Tuesday, April 7, 2009

synchronicity everywhere

Hello to all who have found your way to this blog. If you stumbled upon this site, I can assure you it is purposeful.

Two days ago I was milling around the ole care lot. It seems as if business is picking up a bit, but still unusually slow for this time of year.

It was late in the afternoon Sunday. I had spent most of my day reading, writing, and following up with past customers.

I was inspired to walk outside to get some of the beautiful weather we have been having, and just as I did so, a later model Volkswagen Cabriolet pulled on the lot. The first words out of her mouth when they both got out of the car was, "we are out looking at vehicles."

She asked if they could drive a used 2007 Pontiac Vibe we had. I made small talk as I asked for her license. After a brief look at the license, I saw that the couple was from Seattle. Being in the car business for as long as I have, I knew I had one shot to sell these people a car, because there are loads of dealerships between Olympia and Seattle.

When I hopped in the Vibe to pull it off the front line, I smiled as I saw 6:16 pop up on the digital clock. Seeing that time is the Universe's way of showing me that its "all" synchronicity.

They returned about 30 minutes later, and indicated they wanted to purchase the car if we would negotiate the price. I indicated that we could and began writing up the car deal. During the course of the sales process I learned she work for Catholic Relief Services, and had spent time in Africa, helping out in a small impoverished village.

All I kept thinking about was the fact that since my awakening, one of my passions is to travel to impoverished places, to teach present moment awareness, Law Of Attraction, Synchronicity, Divine timing, etc...etc...

In fact two days earlier I connected with a gentleman from a village in Africa...a small poverty stricken one, who I met through a Law of Attraction website. I had been "dreaming" about the possibility of travelling to his village to help and teach.

I was amazed as she shared stories about her travels to Africa. It made my passion and commitment to help other people much more "real."

Before they left we had a very in depth conversation of the state of our planet, and we both agreed there was a much higher purpose in our meeting, above and beyond the "car deal."

When I went to take the car to get it detailed, I smiled ear to ear when I looked at the digital clock and it read 7:17.

I emailed her today, thanking them both for the business, again pondering what the higher purpose of our meeting will be, and this is the response I got back

Blayne:It was a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for sharing your blogs...I will have to read through them. I believe as well that there is a synchronicity, a universal energy grid we are all moving on, some more purposefully than others, but we are continually "running into each other," for good or bad! I have the world's best parking karma which I call on regularly to remind me there really is a higher system in place.I have attached an article from 2006 that I find very interesting. It's a bit lengthy but worthwhile. I rarely read horoscopes but this reading seems right on. We have work to do.Take care and we will connect again I am certain....

Yesterday, my son, daughter, and I took a trip to the ocean. My son surfed, as I watched my daughter play and build sand castles. I was bombarded with "numbers" both there and back.

Today, my son and I were doing some spring cleaning around the house. We had both been working for a few hours when I was inspired to go get a cigar at the store.

On the way there, I glanced at my digital clock and it read 2:21 The very next car that passed me had a license plate that began with 122..............WOW. Moments later a car passed me and his license plate began with 444. I looked at my clock again and it read 2:22............WOW again...

This evening my son, his buddy Jake and I decided to go to the store to get snacks for our bonfire tonight. When we hopped in the car to go for the ride to the store, I smiled once more as I looked at the digital clock when I turned on the key and it read 8:11. The first car that passed me on the main road to the store had a license plate that began with 911....The final WOW of the evening...

Its all synchronicity in the end...and it makes mine, a pretty magical and mystical life. For the most part my days are filled with synchronicity after synchronicity after synchronicity.

Moment to moment it feels very dreamlike, almost like this isn't real...if that makes sense. It does to me.

I wish you all Peace, Love, Light, and Abundance.



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