thereof. Of course, the selection of the adjuvant depends on the intended use. E.g. toxicity may depend on the destined subject organism and can vary from no toxicity to high toxicity.'
Another Big Pharma corporation involved is Novartis in Switzerland. Chief executive, Daniel Vasella, is a regular attendee of the secretive Bilderberg meetings that I have long exposed in my books. The Bilderberg Group, named in Jane Bürgermeister's FBI submission, is the creation of the Rothschild dynasty and has been administered for decades by people like David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.
It answers to a Rothschild secret society in Britain called the Round Table. This was first headed by the Rothschild agent, Cecil Rhodes, who plundered southern Africa on the family's behalf. Vasella attended the last Bilderberg meeting last May, just as the swine flu scare was being engineered, and bingo, his company comes up with the vaccine.
I am not saying that people will die in large numbers immediately. This is certainly possible, but it would hardly encourage others to continue to be inoculated. The effects may be immediate in some, probably medium or longer-term in most, to hide the true source of their problem. What we do know is that we are seeing a long-prepared plan for mass vaccination by people who could not care less about the health of the population. That says everything about the real motivation, but only those in the shadows know what the effect is designed to be.
For sure, it will involve targeting the human immune system. Once that has been disabled, it's over as we see with the immune-destroyer we call AIDS. People don't die of AIDS, they die of diseases the immune system would normally deal with.
The excellent work of people like the American researcher and author, Patrick Jordan, have exposed the unfolding plan to kill vast numbers of people through engineered viruses and vaccines. He says that they have long perfected vaccines that switch off the human immune system and US troops have often been used as guinea pigs.
Patrick Jordan's research uncovers a three-vaccine system that the Illuminati have developed. The first inoculation turns off white blood cells (the immune system); the second injects viruses; and the third switches the immune system on again.
In the middle period viruses are expanding around the body, but the person doesn't feel sick because the immune system is not fighting them. When the immune system kicks in again it unleashes such an assault on the virus cocktail that it kills the body.
This is known as a cytokine storm when the immune system is so overwhelmed that it sends too many antibodies at the same time to infected areas of the body and the body kills itself.
It is also the case that the World Health Organisation has asked for live swine flu virus to be in the vaccine and it is quite possible that they will expand and maybe increase the strength of the virus through the vaccine. The WHO website says:
'In view of the anticipated limited vaccine availability at global level and the potential need to protect against "drifted" strains of virus, SAGE recommended that promoting production and use of vaccines such as those that are formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza vaccines was important.'
Jane Bürgermeister's evidence has been supported by Wayne Madsen, a former US Naval Intelligence officer and now an investigative journalist. He said that a top United Nations scientist concluded that the H1N1 swine flu virus has certain transmission 'vectors' that suggest the new flu strain has been genetically-manufactured as a military biological warfare weapon. The UN expert believed that Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and the current A-H1N1 swine flu virus are all biological warfare agents. Madsen writes:
'Past swine flu outbreaks have been spread from pigs to humans, who then passed the flu on to other humans. However, with A-H1N1, there have been no reported infections of pigs. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), A-H1N1 has gene segments from North American swine, bird and human flu strains and a segment from Eurasian swine flu.'
Wayne Madsen also says that his sources confirm that the Centers for Disease Control and the US army recovered the body of an Inuit woman who died in 1918 in Brevig Mission, Alaska, from an outbreak of Spanish flu that killed 100 million people worldwide in 18 months.
Madsen was told that genetic material from the corpse provided the basis for the development of the H5N1 avian, or 'bird flu', strain at the US Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland. This lab was the origin of the anthrax attacks on US Congress and media targets shortly after September 11th in 2001.
All this will sound way out in the Twilight Zone to those new to this sort of information, but what they need to understand is that these Illuminati families are utterly insane. They don't think like most of the rest of us, so please don't judge what they would do by what you would do. It's not the same, because they're not the same.
The Illuminati plan for the world includes a mass cull of the population and the microchipping of every man, woman and child. Microchips would allow everyone to be tracked 24/7, but it goes much further than that.
Computer technology communicating with the chips has the potential to manipulate people mentally, emotionally and physically. This could be done en masse or individually through the chip's unique transmitter-receiver signal. Killing someone from a distance would be a synch.
I mention this because, as readers of my books will know, a CIA scientist told me in 1997 that microchips developed in the secret government-military research projects were even then small enough to be injected by hypodermic needles in vaccination programmes. With nanotechnology, no one would know.
The fake swine flu scare of 1976 was a trial-run for what is happening now. These events are planned way in advance and these sick people are extremely thorough in their preparations.
The scare began with the death of an Army recruit at Fort Dix in New Jersey which the government said was caused by 'swine flu'. The recruit was the only death from the virus in 1976, but the government instigated a vaccination programme for all Americans supported by a campaign of outrageous propaganda based, as always, on terrifying people. Click here for an example.
The result was that at least 25 people were killed by the vaccine and hundreds seriously harmed while the Fort Dix recruit was the only death from swine flu - even if the government was telling the truth about the diagnosis. We are now heading for a re-run on a vastly bigger scale.
The British and American governments have ordered enough swine flu vaccine for the entire population and other countries are following suit. Of course, they are; the 'Spider' has demanded it.
It is clear they intend to make vaccination compulsory and threaten parents with losing their children if they refuse to submit to this fascism. Even before that, the pressure on parents to submit to the dictates of the state are going to be considerably increased.
The Rockefeller-dominated Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States have said that children who have never had a flu 'shot' may need to be vaccinated four times in the Autumn - twice for seasonal flu and twice for swine flu. Making up for lost time, eh? Other children will get three shots - note the three, given Patrick Jordan's information.
The Rothschild-Rockfeller front-man, Barack Obama, has demanded that his 'health reform' bill is passed into law by August, just ahead of mass vaccination. The bill was approved this week by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee and it includes the targeting of parents who do not have their children vaccinated. It authorises the Orwellian 'demonstration program to improve immunization coverage'. The bill says:
'Under this program, CDC will provide grants to states to improve immunization coverage of children, adolescents, and adults through the use of evidence-based interventions. States may use funds to implement interventions that are recommended by the Community Preventive Services Task Force, such as reminders or recalls for patients or providers, or home visits.'
'Interventions'? Home visits? It is one step away from immunising your children by force or having you arrested for refusing to comply. World Health Organisation 'recommendations' are binding on its nearly 200 member countries when a pandemic emergency is declared under the International Health Regulations Act of 2005 and WHO pandemic plan of April this year.
Margaret Chan, the WHO Director General, declared a swine flu pandemic when there wasn't one so these emergency powers would be activated and this lackey of the Rothschild-Rockefeller cabal is going to be recommending compulsory vaccination. She's virtually done it already. The WHO advisory board on vaccination policy includes executives from ... Baxter, Novartis, GSK and Sanofi Pasteur.
Margaret Chan with appropriate logo
Last week Margaret 'Be Afraid' Chan warned that a global pandemic of drug-resistant tuberculosis may be imminent with potentially 'catastrophic consequences'. She prattled on ...'The situation is already alarming, and poised to grow much worse very quickly. This is a situation set to spiral out of control. Call it what you may: a time bomb or a powder keg. Any way you look at it, this is a potentially explosive situation.'
Oh, get a life woman. When will TB 'explode'? As soon as they've circulated it sufficiently, I guess.
What is happening now has been planned for a very long time. Builders have been at work for months in a highly-secretive operation at a council building called Westridge, just down the road from me on the Isle of Wight.
The builders themselves have become very suspicious as one group is given plans for one section of the work and then a totally new group is brought in for the next, and so on. No single group sees the whole picture and now people in unmarked white vans are turning up to complete the job.
I had a look through a window near a fire escape after everyone had left and it is clearly an emergency response centre of some kind. The builders were told they had to finish their work by mid-July without fail and, apparently, something similar is happening all over the country.
If you listen carefully, the dark suits tell you what is going to happen. As I said in a recent newsletter, I kept hearing the mantra from different agencies and countries about the dangers of a massive increase in swine flu in the autumn and that is now their target for mass vaccination to really get moving.
Now I am hearing that the virus could become more deadly in the same period and it could well be that they are planning to increase the numbers who die from swine flu to generate more panic and demands to be vaccinated.
We should not forget, however, that 'normal flu' kills hundreds of thousands of people a year worldwide. Have no doubt that large numbers of those people will now be officially designated as a death from swine flu, whether they are or not.
It was always going to come to this and aware people need to be strong and come together in collective non-compliance. These crazies want access to our bodies and those of our children for a reason that is nothing whatsoever to do with health.
Most people will line up with their children like good little sheep. They will accept the blatant lies without question and the authorities will use those people to target others who refuse. You will hear nonsense like 'You are putting my children at risk'.
In fact, it is the programmed people who stand in line who are putting all children at risk. The authorities will claim that those who decline are preventing 'herd immunity' when all they have done is withdraw from the herd mentality.
This is a time for like-minded people to come together in mutual support and to prepare a strategy of peaceful non-compliance. There is far more strength in numbers than doing this alone.
We must not succumb to compulsory vaccination, nor pressure from those who lack a mind of their own. If we concede our freedom to stop the state enforcing vaccination upon us and our children, what the hell freedom is left?

Monday, July 20, 2009

old aquantinces, the color red, synchronicity, 1111 phemomena and fear

Hello again. It has been a very interesting, unique, synchronistic few days to say the least!

It all began this past Saturday morning. My cell phone rang at 10:22 AM. I always look at the time. The number that came up on the display was my dealerships "call center." All incoming phone calls for me at the dealership are transferred directly to my cell phone, so I never know who will be on the other end.

I picked up the phone and the caller identified herself. It took me a few seconds to realize who I was talking too.

About a year and a half ago I was working at another dealership when I met a young man named "Jett." Jett came into the dealership to see about purchasing a car. When I made a copy of his license for a test drive I immediately noticed his birthday was 6-6, a combination of the number 11, and thus we were meant to meet. On the test drive I asked him if he had ever heard of The Law of Attraction, and the movie "The Secret," to which he replied yes. With that knowing, I told him I believed we were meant to meet. I gave him a copy of the book, "The Science of Getting Rich" before he left, and we both made a comittment to stay in touch. I even emailed him a few chapters of the book I am working on called "A Moment of Clarity."

Fast forward about three months later. My friend Jett showed up at my dealership with his mom. I thought he was bringing his mom in to purchase a vehicle from me.

She introduced herself to me and told me her full name. I recognized the name, but I couldn't figure out how. Just as I was trying to figure it all out, she told me. As her and her son were standing before me, she told me a story of how when I left The Washington State Department of Corrections Field Office in Shelton Washington, to go to Tacoma to investigate and write pre-sentence investigations, she had taken my office in Shelton. WOW!!!! Synchronicity at it's finest

So, the young man I befriended and spoke with about Law of Attraction, Present Moment Awareness, and Synchronicity three months earlier had gone home to speak to his mom about me and our meeting, and she was there to tell me about the synchronicity of her taking my office and my client caseload when I left. My jaw dropped.

She had heard through the "rumor mill" what had happened to me, and wanted to meet me in person after her son spoke to her about me.

Fast forward to this past Saturday. Allison and her son Jett were sitting in the parking lot of the dealership I had left three months prior. She said they had been sitting in the parking lot for ten minutes, and no one would tell her where I worked, because they wanted to try and sell her a car. Finally one of my good friends told her where I was, and that's how I ended up on the phone with her at 10:22 AM

She drove across the street and said she was interested in trading in her old F-150 truck for a safe, economical Nissan car. They were in a hurry to get to a haircut appointment for Jett, so I took a mental note of her wants and needs and sent her on her way.

She wanted something very safe, and something that got really good gas mileage. I did some research for her and found out her very best option was a used Nissan Sentra. Due to the monthly payment she was comfortable with, I knew a used car would be the best. I searched our inventory and found a 2008 Sentra that was a trade in with only 14,500 miles. I sat down in the car, saw 11:11 on the digital clock the first time I had ever sat in it and immediately knew this was going to be the car she bought.

About a half hour later they showed back up at the dealership, and I explained to them what I had found.

We went on a very long test drive, longer than I normally go on with my customers. Without any doubt I knew I was meant to be spending time with her and her son, not simply to sell her a car, but for something much more than I can even understand right now. During the process we talked more of spiritual matters than we did about cars. When we got back, I could tell she wasn't that excited about the look of the car. At one point she even told me she wasn't that excited about the car. I explained to her the parameters she had set on the amount of money she wanted to spend, made this the absolute best car for her.

It took about 4 hours for her and I to finally agree on price, payment, and term. It was about 3:00 PM and I could tell the whole buying process had stressed her out a bit, so I sent her and Jett on their way, so she could go home and relax and come back when it cooled down a bit. It was about 90 degrees on Saturday.

So off they went in the 2008 Nissan Sentra to enjoy the rest of the day.

At about 7:00 PM they showed up so she could finish contracting on the car. I walked her over to the business office so she could sign paperwork. Jett and I hopped in her new car to take it to fill it up with gas. When I hopped in the drivers seat, I looked at the digital clock and it was 7:17 and the outside tempurature guage was right next to the digital clock and it read 77* Here is what I saw on the display 77* 7:17. I smiled and pointed the synchronicity out to Jett. He smiled too.

She finished signing paperwork, it was late and all of our "detailers" had gone home for the evening, so she agreed to bring the car back Sunday so I could finish getting it cleaned up for her.

Sunday I showed up for work and it was already pretty busy. I spent my entire day dealing with customers who were grumpy, and overly analytical. It can be very frustrating when the dealership is selling cars, and I am not. Synchronistically speaking I think it teaches me patience, and to not be so competitive, when everyone is selling, and i'm not. It also creates fear for me because it has been difficult to make ends meet since the bottom fell out about a year ago.

Allison showed up with her Sentra to be detailed right when it was at its busiest point of the day. I started to find myself getting stressed out because I felt like I was missing out on car deals. It's funny. I know better...I know its "all" synchronicity and I know it turns out exactly as it's meant too, one moment at a time. Further, the more stress, worry and negative energy I put into anything, the more likely I am to manifest exactly what i'm "stressing" about.

So I drove her car back to our detail department to get it handled. As I was walking back to the front of the dealership my Aunt called. I answered the phone and began talking to her. She told me she had decided on what type of vehicle she wanted me to find for her. Just as she was getting ready to tell me what kind of car she wanted, I looked up at the rear end of a car we had just purchased at the auction, while I was walking and saw it was a Lexus IS-250. Just as I was looking at the "badging" on the car and walking up to it, her exact words were I think I want a Lexus IS-250 or 350. My jaw dropped again. It felt very dreamlike...like I am walking around in a dream. I shared with her what had just happened, and she thought it was pretty unique.

I had spoken to her for about ten minutes, when my general manager walked out with a young military kid, and walked up to the Lexus. He asked me if I could take the kid out and let him drive it. I agreed, and within five minutes I knew he wasn't going to buy the car. Once again because of the synchronicity that had just happened I knew I was right where I was supposed to be and just surrendered to it all. He drove the car for about ten minutes and we returned to the dealership.

While Allison's car was getting detailed I continued to try and find a buying customer with no luck. By this time it was about 4:00 in the afternoon and all the "traffic" had slowed way down. We sold 8 cars yesterday, and it all happened within about a three hour window while I was tied up doing other things...ARRRGGGGHHHH.

I went back to the detail department and found they really hadn't even started on her car because they were so backed up. I spent about a half hour detailing her car so she could be on her way. By the time I drove her car up to the service drive where she had been patiently awaiting, she had been there for about two hours. If I wouldn't have finished cleaning her car up, she probably would have been there for two more hours.

I parked the car in the service driveway and walked inside to let her know. I handed he the key and she stopped me. She had a few questions, and she wanted me to remind her to tell me about the color "red" before she left.

I answered all her questions and was about to shake her hand to say goodbye when I remembered. I said "Allison, i'm supposed to remind you to tell me about the color "red."

She began the story. She said "Blayne, when I bought this car yesterday I really wasn't sure it was the right car for me. I wasn't really excited about it, and I don't really like the color red. Somehow you sold me a red car! This morning I went to R.E.I. (Recreational Equipment Incorporated) to purchase a new back-pack. I have been looking for this specific back-pack for quite some time, and I had finally settled on this specific type. It comes in four or five different colors, I had a specific color picked out, and they were all out of that color. In fact they only had one color left.....guess what color it was?" She pulled it out of her trunk and it was red. I smiled and began to tell her it was validation from the universe she had made the right decision, and I attempted to walk away to find a buying customer again. She stopped me again and said "wait, it gets better." She then continued her story. She said, "I have been wanting this O.R. (Outdoor Research) rain hat in a specific color too. The hat comes in four or five colors. I walked into the hat section at REI and looked for the hat. They were out of every single color with the exception of one color, guess what color it was." She pulled the rain hat out of her back-pack and it was red as well. I smiled and chuckled a bit as I understood what it all meant. I asked her what all this synchronicity meant to her, and she finally agreed she was meant to end up with a red car. We talked about how funny the Universe operates sometimes, and how there are learning experiences within all of our life experiences.

She drove off and I smiled. She had gone from being very analytical and overwhelmed, sometimes "way" over thinking the car buying process, to being very content with her purchase. The universe had validated her decision, and the COOLEST part was her sharing her "red" story with me, and that it had COMPLETE meaning for her.

By this time it was about 5:00PM. The day had not been the most financially abundant for me, and all I really wanted to do was go home and rest my body. Yesterday was my 12th straight day of work, and it had taken a toll on me. I worked on some follow up to get ready for my "Monday" on Wednesday, and wrapped up a few loose ends.

I sat down at the computer at the entrance to the dealership at about 5:30PM, getting ready to "clock out." In fact I had already clocked out when a younger military kid walked into the front door and approached me. He indicated he had just been at an annual festival in Olympia called "Lakefair," and had seen a 2009 Nissan Altima Coupe, and wanted to know if he could trade his car in on one. I asked a few basic "qualifying" questions and sat him down at my desk. As I was gathering paperwork to begin the "deal" he pointed out to three of his friends/co-workers from Fort Lewis, and said his other buddy wanted to buy a used truck he had seen on our lot. I immediately saw "dollar signs."

I sat down in front of him and began filling out the credit application. When I asked him for his birth date, I had an "intuition" I was about to see something unique. In fact when I said, "whats your date of birth," I already had a smile on my face. He responded with 10-31-88. I looked up at him and laughed. I said, you probably aren't going to believe me, but Halloween is my birthday too.!!!

In the end, I pulled his credit report and two of his friend's credit report. Not one of the three had the ability to purchase a new car. Two of them already had cars financed, owed to much on them, and hadn't been paying any of their bills on time. Unfortunately, "late pays" affect credit almost as much as not paying at all. The third "friend" had decent credit but had never financed a car, had a "high credit" limit of $2000.00 on a military credit card, and wanted to buy a $25,000 truck. I tried to explain to him any bank or credit union would only loan a first time car buyer about $15,000 maximum. He indicated he was getting ready to deploy to Iraq, and would save up $15,000 and come see me for a $25,000 truck when he returned.

So, I bid them all farewell, told them all to be safe, and thanked them for their service. I finished clocking out, by this time it was about 6:30. I got in my car and headed home.

As I was driving home I was reflecting on all the synchronicity that happened to me throughout the weekend. I wanted to Blog last night because I thought I would leave out some details. I was to tired, so I saved it for tonight.

Last night Shanna, Tehya, and I decided to camp out on the back deck. I love sleeping underneath the stars, especially when its hot in the house and cool outside. I was awoken three times throughout night. Once to "pee" and twice to get something to drink and eat. Each time I walked inside I looked at the digital clock on the microwave like I always do now. The first time was 1:21, the second 3:33, and the third was 6:16.

I got up at about 10:00 AM. It was my first day off in 13 days. I had decided to work through my last weekend because I haven't made that much money this month. It worked because I sold cars on both days (Monday and Tuesday) that I am normally scheduled off.

I had to deal with some work related issues, pay a few bills, pick up my mid-month pay-check, and pick Beau up this morning. The kid has been gone for about a month in Wisconsin and Alaska seeing and spending time with both sets of grand-parents and cousins.

I stopped in at work at about noon and it was already busier than any Monday in a very long time. I had a brief thought of working instead of spending time with my family. I had told Beau we were going to go Surf at Westport when I picked him up, and for a brief moment my "fear" about not being able to make ends meet this month had me considering cancelling everything and going to work.

Shanna, Tehya, Beau, and myself ended up heading to the beach around 1:00. I relaxed on the warm sand while Shanna played with Tehya and read. Beau surfed. The rotator cuff in my left shoulder is pretty messed up, which makes paddling out a bit painful and difficult. So today instead of surfing, I just layed in the sand and took a nap.

I called one of my co-workers to find out how many cars we sold today. When he said "seven" I couldn't believe it. We NEVER sell more than a few cars on Monday. I hope this is a sign of better days in the car business to come. Not knowing from one month to the next whether i'm going to have the resources to pay bills is stressful. It makes it difficult to live in complete "Present Moment Awareness." When I miss a big day like today, especially when I know all of my cohorts are making money, it can make it even more difficult.

What I am certain of however is this. When I step back, get out of the way and "allow." The universe tends to respond better than when I am trying to control the terms.

In the end, maybe the purpose for me being in this ultra "unsure" chaotic business for the past seven years is to teach me faith, trust, and patience...in the process. I re-learn those lessons each day, when I think I am in control of it all.

To that end, I am looking forward to doing something COMPLETELY different in the very near future. I think I have learned enough about myself and others, and now I could sell ice to an Eskimo at the North Pole!!!

Thanks for letting me share. Look for the magic that IS your life. It has always been there. We haven't!!!!