Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The past 72 hours

I will start this story on Easter Sunday. My brother and his wife came down, and Beau, Tehya, Shanna, and I met them at a local Foursquare Church. My ex-wife and her boyfriend cam too. I know, it sounds a little confusing.

Everything started out pretty cool. The people in the church seemed friendly, and the music was pretty good. It almost seemed like a production. About 15-20 minutes into it the minister came up and started delivering his message. I was OK until he cross referenced the Buddhist and Hindu faith as "wierdos." He even referenced The Maya and their prophecies about 2012 as being off the mark.

He lost me when the word wierdo came out of his mouth. I took it personal, and in the end, it caused an argument with my partner which escalated into a fight about what we dont like about each other the next day.

That led me again into a place where I am tired of being and feeling different that 99% of other people around me. I go in and out of this feeling.

Heres my theory, based on what I know and feel inside.

The physical reality we are living is not real. Its an illusion. The path we walk...both "good and bad" each day...as it unfolds..was agreed upon before we arrived here. Our thoughts are the most powerful substances in the Universe. Our "thoughts" are simply "prayers," and they control and shape our physical reality. The masters know this, as do many enlightened individuals that have come and gone...including Jesus Christ.

Moment by fleeting moment we are led...by an unseen yet powerful force. I know that to be truth based on the synchronicity in my life.

Today I decided to start paying attention again. Mostly because I was feeling miserable about not wanting to be a part of this reality anymore...feeling like i'm not living up to my highest purpose.

I drove into Olympia and decided to get gas. I pulled up and put the gas in my tank...Let me preface this that sometimes I purposelly don't look at digital clocks. When I turned on the key it was 12:12. I looked at the car pulling up next to me and the license was 999-&*^ I stopped in at work to kill some time before Beau got done with practice. I got some coffee and left

My 1111 friend from England called. As I was on the phone to her, I just allowed my spirit to guide me. I ended up at a park overlooking the bay. We talked for awhile..she told me she had to go because her parents had shown up. We said goodbye. I hung up and looked at the clock and it was 1:11. I looked at the call timer for the length of our call and it was 17:17....hmmmm

I drove back into Olympia and I sa 212-*&^ twice, 119 once. 991 once 117 once 771 once and 000. This was out of 10-11 cars I saw. The one that was most poignant to me was seein 212 on two different cars...what are the mathematical odds?

I decided to drive home with the intent of writing on this blog to get this out of my head. I plopped my butt on the couch to meditate and drink some tea. I got up and the digital clock read 2:22.

The last time I got up from the computer to get some more tea it read 3:11.

This is my life daily...Oh yea, throw in some bumper stickers, grocery and gas receipts, times on receipts, car deals, customer birthdays and jobs, synchronicity...synchronicity...synchronicity...

I know I am being guided...therefore my path unfolds moment to moment..exactly as it should be....

All that exists is "Love" It is the all that is...the present moment...the now.

Fear is an illusion...it is best to dismiss it.



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