Friday, October 12, 2012

Synchronicity....Connections....2012...and The Awakening of Humanity

Hello All.  Yes, it has again been a few months since my last post.  As many of you are aware, when my Awakening/Enlightenment first began, I felt like I had to share EVERYTHING.  As days, months, and now years have gone by, I have found myself not sharing that much anymore.

Initially I envisioned putting all of this in a book.  That may still happen.  Lately I have been feeling very stuck, and very overwhelmed.  Sometimes I wish I could yell at the top of my lungs, WAKE THE FUCK UP......PLEASE......DON'T YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING......CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO US......WHAT WE ARE DOING TO OURSELVES, EACH OTHER....THE PLANET.

Like many of us "1111ers" initially I felt like I was going crazy.  I feel like this Awakening/Enlightenment in part, cost me a 13 year relationship, has impacted many family and friend relationships, has gotten me neat little labels like "Conspiracy Theorist."  Thats one of my favorites.

WHY in the world, would some random car salesman from Olympia Washington, who didn't care or have a clue about Global Finance, The Military Industrial Complex, Esoteric Wisdom, Knowledge, and Symbolism, The Federal Reserve, Politics in the 40 years leading up to 7-1-7, go from not knowing or caring, to being obscessed about these topics, and many others.

Here's the TRUTH folks.  Prior to 7-1-7 as long as I had lots of money in my pockets,  had a hot girl next to me, was driving a nice EGO driven automobile, had nice toys, etc, etc.... I did NOT CARE about people dying in War.  I didn't care what The Military Industrial Complex was doing, nor who it was affecting.  I didn't care about people in "third world countries" dying of disease and starvation.  As long as my children had the nice clothes, good food, and the latest greatest new toy, everything was Ok in my world.  In fact, after the "terrorists" blew up some buildings in New York City on 9-11-01, I was like many other "Patriotic" American men, and wanted to get back "in the fight".  I was ready to go kill as many fucking ragheads as I possibly could.  My idea of good foreign policy was to turn the Arabian Peninsula into a goddamn parking lot.  I was very, very angry.  Like many other Americans, I couldn't believe "they" would drive a few airliners into a few buildings, and kill 4000 or so of my brothers and sisters.  So I was ready to go kill as many of their brothers and sisters as I possibly could, until they got me.  My little brother had graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, and by "getting back in  the fight", I thought I could protect him. 

Growing up, I had always felt a bit different.  I was always a popular kid in school.  I was handsome.  I was a good athlete.  I loved Football, Wrestling, and Hockey.  I always had a pretty girlfriend, nice clothes, and the coolest, latest toy.  However, something was different.  I was unsettled much of the time.  Growing up with a little family trauma and drama, I sought out creative ways to alter my reality.  Alcohol and drugs did a good job of doing that.  In the end, those means of escape didn't work out so well, nearly cost me my life a few times, and I still felt, feel completely out of place in my current reality much of the time.

Then 7-1-7 happened, literally overnight.  I went from being an Ego Driven, Cock Driven, selfish douchebag, to ONLY caring about those things I had never cared about, studied, and considered in the entire previous 40 years of my life.  My Counselor/Life-Coach tells me he has NEVER seen a RADICAL "Shift of Consciousness/Awakening/Enlightenment" like mine.  It continues to this day.  Some days I feel like i'm living in complete bliss, and some days I want to stay in bed and cry.  I have been described as an "Empath, Intuitive, Psychic, Prophet, Lightworker," and many, many more.  I do not feel "normal", whatever that term means.  I do not feel normal in terms of societal norms, and mores. 

It was like being hit over the fucking head with a cinder block.  I started hearing voices.  In meditation I would be led down multiple paths of discovery and awareness.  When I meditated I would see things like rotating pyramids, "mason" symbols, The Eye of Horus spinning, BRIGHT PURPLE Angels, wings flapping in an almost slow motion fashion.  In meditation I would be visited by "Avatars and Ascended Masters" like Martin Luther King, Ghandi, John F. Kennedy, and many, many more.  I would be told, and intuitivelly led to RESEARCH such subjects as The Illuminati, The Mayan Calender,  The Federal Reserve, 9-11 Truth, Surpression of Cancer Cures, Energy Technology, Surpressed Alien Contact, False-Flag Terrorism and so much more.  In the prior 40 or so years of my life, leading up to 7-1-7, I HATED TO READ.  I enjoyed a few Authors.  Tom Clancy was one.  Stephen King was another.  I read "shoot em up non-fiction" from the Viet-Nam conflict.  I liked learning about LRRP (Long Range Reconnaisance Patrols/Ranger Companies) because they were the linneage of my LRSD (Long Range Surveillance Detachment) days in the US Army.  I would say in the 40 years of life prior to my Awakening, I probably read a total of 30 books for pleasure.  Most of these books were fiction.  Like most people, reading was a form of escapism, by living someone elses reality.  This happens with fictional literature, television, and video games.  I don't believe this is by mistake or coincidence.  We are a completely DISTRACTED people, BY DESIGN.

I will tell you that I shared this information with very few people.  When you tell someone that you were visited by Ghandi and a bright purple Angel in deep meditation the night before, people look at you funny, or think that you are full of shit.  Either that, or they recommend you see a Psychiatrist and get on some type of psychtropic medication.

I will tell you that what I experience on a day to day basis is sometimes very unnerving, sometimes scarry, and I do not feel like I fit in with the core of humanity at all anymore.  I believe that the core of humanity is very much asleeep.  They have no idea what "present moment awareness" is, and if you talk about meditation, they look at you funny.

About one month into my awakening, I bagan to notice, as I became more mindful of the "present moment", that when I got up in the midle of the night to pee, or to get a drink, or I felt like someone, or something had whispered in my ear, it would ALWAYS be a time like 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, and so on.  Not one day went by that this type of phenomena did not happen to me.  Not only was it ocurring on clocks, I was noticing the customers I "manifested or attracted" had similar birthdate patterns.  For example, 11-11, 1-11, 2-22, 5-156, 4-14, 8-8, 9-9 and so on.  I also noticed, and most poignant of all, that when I would hop into a car to move it, the time on the digital clock would be a similar pattern.  For expample, one day I was asked to move a car by a manager.  I hopped in the car and turned on the key, the time read 3:33.  But it wasn't 3:33.  It was just after opening in the morning.  Whenever this would happen, I would always look at my cell phone to see what the actual time was.  IT WAS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE, and ALL THE TIME.  I conducted a research project during a six month time period at one of my former dealerships.  I kept copies of "demo permits" of EVERY customer that test drove a car.  When a customer requests to test drive a car, they would have to produce a valid current drivers license, and valid-current insurance.  8 of 10 customers that I "attracted and manifested" fit the 11:11 type pattern. 

During this time, I also became accutely aware of "present moment awareness."  I began to notice things like thinking about a specific topic or subject, or pondering a specific subject, then hoppin g in the car, and listening to the first 30 seconds of the song playing on the radio.  I was AMAZED and BAFFLED how often what I heard coming from my car radio, would speak directly to what I had just been thinking about.  This happens to me in grocery store lines, bank lines, EVERWHERE. 

I "hear" what my girlfriend says, 15 seconds before the EXACT words come from her mouth

A few months into all of this, already thinking I was losing my mind,  I sat down at a computer, pulled up Google, and typed "1111"

What I began to discover and realize blew my mind.  There were "beings" all over the World,  on EVERY CONTINENT, from every Religion, Race, Socio-Economic bacground, etc, that were experiencing the EXACT same things.  This gave me some sense of relief.  I wasn't the only one going fucking nuts, there were alot of us.   More important, and to the point of this blog post, is that ALL OF US were being led down very similar paths of discovery and awareness.  Not only that, but ALL OF US reported a feeling of "dis-ease" and a feeling like we were being pushed and led, by some powerful unseen force, that WANTED US TO SEEK OUT this Wisdom, Knowledge, and Information, and SHARE IT WIDELY with Humanity.  So that is what I have been doing for the past 5.5 years of my life.

About 6 months into my personal journey, after a particularly meaningful meditation session, I was led to co-create a youtube video with my co-worker Mike Priebe.  I was told to share my "story" my life, my struggle with addiction, abuse, childhood trauma, etc.  I was told to talk about the 1111 Phenomena and how it had affected my life, and all the synchronicity I was experiencing.  I was told to talk about the various paths of discovery and awareness I was being led down.  I was told to write a book about my experience, my Awakening and Enlightenment and share my story. 

I was told that at some point I would be connecting with "others" like me, and that we would be helping others on their own journey of discovery and awareness, and that I would be sharing my experience strength and hope in order to inspire others to AWAKEN.  I was told that at some point, we would be helping others on a WORLD STAGE.

In making two, two part youtube videos, I have connected with hundreds of "us" from  all over the planet.  These individuals have sought me out, as somewhat of an expert in the meaning of the 1111 Phenomena.  These individuals are scared  and confused, just like me in many cases.  They don't understand whats happening to them or why it is happening to them.  What continues to amaze me is the FACT that ALL OF US are being led down the EXACT same paths of discovery and awareness.

As the 12-21-12 date draws nearer, I have seen and felt many things I saw and heard were going to happen come to pass. I do believe that humanity has been misled about our true nature and essence for a very long time.  I am very excited to see exactly what will happen as this Divine Plan continues to unfold.

I have been told that I was CRAZY....that I am a CONSPIRACY THEORIST.  I have been spit and and laughed at.  Lately I have had many days that I just want it all to go AWAY. 

Today was one of those days that I needed to get all of these feelings out of my head, and onto the paper.

Namaste...and thanks for reading.