Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Journey into Oneness, Awareness, and Consciousness Continues

I haven't posted in awhile....simply because I am constantly inundated with the 1111 phenomena, and synchroncity. It all has become a daily part of my life. I would like to take a few moments to catch you all up, on what has been happening in my life.

A month and a half ago, my partner of 12 years told me that she was ending our relationship. As a result, I have been doing alot of personal growth and reflection.

Last month many magical, synchronisitic occurances happened in my life.

About three weeks ago, I approached a younger man, who looked very distraught, wandering around the car-lot.

Within five minutes of greeting him, I learned he had just recently had a bankrupty discharged....and he was looking for a car.

Lending institutions have tightened there belts since October 2007, which has made getting folks like this "financed: next to impossible. However, instead of blowing him off, I sat down with him, collected a credit application, in order to go to work for him. Immediately I noticed his birthday, It was 11-22-66.

I compled a file for him, hopped in a car from the lot, and was heading out of the parking lot to take his file to my high risk finance manager at another one of our stores across town.

As I was just getting ready to leave the lot, two old folks in a beat up Geo Metro pulled on the lot.

In the car business, elderly folks in old cars are a golden opportunity to sell. I put the car in reverse....backed it up into the parking stall...and greeted them promptly.

I knew within 30 seconds, I was going to sell them a car. When I asked for their drivers licenses, I was amazed to see his birthday was 11-22-31, and hers was 1-2-34.

What do you suppose the odds are of this happening on any given day. Two people...on this lot...with the exact same birthdays.....I am constantly amazed. They were here within 5 minutes of one another. Within this universal mind...a higher order exists...that i am still perplexed by.

Three days ago my customers birthdays were 12-12, and 11-8 respectivelly.

Today, I took my daughter to the local food co-op. If you are not familiar with the "co-op" model. they are typically stocked with organic, locally produced, primarily vegan/vegetarian foods.

I feel good when my kids eat organic foods. There are two co-ops in Olympia. The bigger of the two has a vegetarian salad/soup bar. The smaller is located near my work, and my daughters child care providers house.

We ran some errands, and I was running late, so we chose to go to the smaller one. My daughter opened up the cooler door and grabbed an organic lemonade with agave necter for sweetening, a yerba mate for me, and a vegan wrap that consisted of basmati rice, lentils, spices, and veges for my lunch.

I asked her what she wanted for a snack...providing her with a few options. She didn't like any of my options, and proceeded to the bulk food section. Immediately she walked up to a container of organic blue corn chips with sea-salt, smiled and pointed to them. I grabbed a bag, a twist tie, and a pencil to write down the code/plu for the chips. I was astonished to see the code on the bin of chips was 1111. I picked her up and told her to read the code on the bin. She started to read....

"One..One..One..One.....PAPA!!! It says Eleven Eleven!!!!

At the end of the aisle, a woman peered her head around the corner and said, "did I just hear someone say....Eleven Eleven?" I said yes, and proceeded to speak to her. I told her my philosophy about synchronicity and the universe....her head nodding north to south the entire time. I was standing in the co-op with one of ME!....I told her how long this "stuff" has been happening to me...and we compared some mental notes. I told her I believed we were meant to meet each other...that I dont believe in any random ocurrance.

I gave her the URL to this blog...and my email address. She told me she had just returned from a month long trip to the UK...doing "crop circles..." Everything she said resonated deeply within me. We said our goodbyes and parted ways. I hopped in my little honda civic...with the digital clock that still isn't set to the appropriate time..because I dont have the code to reset it..and the time that it read when I started the car was 12:12 ....WOW....

So...once again....thats how "it" works in my life....Thanks for reading....


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So today was my day off from work. I had to go in to take care of some business.....As I am sitting here writing this...I looked at the digital clock on the computer screen and it reads 11:11....Hmmm?

Anyway, so I went into work, did my thing, got in my car and left to go home.

I got to the stoplight at the entrance to the auto-mall and the light was red. The car directly in front of me had license plates that read 771-#$%, and the car in front, but in the right hand turn lane had plates that read 117-#$%....As most of you know that follow my "stuff" awakening began on 7-1-7, so this "number" combination is very poignant to me

I smiled to myself then looked at the digital clock in my car, that I haven't been able to reset, until I find the code, and it read 12:12. What does this say about the Mayan Long Count Calender, which ends on 12-21-12?

I opened up my cell phone because I knew that wasn't the correct time. My jaw dropped as I laughed out loud when I read the time on my cell phone, and it said 11:11. "Something" of much higher intelligence is running the show...and right aint me!

It really canrt be any more "in my face" than that!

Its amazing to me watching this shift unfold.

I wake up each day and wonder what today will bring...what magic will happen in my life...etc...etc...etc

Thanks for reading...and for following this blog.

We create our reality on a moment to by day basis....



Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I worked as a counselor at a group home for at risk teens back in the early 90's. I worked there for a total of two years. It was there I gained an affinity for working with at risk kids.

During the past ten years since I left the law enforcement/corrections community, there are two young men that continue to show up in my life on a pretty regular basis, that I met at that group home.

One in particular, we'll call him "Lehman"for privacy purposes, a man now in his mid twenties, shows up about twice a year. I have always felt a connection with this kid, not sure why....the answer will present itselt i'm sure. Through the years I have watched him struggle with many things, much like myself.

So fast forward to today. My daughter has a violin lesson at a music store "Lehman" used to work for, 5 years ago.

I dropped my daughter off and sat down. As I sat, I thought of him...wondering what he's up to. A minute later I get the intuition to go get something to drink so I hop in my car. I exit the parking lot onto the main road. At the first stoplight, I looked at the time and noticed it said 907 (area code of home state). I looked at the plate in front of me and it was 888-$#%. The very first car that came from the other way had a plate that read 888-#$%. The firts car coming out of another parking lot had a plate that read 881-#$%, then 088-#$%, and 118-#$%. When this happens to me, it almost feels like time slows down and I move into pure bliss. All of these plates happened within ten seconds of one another. I'm not a mathmetician...but that has to be crazy odd's.

I'm grinning...being in complete present moment awareness...with a sense of knowing...and understanding of the universal consciousness...that really can't be put into words other than magical and mystical I get my drink and head back. I'm first in line at a stop light, I look at a young man...alone on the corner waiting to cross the street to the music store, and its HIM...I honk and wave, he smiles and waves back. I turn through the intersection and there he is, standing in the parking lot.

We chatted for about five minutes, agreed everything happens with complete purpose, and he walked inside to go to work. This was like his second day back to work there, and he didn't want to be late.

I walked inside to get my daughter, still amazed at all the synchronicity I had just experienced, within 5 minutes of it all starting.

We create our reality my friends...One moment at a time.

888 is all about increased financial abundance. It sure would be nice, having had my income sliced in half since the economy tanked.

I guess we will see what turns up.

Thanks for reading and keep walking the path



Monday, February 22, 2010

Financial Abundance and Numerical Synchronicity.

Hello All.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to check out my Blog.

As I have indicated before, the past 16 months in the Automotive Industry have not been the greatest. Like pretty much everyone in the current economy, things aren't that "abundant."

I find the more I surrender, allow and simply focusing on "being" and "being of service," things just seem to work out fine.

Last Friday and Saturday I had two customers I have been working for quite some time that finally pulled the trigger and bought cars.

Both customers to my surprize....LOL.....had the exact same birthdays....Both of their birthdays were 1-22.

Both times I sat in the cars they eventually purchased fit right in to this as well.

The first time I saw in customer # 1's car was 11:44, and the other was 1:11.

Today I was called on my day off by a customer who I met Thursday of last week, and quite frankly someone I never thought I would see again. She called me this morning to tell me she and her husband were going to come in at 1:30 to buy a car from me. She completely caught me by surprize

I smiled once more today....knowing everything is PERFECT when I looked at her drivers license and saw that her birthdate was 3-13.

Random coincidence...I don't really think so. I believe the Universal Mind...or God...or whatever you choose to call it placed those people in my I am provided with the financial abundance I require to live...

The amazing reality for me is WE All have this amazing power within us....Most of us just don't realize our potential YET.



Monday, February 8, 2010

9-11-01 and Synchronicity

Last Tuesday, 2-2-10, I awoke angry. I felt like I was powerless. I asked myself one simple question. What can ONE person do to raise awareness to WHAT really happened on 9-11-01.

Part of this awakening into ONENESS and SYNCHRONICITY is an acute awareness that what we have been told about certain historical events are not necessarily the truth.

I believe the events that unfolded on 9-11-01 were pre-planned by a corrupt "system" that was designed in part to "allow" us to go after some fictional terrorists.

Further, 9-11 was the catalyst for the creation of the Patriot Act, which did NOTHING MORE than to erode our already fragile Human Rights, as set aside by our Decleration of Independance and the United States Constitution.

There is a piece of legislation currently on its way through the House of Representatives (HR 1955) also known as The Homegrown Terrorism Act, that in effect could make it a punishable offense for me to say that a portion Government is FULL OF SHIT. I could potentially go to jail for saying my Government is partially responsible for the deaths of several thousand people.

I believe the World is "orchestrated" by corrupt bankers, a corrupt "system", a few very wealthy corrupt families, portions of a "secret" government most human beings are not aware of, The Illuminati, and a few others.

I have decided the "gloves are off" and it is my life mission in part to help lift the veil from this illusion. With respect to global events, I will tell you that what appears as very far from TRUTH.

The "reality" we live in is "orchestrated" for us by a Global Elite that are RESPONSIBLE for hundreds of thousands of deaths, pain and suffering, poverty, disease, etc.

We already know the Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009 was orhestrated by the World Health Organization in an attempt to make BILLIONS of dollars for Big Pharma, and wipe out several thousand human beings in the process. The GOOOD NEWS is that WE ARE WAKING UP to all the bullshit. Our Savior, Barack Obama even declared a state of national emergency, knowing full well the Swine Flu is less deadly than the seasonal flu we have all been dealing with for years.

During our history individuals have stepped forward in an attempts to life the veil of lies and corruption we are faced with. More often than not, these individuals have dissapeared or met untimely death.

I have decided it's time for me to stop living with all this "information" I have been awoken too, and to share EXACTLY whats on my mind. It's time for Americans to fight for freedom, because we have not been a "free" people for decades.

So, last Tuesday I took a 4 foot by 4 foot piece of cardboard and here is what I wrote in HUGE BLACK LETTERING

9-11 WAS AN

I live just outside Olympia Washington, the capital of Washington State. I put my sign in the back seat and headed for Olympia. As I exited I-5 toward downtown Olympia, I felt my adrenaline start to surge.

I parked my car downtown, grabbed my sign and walked toward Capital Boulevard, just two blocks from the Capital Building.

I felt fear as I walked along the street, but I knew I was there with complete purpose.

For the next hour, I stood on the side of Capital Bouleverd with my sign in front of me. Everyone that drove by looked at the sign, some slowing down enough to be able to read the entire message.

During the first hour many people honked their horns and gave me the "thumbs up" sign. Many more smiled and waved. One lady walked past and said, "you are crazy" and I responded "you are asleep." Another woman, who appeared to be in her sixties stopped and talked to me for about ten minutes. She had told me she never really believed what she had seen, and what had been reported in the "mainstream/Illuminati controlled" media. She wrote down one of the websites on off she went. One individual looked at me and said, "are you serious" to which I replied, " I am dead serious."

At the beginning of the second hour, I walked up Capital Boulevard toward the Capital Building. There was something going on at the Capital, with several hundred people milling around.

As I approached the Capital, a woman who was smiling at me stopped me in conversation. She said "right on! I am glad to finally see someone who isn't afraid to do what you are doing." I told her people think most people like me are dillusional and crazy. She responded with "they are the ones who are delusional and crazy."

This interaction gave me the strength to walk toward the Capital Building. I walked on the Capital Campus. I felt humdreds of eyes looking at me and my sign. Some rolled their eyes, some sneered, some made rude comments, but I didn't care.

I stood with my sign on the steps of the Capital Building and I felt very empowered. I stood there for about ten minutes just smiling at everyone.

In two hours I answered my question, "what can one person do?." In two hours I raised the awareness of several hundred people. Maybe some of these individuals will start researching on their own.

WE ARE BECOMING dangerously close to a closed society, very similar to Nazi Germany. The writing is on the wall folks.

I refuse to sit idly by while my beloved United States of America turns into a Fascist/Police State.


I ask you to research and pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you all Peace, Light, Love, and TRUTH.


Blayne Lannan

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Unfolding of the Divine Plan

Hello All. I just noticed it has been nearly two months since I have posted on this blog. Like everything in life....I found it was very compelling and exciting stuff I was writing about. The "numerical synchronicity" and other synchronicity still inundate every facet of my life.

Through this blog, my other blogs, the 1111 Awakening Page, and other sources I continue to connect with like minded people who are experiencing the EXACT same things.

We are being drawn together during this time of "shift" by the Universal Mind. We are being called upon by Saints and Sages, Celestial Beings, and Ascended Masters, to Be The Change we wish to see in this world.

I have had a multitude of magical/mystical experiences happen to me in the past few months. I have been connected to more "me's" in the past 2 1/2 years than I could have ever imagined.

Just two days ago I was connected with a man from London England. As he was explaining his "awakening" experience to me in his last sounded exactly like me.

On one hand we are being awoken to our divinity, and our "Oneness," and on the other hand, we are being awoken to many truths most people consider to be "conspiracy theories."

To much "coincidence" to even be considered coincidence I think.

I ask myself "why" often. Why me? Why do I feel, think, and act differently than 98% of humanity. Why do people think what I have to say is crazy? Why can't my family and friends just see the truth. How much "coincidence" do they need to see before they too can begin their own journey of awakening into oneness.

On December 23rd I kept having these strong intuitions to contact a female friend I had not spoken to or heard from for at least 15 years.

Through the past 15 years I have thought about her on a few ocassions. Prior to 7-1-7 I would have simply dismissed these thoughts and went on with my life. As I tried to push thoughts of her out of my head last month they got stronger...and stronger...and stronger....

So I did the work that was required of me, and I found her. Within two e-mails I understood why. I won't go into it here, but I will share with you she is on the EXACT same path. She is undergoing her own awakening/enlightenment...and at the time I was being "told" to contact her..she was pondering heavilly an option for her own life that would not have been good for anyone involved.

During the past month I have witnessed her spiritual growth. It is like a flower coming into full bloom in the springtime and it is simply amazing watching her path unfold. She is amazed at all that is happening...and so am I.

I still see the 1111 and it's counterparts multiple times daily..and they allow me to recognize I am on this awakened path with complete purpose.

This morning I was thinking about working my day off. I hate working my days off. The automobile industry continues to be a struggle....yet I continue to "tough it out" until the Universe places something new in my path.

I dropped Beau off at school and was on my way to work. On intuition alone...I passed my the exit to my work..and continued home. All the way home I was second guessing my decision...feeling guilty because I haven't made the money I need to make this month to pay the bills and survive.

When I pulled onto my road a car passed me. The license plate read 818-#$%. I smiled as I looked at my cell phone digital clock and it read 8:18. A little sign from the universe telling me my decision was a wise one.

I got home and crawled back into bed. I had a few dreams as I slept. When I awoke, I looked at my digital clock and it read 11:11.

Thanks for reading my blog people. I hope it inspires you to find out what this all means to you..the reader.

If you "found" this blog because you are experiencing the 1111 phenomena I say....continue to walk this path. Look for the synchronicity because it is everywhere. Once you begin to awaken you will see the "signs" everywhere.

Love, Light, and TRUTH to you all