Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Quit My Job...and Hawaii is Definately in My Future :)

I have been pondering a job change since this resession hit. The management at the dealership I currently work at hasn't been very pro-active in doing creative things to generate business. I have lost money over mistakes made by a few managers, and by cars not being taken care of when we first get them. I actually kept a log of incidences for the past 3 months, and in the end, the writing was on the wall.

All the people that work at the dealership are good people, don't get me wrong, some are just not motivated, and I believe the current economic situation has affected morale.

I sat down with the owner/general manager yesterday and layed out the reasons I was leaving. It's never any fun having that conversation, and this time was no exception.

I have made alot of wonderful relationships with many of the salespeople, and i'm certain they will continue to be an active part of my life.

In fact, I moved to the dealership right across the street.

I actually have worked at my new dealership on two prior ocassions. The first time was while I was battling my addiction, and the second was a week after I finished my last treatment program almost four years ago.

The general manager is a driven, motivated, workaholic from the UK. He has seen "The Secret", and knows it works. Both of the sales managers are awesome, young, driven etc. All in all the morale is better and the atmosphere a bit lighter.

Shanna will be done with her internship for her Masters of Counseling Psychology in December, then it's my turn, unless the universe has something different in mind...I wouldn't mind starting earlier if the money I need to do so somehow manifested itself. We will certainly see.

I really would like to finish my Masters or PhD in Spiritual-Presence Based Counseling Psychology.

I believe part of the reason we met was to begin a practice together...

So anyway yesterday was a stressful day. I really feel like I am being called to make a move, even if its just a small one. I don't plan on being in this line of work too much longer.

Early last evening I called Shanna and we planned to go out to dinner to celebrate my new job. We decided to eat at one of the very few "good" barbeque places in Washington.

On the way out, I noticed a white Dodge Durango pass me. On the side and back I noticed hawaian themed bumper stickers. One said "Maui" with a Plumeria Flower next to it, and the other said "Aloha" with some other type of Hawaian Flower next to it. I Immediately looked for the synchronicity. Beau and I both smiled when I noticed both the first three numbers on the license plate 518 #$% (all letters) and the time on my cell phone, 5:18, were exactly the same. Wow!! I love it when that happens.

Hawaii, Australia, Europe, Africa, Peru,...and wherever else I can learn and help... Teaching Law of Attraction, Presence Based Counseling/Life Coaching/Consulting.....that the only way to "Peace" is through Inner Peace, Being of service to others, helping my family and friends, being an instrumental part of a sustainable organic farm, garden, and restuarant, helping to heal this planet, helping to share the "truth" of whats really going on, that has been so freely given to me...and anything else I am inspired to do on a moment to moment basis is what I believe I am going to be doing soon.

Or maybe i'm just going batshit crazy and all these numbers, and synchronicity, and visions and voices I see in meditation, unexplainable spiritual experiences I have, are completely random and have no meaning whatsoever.

Thanks for following this blog...share it with your friends if you like it.

Its all an illusion, and its all synchronicity folks. Hang on for the ride.

Love, Light, and Truth.



Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Work Synchronicity

I sold two cars yesterday. The first was a new Volkswagon Routan van to a Vietnamese couple I have been working with for a week. Her birthday was 7-17. My awakening was 7-1-07, and this is a "number pattern" I see often.

My second customer's birthdates weren't really significant. However, when I hopped in the second car they test drove and turned on the key I was amazed. I am starting to take photos of this "stuff" when it happens, because there is a date/time stamp on my cell phone. The odometer read exactly 111, and the time on the digital clock was exactly 12:12pm. After I took the photos, I looked at the "real time" I took the photo, and it was 1:01pm.

In the words of David Icke, "it's all synchronicity in the end, idn't it."

As much as I am tired of being a "car salesman," each time I see "synchronicity" in the car deal process, it reminds me I am exactly where I am supposed to be at that very moment.

Teaching present moment awareness, Law of Attraction, synchronicity, and helping to awaken humanity to it's true potential will come to me in time...not my time.

Look for the magic and synchronicity in your life is everywhere!!!

Love, Light, Truth



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It All Feels Magical Lately.

It started last night. I was talking to my 1111 friend from Nottingham England when two cars pulled on the lot. One was a young man driving an older Honda Civic, and the other a newer Mercedes. I hung up the phone, put my cigar out, and approached them.

Within 10 minutes of speaking to them I learned it was a mom and dad, with their son, helping him in the purchase of his first "real" car.

I immediately connected with the three of them. I got his license to put them out on a test drive, and smiled when I saw his birthday was 7-11. I smiled even harder when the first car I got into for them to test drive showed 5:55 on the digital clock when I started it. It was past 6:00PM when I looked at the real time on my cell phone.

The second car I started, and the one he eventually purchased showed 7:11 on the digital clock when I started it, and by this time it was only about 6:30.

In the end I spent a ton of time and energy on this kid. The dealership took a net $ 500.00 deal to help this kid out, and spent about four hours this morning getting him insurance that he could afford.

I almost didn't sell it last night after he called his insurance company and they told him $450.00 a month for full coverage. I found him someone today that sold him a policy for $270.00 a month.

I finally finished the deal about 3 hours ago. It felt good to see this kid smile when he drove off in his car. It felt really good to help someone out. I made very little money, but lately it isn't really about the money. Its more about experience for me now. Especially when the synchronicity is so "in your face" like this one.

Thanks for reading and letting me share.



Monday, April 20, 2009

111 and Peace

I woke up this morning to a thread on a message board on a website I frequent titled "How Peace in World Can Be Restored." It was started by thig guy in Pakistan, named Mohammad. He went into great depth describing the horror that he has seen and experienced. I felt immediately connected to this dude, halfway across the world, who is in fear constantly for his life and the life of his family. Then I got angry, which is a typical response, because I know it was never intended to be that way.
The good news is that globally each day people are being awoken to our unity, as spirits having a human experience....instead of the opposite. We are from all walks of life, but we share the same vision.
I have noticed throughout the day...individuals that understand "truth" and the fact that we are indeed "one," keep pointing to the notion there is a massive coverup occuring globally, and the veil is slowly lifting.
I felt inspired again to live in the present moment and be a catalyst for change. The only way to Peace is through peace. We each have to be the peace we wish to see in other people..its all so, so true.
I felt fear for awhile, but I know we are winning, and more people all over the world are being awoken to truth. Te veil is lifting, and the notion of duality is eroding.
I drove to Olympia to meet a buddy for some coffee. He has a small car lot. As I was leaving and pulling out of his lot a car with 111-#$% pulled in. I looked at my digital clock and it was 10:17. I took my daughter to a park in the neighborhood we lived in two years ago and we hung out for a minute. We left after she had a mini "accident" if you will, as she had waited to long to go to the bathroom. We got in the car and left the development. Right as we hit the main road we hit a red light. The car directly in front of me had 111-$#%. It was 11:17 One hour later...Two different cars...I wish I could find a math whiz to give me the mathematical odds on this stuff constantly happening in my life
Whats it mean? For me all this reminds me there is so much more to this "reality" , than meets the eye, and there's purpose and intent behind that too.
Love Light and Truth

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Native American Synchronicity.

This story starts last night. The van that drove up had 179-)(* plates. Her License revealed her birthday to be 9-19. She loved the car, it was 4:14 when i pulled the car out,and actually drove the car to get approval from her daughter. We drove by her daughters house, turned around because she wasn't there, and synchronistically enough we met her at the top of the street. I thought this was going to a good thing for me, but in the end her daughter talked her into waiting.

My business has been very slow. One more "no" is never a fun thing to deal with. I have had alot lately as the consumer is in a ton of fear.

At any rate I got up today and decided to take another run at it. My first customer was a Native American man, and a woman who appeared to have cancer. Her hair was gone and she looked anemic...usually a pretty good sign of chemotherapy. I had a pretty good idea when I first approached them I wasn't seeling a car to them. As it turned out I didn't, however, during the entire interaction I was compelled to give them "love" in the form of silent blessing for both of their struggles. About a half hour after we met, I bid them farewell.

Not more than 30 minutes later an older woman pulled up and got out of the car. After talking to her for just a few minutes she appeared to be stressed out. After about ten minutes I learned she was our service managers "step-mom", her husband of many years is Native American, and dying of cancer. She said he only had a few more months to live, and wanted her to have a safe car.

So we found a car for her, hopped in and saw the time was 12:12, and drove it to him so he could see it. When I walked in the living room I saw a very, very sick man. He looked very much like my grandfather before he died of cancer. He couldn't get out of bed as he was heavily medicated. He told her that if his son ok'd it, he was OK with it. I felt so much compassion for this guy, and I decided he was still here because he still has stuff to do.

My service manager came in and ok'd the car and price. So I got to sell a car today and made I little money.

I still cant figure out the Native American and Cancer synchronicity is about. I'm sure more will be revealed.

Thanks for letting me share my crazy life.



Friday, April 17, 2009

808 and License plates.

I got stuck putting plates on three customers cars today. When they come in to get their hard license plates, my dealership puts them on as a courtesy. None of us like doing it, especially if its not their customer.

Salespeople will actually run the other way when they are paged to the front desk.

So today, I happened to be at the right place when three customers came in requesting us to put plates on. The only three today and I put all three on. Everyone disappears, and I kept getting stuck with the task.

On the 3rd set of plates, I waited for about a minute after the page. Figuring no one was coming to help, but cussing in my mind, I grabbed the plates. I looked down and saw 808-*&* in front of me and knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be at that moment.

Maybe soon I will wake up with my feet in the sand.



Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Lot Work", Being Led, and Baseball

It happened all day long again today. If you are unfamiliar with the car business, I will share with you the majority of sales people, myself included loathe doing lot work. "Lot work" can be defined as tying baloons on cars, lifting up hoods, moving cars around, turning cars on and off..etc..etc.

My GM likes to find busy work when we are slow, and lately is has been pretty slow at times. Today is was rearranging several cars. Normally I get really frustrated when I have to participate in this stuff, but lately all I have been doing is looking for numbers. I moved three cars. The first said 11:44, and the second 1:19...hmmm. The third one had the regular time which was 9:47.

Seeing the 1111 pattern, I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be one day at a time. Sometimes I don't like it, but I guess I still have work to do here, before I take it on the world stage.

So my friend from England calls to chat. She was struggling with some fear today. We talked for about a half hour or so. I got in my car and headed to the bank to get money for gas. Right as I pulled in the bank parking lot she said she had to go...almost like she knew. I went in to the bank, came out, and started my car. I looked at the digital clock and it read 11:11. I called her back and told her what happened.

I spent much of the mid-afternon talking to customers and doing follow up work.

I went and picked up my daughter and we went to my sons game. He had a really good game and they were winning when I left, as he sat down for the last few innings. I got in the car and headed home. Right as I entered the I-5 on ramp, I looked to my left and there was a car with a 555-(*& plate right next to me. I looked at my clock and was amazed to see 5:55.

Whats it all mean. ? We are so much more than we think we are



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My 1111 Friend From Nottingham

A little over a month ago while my family and I were on vacation in San Diego, I was contacted by a woman in Nottingham England. About ten miles outside of Nottingham is Sherwood Forest, the place where Robin Hood used to operate. The whole idea of Robin Hood, and Taking from the rich and giving to the poor has intrigued me. I take a risk by writing those words, but I am simply speaking my truth.

Since my awakening I have taken the extreme disequity of resources in the world personally. What happens in the name of money makes me sick to my stomach, and I hope I live to see it change....

That being said, and knowing the change is coming I have come to know this woman to be a soul mate. Our meeting was very synchronistic.

We have the same stories with different punchlines. Both of our paths led to misery and despair.

When she contacted me she thought she was going crazy. I think I am able to calm her when I tell her sometimes I still question my sanity, almost two years into my awakening. There aren't many people experiencing the type and frequency of synchronicity that people like us experience on a daily basis. I believe "it" has always been there. We just aren't present enough to notice it.

I have noticed over the past month she has suggested books to read, sent me email attachments, bought books of stuff that I read within the first six months of my awakening. Most poingnant to me is when she describes what she sees in meditation down to the last detail, and it was exactly what I saw and still see in deep meditation.

She sees "numbers" all the time. In fact thats why she contacted me. Those are increasing for her as well. Its all very amazing to me, almost like I am in a dream.

So anyway, having someone to connect and speak to...and help go through their own awakening is very powerful for me.

I was having a really bad start to the day today. I got my feelings hurt by my wife and four year old, I took it all way to personal. In the end it affected part of my day.

Right when I got to work I got an email from my friend who was having a bad day, working with some fear and negative energy, and together we were able to sort through it. Most importantly for me was getting out of my "self" and attempting to be of service to someone else.

Today it was 12:00 when I got into a VW Routan to move it (I hate moving cars around unless im selling them), 2:22 when I went to get a soda, 4:14 when I went over to see a buddy on the other side of Olympia, 7:17 when I looked at the clock on my phone to look at the pick up keys, and 8:08 getting onto HWY 101 on the way home from work. I'm sure I left a few out. I used to keep a log of it all but it got really tiring. As I look at the clock for the first time since I started typing (and i'm very slow...hunt and peck with a little speed) it is 10:10.

So through all this, and all my struggles on a day to day basis I see the synchronicity in my life. I love some of it. Some hurts really bad. One moment at a time I walk through it though, even when I'd like to run away.

I really don't fit in with the core of humanity anymore. I have crazy unexplainable spiritual experiences happen to me almost daily. I experience numerical phenomena daily. I see things in meditation and hear things and voices in meditation that have made me weep, because I understand the truth, and I think we would all be better off dropping food instead of bombs. War is fucking up an entire generation of our kids. Shanna just started her internship for her Master's of Counseling Psychology at Madigan Army Medical Center, listening to men and women forever affected by that senseless war. When do we wake up and realize what we are doing in the name of control and power.

I find strength in the fact my friend from Nottingham told me that "we" (1111ers) have been sent here with a very special purpose and life/soul mission, and we will play a key role in this shift of consciousness, and that she felt overwhelmed by knowing that.

I was able to share with her I started having those feelings when my awakening began, and they continue. That alone shows me this is very real. I know I am here for a special purpose. I am here to heal, teach, and grow, and experience life to its absolute fullest, while being of service to others

The beautiful thing is that most of us are saying the same things...I will keep this positive, because we are also saying what could be viewed as negative. Those "things" will become exposed as the "shift" continues. We are saying we are all one. We are saying peace is possible. We are saying we have enough abundance on this planet for everyone and its time for everyone to have abundance. We are saying there is no need for war, poverty, violence, that its all part of the system of things that are coming to an end. We are saying its time to start sharing with one another on a global scale.

Today was tax day in the US. About two years ago, when I first started my awakening I was led by a friend to a youtube video called Freedom-Fascism. It talked about how tax law is not legal, and its all a big fraud. It hit a nerve with me. I had a feeling back then that when more people started to wake up to what was being done to them under there noses, they might be a little upset. Today there were protests all over the Us called "tea parties," similar to the "Boston Tea Party." before the American Revolution. Americans protesting the crazy insane spending of tax dollars by goverment and corporations. Hmmm. I'm sure I wrote I saw this coming 12 months ago somewhere.

I pray each day for peace on this planet. I pray that more people awaken to their divinity and the absolute power of thought, and start putting that thought energy toward peace and love and away from fear.

I know this may be going out on a limb but i'm going to say it anyway. Before I leave this physical body...on this earth, I would like to see a world without borders or the need for armies. Where there are no terrorists or gangs because everyone experiences the abundance they were meant to have, and to express themselves spiritually as they wish. There are no borders..or border gaurds for that matter, because there is nothing to protect. Highly spiritually evolved individuals would never commit a crime against another because they know by harming another they are harming themselves.

Think about a world, where there is no poverty in Africa. It is possible. Everything is possible. Bill Gates gets it. Its called The Universal Law of Attraction. Think about an end to Gang Violence because everyone is able to follow their creative god given talent without being labled or stereotyped, because there is no poverty, and they have high self esteem and a solid family life. It is possible. Get enough powerful people behind it and anything can change.

Thats just a beginning to where I see what this world could become for all people. I think its time for the people to start standing up and questioning whats happening.

I look forward in hopeful anticipation on where the relationship of all of us 1111"ers will take us as we move through this "shift"

According to Terrence Mckenna, its all going to start accelerating rapidly.

Thanks for lettin me ramble



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The past 72 hours

I will start this story on Easter Sunday. My brother and his wife came down, and Beau, Tehya, Shanna, and I met them at a local Foursquare Church. My ex-wife and her boyfriend cam too. I know, it sounds a little confusing.

Everything started out pretty cool. The people in the church seemed friendly, and the music was pretty good. It almost seemed like a production. About 15-20 minutes into it the minister came up and started delivering his message. I was OK until he cross referenced the Buddhist and Hindu faith as "wierdos." He even referenced The Maya and their prophecies about 2012 as being off the mark.

He lost me when the word wierdo came out of his mouth. I took it personal, and in the end, it caused an argument with my partner which escalated into a fight about what we dont like about each other the next day.

That led me again into a place where I am tired of being and feeling different that 99% of other people around me. I go in and out of this feeling.

Heres my theory, based on what I know and feel inside.

The physical reality we are living is not real. Its an illusion. The path we walk...both "good and bad" each it unfolds..was agreed upon before we arrived here. Our thoughts are the most powerful substances in the Universe. Our "thoughts" are simply "prayers," and they control and shape our physical reality. The masters know this, as do many enlightened individuals that have come and gone...including Jesus Christ.

Moment by fleeting moment we are an unseen yet powerful force. I know that to be truth based on the synchronicity in my life.

Today I decided to start paying attention again. Mostly because I was feeling miserable about not wanting to be a part of this reality anymore...feeling like i'm not living up to my highest purpose.

I drove into Olympia and decided to get gas. I pulled up and put the gas in my tank...Let me preface this that sometimes I purposelly don't look at digital clocks. When I turned on the key it was 12:12. I looked at the car pulling up next to me and the license was 999-&*^ I stopped in at work to kill some time before Beau got done with practice. I got some coffee and left

My 1111 friend from England called. As I was on the phone to her, I just allowed my spirit to guide me. I ended up at a park overlooking the bay. We talked for awhile..she told me she had to go because her parents had shown up. We said goodbye. I hung up and looked at the clock and it was 1:11. I looked at the call timer for the length of our call and it was 17:17....hmmmm

I drove back into Olympia and I sa 212-*&^ twice, 119 once. 991 once 117 once 771 once and 000. This was out of 10-11 cars I saw. The one that was most poignant to me was seein 212 on two different cars...what are the mathematical odds?

I decided to drive home with the intent of writing on this blog to get this out of my head. I plopped my butt on the couch to meditate and drink some tea. I got up and the digital clock read 2:22.

The last time I got up from the computer to get some more tea it read 3:11.

This is my life daily...Oh yea, throw in some bumper stickers, grocery and gas receipts, times on receipts, car deals, customer birthdays and jobs, synchronicity...synchronicity...synchronicity...

I know I am being guided...therefore my path unfolds moment to moment..exactly as it should be....

All that exists is "Love" It is the all that is...the present moment...the now.

Fear is an is best to dismiss it.



Friday, April 10, 2009

Robin Hood, Nottingham and more Hawaii 808.

Early on in my awakening I felt a deep yearning to see a more equitable distribution of wealth. I don't have to look far to see it is way out of whack. I am passionate about being a peaceful part of this change happening. I believe it's already happening.

I kind of see myself as a modern day Robin Hood. Before I leave this physical body I would like to see every man, woman, and child of every nation across the globe, have the same opportunity for abundance. I believe massive change needs to happen from the bottom up. I believe this shift of consciousness is already occurring.

To that end, about a month ago while I was on a family trip to San Diego, I was contacted by a woman from Nottingham England after she saw my 1111 and synchronicity video on you tube. She was pretty frantic, and like many of us who have gone before her, thought she was going "crazy." I gave her some loving guidance, and we have maintained a daily e-mail dialogue going since that day.

I am happy to report that she is going through her own radical spiritual awakening that many of us are going through. Just like me she still has "bad" stuff happen to her, she is beginning to understand there is a much higher purpose operating at all times.

Whats most amazing to me is when she tells me about a book she was "led" too, and the fact I probably read the book about 15 months ago. Thats happened at least four times in the past month.

She tell me about certain spiritual experiences she is having, and I experienced the same thing a year ago.

She tells me about things she thinks about and visualizes in meditation....and I experienced the EXACT same thing two years ago.

More importantly, she is bombarded daily with numerical phenomena and synchronicity. She is learning and growing and awakening to truth. I believe thats what this is about for those of us who are experiencing the 1111 phenomena. I believe we are being awoken to carry a message for the highest good of humanity.

It's a very odd series of unfolding events to go through. Based on my experiences and what others say who have gone through it, sometimes it feels like its not worth it. Sometimes its painful, and sometimes its pure bliss. We are able to help one another to understand we are not going crazy. The reason sometimes I "feel" like i'm going crazy is because not alot of other people experience this, and very few of my peers look at life the way I do. I look at life as a series of unfolding synchronistic events. Life is very much like a "dream" to me most the time now.

Anyway, she lives in Nottingham England...home of the Sherwood Forest, and of course Robin Hood.

My VERY first car deal this month....that was full of numerical synchronicity from start to finish...had the last name of Nottingham. Wierd...? Nope...I think however a very strong message from the universe.

Something is telling me at some point I may be working with my 1111 friend from Nottingham England. In the end, its all Synchronicity though...more will be revealed i'm certain.

On my way home tonight I stopped at my Korean friend Joon's store to get a small cigar and to chat with him. He loves to chat, and knows alot. He is very friendly and thoughtful. He even brought me kim-chee one time. I love the stuff.

I got back in the car and looked at the digital clock, It was 8:08. If you know me, you know that 808 is a very powerful number for me. Its the area code for Hawaii, and its about abundance. I see it all the time, and usually, synchronistically speaking it pairs with something else with a message of Hawaii.

74900 miles were the exact miles on my odometer. 7-4-9 would be two years to the weekend of my awakening. Who knows, maybe on the 4th of July this year, I will have my feet in the sand on Oahu, or Maui...watching my family play in the amazing Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii is where I want to go and write...perhaps counsel and teach too. My dream is to have my main home near Olympia Washington, that is completely self sustainable with alot of room for family and friends. I would like another modest place in Hawaii where I hang with family and friendsut 4 months a year, unwind, and write.

Since my awakening I have been told I will go there to teach. In the end, its all synchronicity though isn't it?

Look for the synchronicity in your life today. Its there, and has always been there. You haven't. Dont worry about that. The good news is you are aware now. Now is where it will get very interesting for you.

I wish you all peace and abundance today.



"In the end, it's all synchronicity, id'nt it"

I learned of a guy named David Icke about 18 months ago, through a co-workers customer. He guided me to Mr. Icke's site.

I was immediatly drawn to this guy. I feel a deep sense of knowing and understanding as he speaks.

He is very outspoken about alot of very contoversial subjects. Much of what he says resonates deeply within me. I just try to focus on what we can do about the problem.

I was watching one of his new videos called "project camalot" last night. He was reliving his awakening that began for him in 1989. He spoke of specifics that have happeened to me, and others like me who are in their own awakening process.

Very early on, one if the interviewers was thanking him for giving them the opportunity to interview him, and he said, "In the end its all synchronicity, idn't it (in his british accent.)

I sat there and thought about that for a moment....thats all there is...moment to very synchronistic moment to another.

I have had an interesting week for sure. Lots of "stuff" going on. I feel like I am on the edge of a major, life changing event. I see meaningful synchronicity all day long.

I saw alot of numbers today. I will give you a few examples. I was standing outside when my intuition told me to go get a cigar...I love cigars... I do all the time now, I don't question my intuition. I hopped in the car and looked at the digital clock I always do now....and it was 1:17. I looked around for the synchronicity and the next car that came around the corner had a license plate that began with 171-&*^.

It happened again later. This time it was for a cigar and some tea. I hopped in my car and it was 4:44. Again I looked around. I looked at my trip meter and it read 444.3....hmmm The very next car had a plate that read 222....I smiled and looked up and shook my head like I often do.

Remember...there is no good or all simply is......surrender to that simple fact and you will be amazed at how quickly things will change for you



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a new site

If you have a chance, check out the link I just added.

very cool site..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

synchronicity everywhere

Hello to all who have found your way to this blog. If you stumbled upon this site, I can assure you it is purposeful.

Two days ago I was milling around the ole care lot. It seems as if business is picking up a bit, but still unusually slow for this time of year.

It was late in the afternoon Sunday. I had spent most of my day reading, writing, and following up with past customers.

I was inspired to walk outside to get some of the beautiful weather we have been having, and just as I did so, a later model Volkswagen Cabriolet pulled on the lot. The first words out of her mouth when they both got out of the car was, "we are out looking at vehicles."

She asked if they could drive a used 2007 Pontiac Vibe we had. I made small talk as I asked for her license. After a brief look at the license, I saw that the couple was from Seattle. Being in the car business for as long as I have, I knew I had one shot to sell these people a car, because there are loads of dealerships between Olympia and Seattle.

When I hopped in the Vibe to pull it off the front line, I smiled as I saw 6:16 pop up on the digital clock. Seeing that time is the Universe's way of showing me that its "all" synchronicity.

They returned about 30 minutes later, and indicated they wanted to purchase the car if we would negotiate the price. I indicated that we could and began writing up the car deal. During the course of the sales process I learned she work for Catholic Relief Services, and had spent time in Africa, helping out in a small impoverished village.

All I kept thinking about was the fact that since my awakening, one of my passions is to travel to impoverished places, to teach present moment awareness, Law Of Attraction, Synchronicity, Divine timing, etc...etc...

In fact two days earlier I connected with a gentleman from a village in Africa...a small poverty stricken one, who I met through a Law of Attraction website. I had been "dreaming" about the possibility of travelling to his village to help and teach.

I was amazed as she shared stories about her travels to Africa. It made my passion and commitment to help other people much more "real."

Before they left we had a very in depth conversation of the state of our planet, and we both agreed there was a much higher purpose in our meeting, above and beyond the "car deal."

When I went to take the car to get it detailed, I smiled ear to ear when I looked at the digital clock and it read 7:17.

I emailed her today, thanking them both for the business, again pondering what the higher purpose of our meeting will be, and this is the response I got back

Blayne:It was a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for sharing your blogs...I will have to read through them. I believe as well that there is a synchronicity, a universal energy grid we are all moving on, some more purposefully than others, but we are continually "running into each other," for good or bad! I have the world's best parking karma which I call on regularly to remind me there really is a higher system in place.I have attached an article from 2006 that I find very interesting. It's a bit lengthy but worthwhile. I rarely read horoscopes but this reading seems right on. We have work to do.Take care and we will connect again I am certain....

Yesterday, my son, daughter, and I took a trip to the ocean. My son surfed, as I watched my daughter play and build sand castles. I was bombarded with "numbers" both there and back.

Today, my son and I were doing some spring cleaning around the house. We had both been working for a few hours when I was inspired to go get a cigar at the store.

On the way there, I glanced at my digital clock and it read 2:21 The very next car that passed me had a license plate that began with 122..............WOW. Moments later a car passed me and his license plate began with 444. I looked at my clock again and it read 2:22............WOW again...

This evening my son, his buddy Jake and I decided to go to the store to get snacks for our bonfire tonight. When we hopped in the car to go for the ride to the store, I smiled once more as I looked at the digital clock when I turned on the key and it read 8:11. The first car that passed me on the main road to the store had a license plate that began with 911....The final WOW of the evening...

Its all synchronicity in the end...and it makes mine, a pretty magical and mystical life. For the most part my days are filled with synchronicity after synchronicity after synchronicity.

Moment to moment it feels very dreamlike, almost like this isn't real...if that makes sense. It does to me.

I wish you all Peace, Love, Light, and Abundance.