Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It All Feels Magical Lately.

It started last night. I was talking to my 1111 friend from Nottingham England when two cars pulled on the lot. One was a young man driving an older Honda Civic, and the other a newer Mercedes. I hung up the phone, put my cigar out, and approached them.

Within 10 minutes of speaking to them I learned it was a mom and dad, with their son, helping him in the purchase of his first "real" car.

I immediately connected with the three of them. I got his license to put them out on a test drive, and smiled when I saw his birthday was 7-11. I smiled even harder when the first car I got into for them to test drive showed 5:55 on the digital clock when I started it. It was past 6:00PM when I looked at the real time on my cell phone.

The second car I started, and the one he eventually purchased showed 7:11 on the digital clock when I started it, and by this time it was only about 6:30.

In the end I spent a ton of time and energy on this kid. The dealership took a net $ 500.00 deal to help this kid out, and spent about four hours this morning getting him insurance that he could afford.

I almost didn't sell it last night after he called his insurance company and they told him $450.00 a month for full coverage. I found him someone today that sold him a policy for $270.00 a month.

I finally finished the deal about 3 hours ago. It felt good to see this kid smile when he drove off in his car. It felt really good to help someone out. I made very little money, but lately it isn't really about the money. Its more about experience for me now. Especially when the synchronicity is so "in your face" like this one.

Thanks for reading and letting me share.



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