Friday, April 10, 2009

Robin Hood, Nottingham and more Hawaii 808.

Early on in my awakening I felt a deep yearning to see a more equitable distribution of wealth. I don't have to look far to see it is way out of whack. I am passionate about being a peaceful part of this change happening. I believe it's already happening.

I kind of see myself as a modern day Robin Hood. Before I leave this physical body I would like to see every man, woman, and child of every nation across the globe, have the same opportunity for abundance. I believe massive change needs to happen from the bottom up. I believe this shift of consciousness is already occurring.

To that end, about a month ago while I was on a family trip to San Diego, I was contacted by a woman from Nottingham England after she saw my 1111 and synchronicity video on you tube. She was pretty frantic, and like many of us who have gone before her, thought she was going "crazy." I gave her some loving guidance, and we have maintained a daily e-mail dialogue going since that day.

I am happy to report that she is going through her own radical spiritual awakening that many of us are going through. Just like me she still has "bad" stuff happen to her, she is beginning to understand there is a much higher purpose operating at all times.

Whats most amazing to me is when she tells me about a book she was "led" too, and the fact I probably read the book about 15 months ago. Thats happened at least four times in the past month.

She tell me about certain spiritual experiences she is having, and I experienced the same thing a year ago.

She tells me about things she thinks about and visualizes in meditation....and I experienced the EXACT same thing two years ago.

More importantly, she is bombarded daily with numerical phenomena and synchronicity. She is learning and growing and awakening to truth. I believe thats what this is about for those of us who are experiencing the 1111 phenomena. I believe we are being awoken to carry a message for the highest good of humanity.

It's a very odd series of unfolding events to go through. Based on my experiences and what others say who have gone through it, sometimes it feels like its not worth it. Sometimes its painful, and sometimes its pure bliss. We are able to help one another to understand we are not going crazy. The reason sometimes I "feel" like i'm going crazy is because not alot of other people experience this, and very few of my peers look at life the way I do. I look at life as a series of unfolding synchronistic events. Life is very much like a "dream" to me most the time now.

Anyway, she lives in Nottingham England...home of the Sherwood Forest, and of course Robin Hood.

My VERY first car deal this month....that was full of numerical synchronicity from start to finish...had the last name of Nottingham. Wierd...? Nope...I think however a very strong message from the universe.

Something is telling me at some point I may be working with my 1111 friend from Nottingham England. In the end, its all Synchronicity though...more will be revealed i'm certain.

On my way home tonight I stopped at my Korean friend Joon's store to get a small cigar and to chat with him. He loves to chat, and knows alot. He is very friendly and thoughtful. He even brought me kim-chee one time. I love the stuff.

I got back in the car and looked at the digital clock, It was 8:08. If you know me, you know that 808 is a very powerful number for me. Its the area code for Hawaii, and its about abundance. I see it all the time, and usually, synchronistically speaking it pairs with something else with a message of Hawaii.

74900 miles were the exact miles on my odometer. 7-4-9 would be two years to the weekend of my awakening. Who knows, maybe on the 4th of July this year, I will have my feet in the sand on Oahu, or Maui...watching my family play in the amazing Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii is where I want to go and write...perhaps counsel and teach too. My dream is to have my main home near Olympia Washington, that is completely self sustainable with alot of room for family and friends. I would like another modest place in Hawaii where I hang with family and friendsut 4 months a year, unwind, and write.

Since my awakening I have been told I will go there to teach. In the end, its all synchronicity though isn't it?

Look for the synchronicity in your life today. Its there, and has always been there. You haven't. Dont worry about that. The good news is you are aware now. Now is where it will get very interesting for you.

I wish you all peace and abundance today.




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  2. Wow. It's coming back to me and I'm so happy. This week I thought I was literally going crazy due to the absence of synchronicity in my life. I've had occasional synchronicities for as long as I can remember, way before I knew there was a name for such experiences. I remember having them as a child and thinking I had special powers, lol. I always knew there was more to them, but no one seemed to get what I was describing, the feeling you get with a good sync is impossible to describe. I realized I could deny them no longer after an extraordinarily eerie set of three phenomenal synchronicities between the summer of 07 and 08. After the third and most astonishing sync last summer, I could put it off no longer my and research begun. Of course, the syncs kept coming until they eventually increased tenfold. It got a bit ridiculous, until I was experiencing anywhere from three to nine times a day (up from maybe once or twice every couple months), and try as I might, I could never seem to keep up with or record all of them. I always took them as a very positive sign that I was on the right track but I now realize I lost my way around the end of January and one day in February, after literally months of daily experiences, they stopped completely. This seriously bothered me and it took most of my willpower not to dwell on it. It continued to drive me increasingly mad until I felt like I was at a breaking point, literally the edge of insanity or at least a nervous breakdown. That was two days ago and I can't explain exactly how I did it, but I got it back and I feel like I'm picking up right where I left off, and I haven't felt this good since before they stopped. The signs are everywhere, including this blog; two days ago, the day my synchronicities came back, my best friend of 15 years returned from a vacation from... you guessed it, Hawaii, and out of all the trinkets and souvenirs he brought back for friends, wouldn't you know, all I took was a measly little "808" sticker. Its funny now, because even as I picked up that sticker I remember thinking to myself "why am I picking this?". Feel free to look up my actual blog, although I haven't updated in a few months, the last one will show you about where I left off. I feel a new blog coming on soon but the significant epiphanies and revelations have a tendency to be extremely fleeting, often getting lost before I can even put them into words. This past week has felt like a time of transformation for me, starting when I thought I knew I was facing certain insanity. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with again, but I'd much rather too many than none at all. Anyhow, thanks for the affirmations and advice, sorry for the blog-lengthed comment, but I felt compelled to get it all out at once. Also, I'd really like to know how you would define the "spiritual awakening" your referring to, I feel mine has been or was a very gradual process, but I would really like to pinpoint a day or month if possible.

    Thanks again,