Monday, February 8, 2010

9-11-01 and Synchronicity

Last Tuesday, 2-2-10, I awoke angry. I felt like I was powerless. I asked myself one simple question. What can ONE person do to raise awareness to WHAT really happened on 9-11-01.

Part of this awakening into ONENESS and SYNCHRONICITY is an acute awareness that what we have been told about certain historical events are not necessarily the truth.

I believe the events that unfolded on 9-11-01 were pre-planned by a corrupt "system" that was designed in part to "allow" us to go after some fictional terrorists.

Further, 9-11 was the catalyst for the creation of the Patriot Act, which did NOTHING MORE than to erode our already fragile Human Rights, as set aside by our Decleration of Independance and the United States Constitution.

There is a piece of legislation currently on its way through the House of Representatives (HR 1955) also known as The Homegrown Terrorism Act, that in effect could make it a punishable offense for me to say that a portion Government is FULL OF SHIT. I could potentially go to jail for saying my Government is partially responsible for the deaths of several thousand people.

I believe the World is "orchestrated" by corrupt bankers, a corrupt "system", a few very wealthy corrupt families, portions of a "secret" government most human beings are not aware of, The Illuminati, and a few others.

I have decided the "gloves are off" and it is my life mission in part to help lift the veil from this illusion. With respect to global events, I will tell you that what appears as very far from TRUTH.

The "reality" we live in is "orchestrated" for us by a Global Elite that are RESPONSIBLE for hundreds of thousands of deaths, pain and suffering, poverty, disease, etc.

We already know the Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009 was orhestrated by the World Health Organization in an attempt to make BILLIONS of dollars for Big Pharma, and wipe out several thousand human beings in the process. The GOOOD NEWS is that WE ARE WAKING UP to all the bullshit. Our Savior, Barack Obama even declared a state of national emergency, knowing full well the Swine Flu is less deadly than the seasonal flu we have all been dealing with for years.

During our history individuals have stepped forward in an attempts to life the veil of lies and corruption we are faced with. More often than not, these individuals have dissapeared or met untimely death.

I have decided it's time for me to stop living with all this "information" I have been awoken too, and to share EXACTLY whats on my mind. It's time for Americans to fight for freedom, because we have not been a "free" people for decades.

So, last Tuesday I took a 4 foot by 4 foot piece of cardboard and here is what I wrote in HUGE BLACK LETTERING

9-11 WAS AN

I live just outside Olympia Washington, the capital of Washington State. I put my sign in the back seat and headed for Olympia. As I exited I-5 toward downtown Olympia, I felt my adrenaline start to surge.

I parked my car downtown, grabbed my sign and walked toward Capital Boulevard, just two blocks from the Capital Building.

I felt fear as I walked along the street, but I knew I was there with complete purpose.

For the next hour, I stood on the side of Capital Bouleverd with my sign in front of me. Everyone that drove by looked at the sign, some slowing down enough to be able to read the entire message.

During the first hour many people honked their horns and gave me the "thumbs up" sign. Many more smiled and waved. One lady walked past and said, "you are crazy" and I responded "you are asleep." Another woman, who appeared to be in her sixties stopped and talked to me for about ten minutes. She had told me she never really believed what she had seen, and what had been reported in the "mainstream/Illuminati controlled" media. She wrote down one of the websites on off she went. One individual looked at me and said, "are you serious" to which I replied, " I am dead serious."

At the beginning of the second hour, I walked up Capital Boulevard toward the Capital Building. There was something going on at the Capital, with several hundred people milling around.

As I approached the Capital, a woman who was smiling at me stopped me in conversation. She said "right on! I am glad to finally see someone who isn't afraid to do what you are doing." I told her people think most people like me are dillusional and crazy. She responded with "they are the ones who are delusional and crazy."

This interaction gave me the strength to walk toward the Capital Building. I walked on the Capital Campus. I felt humdreds of eyes looking at me and my sign. Some rolled their eyes, some sneered, some made rude comments, but I didn't care.

I stood with my sign on the steps of the Capital Building and I felt very empowered. I stood there for about ten minutes just smiling at everyone.

In two hours I answered my question, "what can one person do?." In two hours I raised the awareness of several hundred people. Maybe some of these individuals will start researching on their own.

WE ARE BECOMING dangerously close to a closed society, very similar to Nazi Germany. The writing is on the wall folks.

I refuse to sit idly by while my beloved United States of America turns into a Fascist/Police State.


I ask you to research and pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you all Peace, Light, Love, and TRUTH.


Blayne Lannan

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