Friday, April 10, 2009

"In the end, it's all synchronicity, id'nt it"

I learned of a guy named David Icke about 18 months ago, through a co-workers customer. He guided me to Mr. Icke's site.

I was immediatly drawn to this guy. I feel a deep sense of knowing and understanding as he speaks.

He is very outspoken about alot of very contoversial subjects. Much of what he says resonates deeply within me. I just try to focus on what we can do about the problem.

I was watching one of his new videos called "project camalot" last night. He was reliving his awakening that began for him in 1989. He spoke of specifics that have happeened to me, and others like me who are in their own awakening process.

Very early on, one if the interviewers was thanking him for giving them the opportunity to interview him, and he said, "In the end its all synchronicity, idn't it (in his british accent.)

I sat there and thought about that for a moment....thats all there is...moment to very synchronistic moment to another.

I have had an interesting week for sure. Lots of "stuff" going on. I feel like I am on the edge of a major, life changing event. I see meaningful synchronicity all day long.

I saw alot of numbers today. I will give you a few examples. I was standing outside when my intuition told me to go get a cigar...I love cigars... I do all the time now, I don't question my intuition. I hopped in the car and looked at the digital clock I always do now....and it was 1:17. I looked around for the synchronicity and the next car that came around the corner had a license plate that began with 171-&*^.

It happened again later. This time it was for a cigar and some tea. I hopped in my car and it was 4:44. Again I looked around. I looked at my trip meter and it read 444.3....hmmm The very next car had a plate that read 222....I smiled and looked up and shook my head like I often do.

Remember...there is no good or all simply is......surrender to that simple fact and you will be amazed at how quickly things will change for you



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