Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So today was my day off from work. I had to go in to take care of some business.....As I am sitting here writing this...I looked at the digital clock on the computer screen and it reads 11:11....Hmmm?

Anyway, so I went into work, did my thing, got in my car and left to go home.

I got to the stoplight at the entrance to the auto-mall and the light was red. The car directly in front of me had license plates that read 771-#$%, and the car in front, but in the right hand turn lane had plates that read 117-#$%....As most of you know that follow my "stuff"....my awakening began on 7-1-7, so this "number" combination is very poignant to me

I smiled to myself then looked at the digital clock in my car, that I haven't been able to reset, until I find the code, and it read 12:12. What does this say about the Mayan Long Count Calender, which ends on 12-21-12?

I opened up my cell phone because I knew that wasn't the correct time. My jaw dropped as I laughed out loud when I read the time on my cell phone, and it said 11:11. "Something" of much higher intelligence is running the show...and right now...it aint me!...lol

It really canrt be any more "in my face" than that!

Its amazing to me watching this shift unfold.

I wake up each day and wonder what today will bring...what magic will happen in my life...etc...etc...etc

Thanks for reading...and for following this blog.

We create our reality on a moment to moment...day by day basis....