Sunday, April 19, 2009

Native American Synchronicity.

This story starts last night. The van that drove up had 179-)(* plates. Her License revealed her birthday to be 9-19. She loved the car, it was 4:14 when i pulled the car out,and actually drove the car to get approval from her daughter. We drove by her daughters house, turned around because she wasn't there, and synchronistically enough we met her at the top of the street. I thought this was going to a good thing for me, but in the end her daughter talked her into waiting.

My business has been very slow. One more "no" is never a fun thing to deal with. I have had alot lately as the consumer is in a ton of fear.

At any rate I got up today and decided to take another run at it. My first customer was a Native American man, and a woman who appeared to have cancer. Her hair was gone and she looked anemic...usually a pretty good sign of chemotherapy. I had a pretty good idea when I first approached them I wasn't seeling a car to them. As it turned out I didn't, however, during the entire interaction I was compelled to give them "love" in the form of silent blessing for both of their struggles. About a half hour after we met, I bid them farewell.

Not more than 30 minutes later an older woman pulled up and got out of the car. After talking to her for just a few minutes she appeared to be stressed out. After about ten minutes I learned she was our service managers "step-mom", her husband of many years is Native American, and dying of cancer. She said he only had a few more months to live, and wanted her to have a safe car.

So we found a car for her, hopped in and saw the time was 12:12, and drove it to him so he could see it. When I walked in the living room I saw a very, very sick man. He looked very much like my grandfather before he died of cancer. He couldn't get out of bed as he was heavily medicated. He told her that if his son ok'd it, he was OK with it. I felt so much compassion for this guy, and I decided he was still here because he still has stuff to do.

My service manager came in and ok'd the car and price. So I got to sell a car today and made I little money.

I still cant figure out the Native American and Cancer synchronicity is about. I'm sure more will be revealed.

Thanks for letting me share my crazy life.



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