Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Learning Through Pain, and Synchronicity

For over four years now, my life has been inundated with numerical and other synchronicity. I have shared my awakening freely with anyone who cares to listen. I have shared my beliefs freely. Some of my beliefs, as a result of my awakening, and the various paths of discovery and awareness I have been "led" down are not very popular. Many are viewed as "conspiracy" by those asleep, or unwilling to look at unbiased research. From the operation of the US Government, the US Federal Reserve, Pharmaceutical Companies, Wars, and much, much more, I have been called "crazy", "evil", and have been laughed at and ridiculed. This awakening, and my beliefs cost me a 12 year reltionship to a person I thought was my life partner, and i'm currently going through a custody issue over my daughter over my beliefs about medical marijuana.

Not a day goes by that I don't experience the 1111 phenomena. In the past month, multiple people have contacted me looking for answers for what they too are experiencing. Many are frightened. Many don't know what is "happening" to them. What I find most amazing is that these people, from all over the planet, are being led down the EXACT same paths of discovery and awareness to issues they had never heard of in many cases, and if they had, they never paid any attention.

So why is this happening.? Heres my theory. I believe we "1111 Lightworkers" are being called upon during this time of global crisis to be a shining light in the darkness. I believe we are here to raise the vibrational level of this planet. I believe we are here to help others in their awakening process.

Through the course of the past four years, I have experienced much pain. It seems I learn most through going through painful processes. I have experienced much loss in my life, and I continue to experience loss.

One of the paths of awareness I was led down, was the role "Big Pharma" plays in our daily lives. It is my opinion the medication we are prescribed, in many cases addict us, make us sicker, treat the symptoms, while dismissing the "problem" On the other hand, I have done hours of research on the Hemp Plant and Medical Marijuana. Hemp as a plant has so many good uses. The protien from milled, ground hemp seed is a perfect protien. It is better, more healthy than the whey protein many athletes use. It has 0.00% THC. You can make clothes, food, fuel, building materials, lotions, etc...etc....Ad Infinitum. The THC and Cannibaniods in marijauna are being found to have wonderful anti-inflamatory properties, they kill pain, help anxiety, help depression, Ad Infinitum. Why then, is it still illegal in the United States. That question led me down a whole different path of discovery and awareness that really opened my eyes to a whole bunch of issues I wont go into here.

My custody issue is over my choice to use marijauna in the past. I won't jeapordize custody of my daughter over a plant. I would rather be in chronic pain, deal with my anxiety, etc.....than have to worry about my daughter being taken from me. However, my right to believe that Hemp/Marijuana is a "good thing" in the right cases, will never change.

This leads me to the synchronicity I experienced this past Monday. I work at a Honda Dealership, so I deal with the public everyday. I had one customer last Monday. After speaking to him for ten minutes I learned that he operated a medical marijauna dispensary locally. I also learned he had gained 50% custody of his son, after a custody battle with his ex-wife, and he is a medical marijuana card holder.

Later that afternoon I went to my dentist. As I sat in his chair waiting to be worked on, I learned that he had spent the weekend working at his sons' booth at Seattle Hempfest the weekend prior. Upon learning that, my dentist and I got into a 20 minute discussion on the benefits of Hemp and Marijuna.

My point is this. Many highly educated, well respected individuals in the community....wherever you are from, are awakening to the amazing properties this plant posesses. In one day, spirit sent me two individuals, that through conversation reminded me to keep fighting for my beliefs.

Just because your GOVERNMENT says its ILLEGAL.....doesnt mean its a bad thing. In fact, the GOVERNMENT is so TOXIC and full of corruption and lies.....I dont trust it....PERIOD.

I trust my INTUITION and what my SOUL tells me...PERIOD.

I am hoping my custody woes will be over soon. It has been a nightmare. My daughter was kidnapped. It has cost thousands of dollars, and its not over yet.

Through the Pain...I am learning many things......Pain continues to be my greatest teacher