Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Work Synchronicity

I sold two cars yesterday. The first was a new Volkswagon Routan van to a Vietnamese couple I have been working with for a week. Her birthday was 7-17. My awakening was 7-1-07, and this is a "number pattern" I see often.

My second customer's birthdates weren't really significant. However, when I hopped in the second car they test drove and turned on the key I was amazed. I am starting to take photos of this "stuff" when it happens, because there is a date/time stamp on my cell phone. The odometer read exactly 111, and the time on the digital clock was exactly 12:12pm. After I took the photos, I looked at the "real time" I took the photo, and it was 1:01pm.

In the words of David Icke, "it's all synchronicity in the end, idn't it."

As much as I am tired of being a "car salesman," each time I see "synchronicity" in the car deal process, it reminds me I am exactly where I am supposed to be at that very moment.

Teaching present moment awareness, Law of Attraction, synchronicity, and helping to awaken humanity to it's true potential will come to me in time...not my time.

Look for the magic and synchronicity in your life is everywhere!!!

Love, Light, Truth




  1. You are where you are supposed to be. Does that mean you'll be a car salesman forever? I don't think so - as long as you keep your eyes open for new opportunities. Life is not meant to be a drag and I don't think you are meant to be in a job you dislike for a long term. Keep on truckin'! : )

  2. i'd love to hear about any synchronistic events you experienced today - 9/9/09...