Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Crazy Week.

From family drama more serious than I have dealt with in a very long time, to meeting a new friend, through his purchase of a car from me today, I feel like I am moving into a deeper understanding and awareness of the "all that is."

I got into the car after a life altering incident with my son a few days ago, and the digital clock read 11:11....



A Crazy Week.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Magical Life

This is why my life is a dream to me.

On Saturday 14 March, the family returned to Washingon from vacation. I came back to work on Sunday, and since then, lifes felt more "dreamlike."

My first and only customer on Sunday had a birthdate of 11-11. As is common right now, this woman is having a very difficult time making a decision right now. As I was trying to "close" her on the idea of buying a car, most of her objections were fear based.

I simply gave her silent blessings of abundance and inner peace, and she went on her way.

I took Monday and Tuesday off and enjoyed time with my family.

Wednesday was a very financially abundant day. I sold a car to an elderly woman, who had lost her husband six months prior. The transaction was easy. She was downsizing to one car. I made a good amount of profit, and she was given red carpet service. I even drove out to her house to pick up the second car she was trading. Her birthday was 11-3, and when I picked the car up from being detailed, it was 7:11 PM

Yesterday was interesting. I received a phone call from a customer who was inquiring about of specific car. He had an East Indian name, and I was looking forward to meeting him. I pulled the car up off the front line, and when I hopped in, the time read 10:31 (my birthday) and the clock was off by a little bit as is often the case with "lot cars." An hour an a half later, just as I approached my first customer of the day, he called and cancelled our apointment. At first, I felt myself getting upset. However, after spending an hour with my new customer, I was reminded how everything is purposeful.

He was in his late fourties. Very "boistrous" some might have even labeled him as "obnoxious." I just believe this was a defense mechanism, and his way of dealing with the "percieved" conflict or confrontation that he was about to have with a "car salesman."

I got him to lighten up a bit after about a half hour. I kept trying to get him to drive the SUV. I called Shanna and bet her a $100.00 this customer would have an 11 combination birthday. She wouldn't bet me.

He pulled out his license so I could make him a "demo" permit for the test drive. His birthday was 11-12. I went out and picked an SUV of the same model he was looking at to drive. I opened the door and sat down. I knew before I turned on the the key I would see something cool. I turned on the key and the digital clock read 1:12. I opened up my cell phone, because I knew that wasn't the real time, and it read 11:44.

He didn't buy the SUV. However, at some point today, I think he and his wife will be back. I can't wait to see her birthday.

I got off work around 3:00. I couldn't go home because Beau had baseball practice until around 4:30. I called Supercuts to see if Kathy (been cutting my mop for ten years) was working. She wasn't. So as usual, in times that I have time and dont know what to do with myself, I drive aimlessly, being led by "spirit." Boy was it cool.

I pulled off the freeway by the Supercuts, just to see who was working. The light in front of me was red. The old beat of chevy blazer had a HUGE "peace" symbol in the back window and three bumper stickers. The first said, "Drop Food Not Bombs." The second read, "Bring Them Home Now," and the third said something like, "War Kills Hundreds of Innocent People Daily."

This message completely resonated with me because I abhor war now. There was nothing significant on the plate. I looked at my digital clock and it read 3:33.

I drove around some more. Got prizes for everyone at home, got coffee, and went and picked Beau up. We decided to go get more coffee.

As we were approaching the freeway on ramp, THE SAME BLAZER pulled in front of me, and onto the freeway. I pointed out the blazer to beau, and the time on the digital clock read 4:44. I actually pointed out both "synchronicities" to Beau. Sometimes when I babble on about this stuff to him, I think he thinks I'm crazy...LOL

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog....Just remember, its all magical, and you play a very key role in creating it.

You are so much more than you think you are.



Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Good" and "Bad" Synchronicity...or is there such a thing?

I just returned from a week long vacation in San Diego, with several of my family members. As with all things that “happen” in my life, I knew this trip would be purposeful and eventful.

In the past, my writing has focused on what appears to be “good” synchronicity. Although many “good” things did happen on this trip, I will focus on a few things that happened that weren’t that fun to deal with, although very purposeful I’m sure.

On 3-12-08 many of my family members were sitting down to dinner in one of our condo’s when my partner Shanna ran in the room with a terreified look on her face and said, there is a fire in room 409, someone call 911.

Several of my family members, grabbed fire extinguishers, water, and whatever alse we could think of that could help put out a fire.

As we ran down the hallway, I saw thick white smoke billowing from a room. A young African-American teenager was standing in the hallway with a terrified look on her face. As my brother, my son, and myself entered the room it was almost impossible to see. Heavy white smoke filled the room, and two people were spraying extinguishers at the stove. Moments after we entered the room, the fire was put out.

Smoke continued to fill the room, and I began to choke, as were everyone in the room. I dropped to my knees, crawled through the room, looking for anyone left in the room. Once I knew the room was clear, I ran down the stairs to let the reception desk know the fire was under control.

It was all “very slow motion” as is often the case when individuals explain experiencing traumatic situations.

By this time three San Diego Fire Department trucks pulled up to the condominium complex.

Two firefighters entered the building, and I motioned them to follow me to the room, because in the confusion, they weren’t given the room number.

With the fire department personel running up the stairs behind me, I guided them upstairs to the room. The young lady was still in the hallway, very panic stricken. I stayed in the hallway, assuring her everything was OK.

Moments later, I entered the room, looked at the digital clock on the stove, and the time read 7:17. WOW.

I went back to my room, and we all finished eating dinner. The family sat and ate, going over what happened with each other, in an attempt to process what had just happened, as is often the case when people are involved in traumatic situations.

I had an intuition to go back to the room to check on the family. I walked back down the hallway, this time the smoke had cleared. There were several fans clearing the hallway of smoke. The family was in the room, and the condo maintinance personell were cleaning up the mess that was left behind.

I knocked on the door, and the father, an African-American female (the mom) that appeared to be distraught answered the door. I told hem I had been one of the first people to respond to the fire, and I wanted to make sure her daughter was OK.

I entered the room, looked at the clock on the stove once again, and the time was 8:18. WOW again!

I thought this was going to be the end of my traumatic experience on this trip. Boy was I wrong.

The next day (3-13-09) my family and I enjoyed the day at the San Diego Zoo. Sometime during the day my partner Shanna told me she had had a few visions earlier that day. One was of my daughter Tehya bleeding, and the other was of my partner and my son embraced in a loving hug.

I was very careful all day to make sure my daughter stayed away from any possibility of getting herself into any kind of trouble, particularly around the animal enclosures.

We had been told by my cousin to go to a hamburger joint in La Jolla called, Jeff’s Burgers. According to my cousin, these are the best burgers in The State of California. As you will read, we never had a chance to eat one.

We spent the late afternoon at La Jolla Beach. My daughter played in the ocean, my mom and dad watched. My partner and my brother went on a run on the beach, my son rented a surfboard to surf, and I hung out taking it all in.

As dinner time drew nearer, I began to get excited about trying one of these famous burgers.

As a family we entered the burger joint, and decided to wait until my uncle, aunt, and gramma drove from their condo to join us.

My son and I walked out of the burger joint to take in a few more sights before the rest of the family arrived for dinner. My son Beau and I were walking down the sidewalk, and I had an intuition to look at the time on my cell phone. I opened up my phone and the time read 6:16.

Not more than 10 seconds later I heard my daughter scream in a way I have never heard before.

Once again, what happened over the next ten minutes felt like slow motion, and felt very, very dreamlike.

My son and I raced back into the restaurant. My mom had my daughter in her arms with a semi panicked look on her face. My dad looked terrified, and so did my brother. As my mom moved the hair out of my four year old daughters face, I saw blood streaming down her forehead. I grabbed her out of my moms arms, looked at her feeling completely helpless, as I saw her skull. I have to admit at this point I panicked a little too. I knew I had to be stoic, because I didn’t want her to see the fear I had in my eyes.

In my 42 years of life, working in some very traumatic environments in the military, in the juvenile prison, and in law enforcement, I have never seen a head laceration as bad as I saw on my daughter’s forehead. Maybe I have just been lucky

According to witness’s, the employees had stacked several “bar mats” in front of some steps, in preparation to close at 7:00PM. My daughter was following my partner to the bathroom when she tripped on the mats, and landed face first on the step.

The cut went completely to the bone. In my estimation, the cut was about ¼ inch deep, and about 2 ½ inches long. My mom, a nurse with about 30 years of experience handed me a stack of napkins so I could apply pressure to my daughters head as she was screaming and shaking uncontrollably.

I applied pressure, and someone called 911. I felt completely helpless as I held her in my arms, trying to comfort her. For a few minutes, I felt as if I might lose my beautiful little girl.

Initially, we were going to wait for an ambulance to arrive, but as a family we decided to drive her to the nearest emergency room as quickly as possible

My family came together as a very effective, calm team. My mom, and her 30 years of nursing experience kept us all together emotionally. My dad drove, my brother pulled up hospitals on his “I-phone”, my son embraced Shanna, my mom reassured me, and we raced to a hospital.

I kept looking at Shanna as she was crying. I was talking to her and Tehya, trying to reassure them both. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but I tried to focus on keeping them both calm. I knew Tehya was looking at both Shanna and I for reassurance that she would be OK.

I was worried my daughter was going to go into shock, so I kept talking to her, rocking her, and asking her questions. She began to get lethargic, and I began to get really worried. I pulled the pressure dressing away from her head, still not believeing the size of the gash in her head.

We raced to the hospital. By the time we got there, she had stopped screaming, but appeared to be getting more lethargic.

We all ran into the emergency room, where she was triaged quickly. Her vital signs were good, and her head seemed intact. The triage nurse calmed Shanna and I, and Tehya too

Initially, the ER staff were going to give her local anesthetic around the wound and then stitch it up. However, in the end, they opted to sedate here because she was aware of her surroundings, knew her name, knew where she was, etc.

A plastic surgeon was called in from another hospital, she was sedated, and he did an amazing job at putting my daughter’s forehead back together.

The entire process took about four hours.

A family that was eating at the burger joint when the accident happened arrived at the hospital at some point during the first hour we were there (its all still kind of a blur) handed us a stuffed "teddy bear" and a card for Tehya, and let us know they had seen what happened and were praying for Tehya.

When I opened the card, the opening line of the card was all about how "Angels" come in many different forms, and that "Angels" were watching over our daughter.

When we were being discharged, I looked at the paperwork, and was amazed when I looked at the time she was officially admitted to the emergency room. The time in military time on the paperwork read 1911 hours, or 7:11 PM. Wow again!

My dad had stayed with us through the entire ordeal. He left a few minutes earlier to get the van he had rented for the vacation. When we all hopped in the van to go home, I looked at the time on the digital clock and it was 11:17. Wow again!

As I sit writing tonight, I am still struggling to find the purpose in the amount of trauma my family experienced in less than a 24 hour period.

I wonder often why this is happening to me. I wonder what all the purpose and significance these events will have in our lives, and I am very aware that not all “synchronicity” is “good” synchronicity.

Shanna has begun to experience numerical phenomena in her life too. After it was all over, she reminded me again of the ”vision” she had experienced earlier that day at the San Diego Zoo.

In the end, I am reminded of the fragility of life, and the fact our loved ones can be taken in an instant. Once again I am reminded to love and embrace all of my loved ones, and let them know as often as possible how much I love them, unconditionally.

Thanks for letting me share.

Please tell a family member you love them today, and hug your kids and loved ones often. Let them know you love them, and let them know you are proud of them.

Don't let a day go by that you are in conflict with a loved one.



Friday, March 6, 2009

why i'm in awe every day

Hello to all who found your way to this blog. My day started off with NUMBERS everywhere. In all my interactions I "felt" as if I was a part of a very strange play. Very difficult to understand, unless you have been in that place of awareness.

Last month was the worst on record in 30 or so years. I really try not to pay much attention to that, because I believe we become what we think about.

I'm thinking about how I can teach this stuff most effectively to the most people possible, because quite frankly now that I have this awareness I really don't want to "go back" although at times it really boggles my mind.

At 11:33 PM (I know because I always look at my cell-phone digital clock when im "inspired to do so) a white truck pulled up and out popped a young kid. My initial response and thought was to blow the kid off because he was so young. Intuition told me otherwise, and I headed out the door.

In five minutes I learned he had a 755 beacon score, owed less on the truck than it was worth ( in todays market, he's about 5% of the population), made 4k a month at a job he had been at for four years, and had financed 3 cars prior. The kid was 25 years old with perfect credit.

He wanted to buy and drive our Mercedes for 300.oo a month.

As I reached for his license to make a demo permit for him to drive the car I knew I was about to see something special. His Birthday was 11-22, and his adress began with 919.

He bought the car, I made a good amount of dough, and he was happy as a clam.

When I went to pick the car up from the detail department, the clock read 1:11. I smiled at the heavens and said my cursory "thank you."

He had to take a bunch of stereo equipment out of his truck, so I agreed to drive the Mercedes to his work later in the day to swap vehicles.

He had taken out an aftermarket stereo, and replaced it with the factory system, and thus the digital clock was re-set.

When I hopped in his truck and turned on the key, it said 2:22 on the digital clock. I smiled.

I have a very strong feeling something..or things very unique, enlightening, and magical are going to happen on this trip to San Diego.

Thanks for reading this blog...I hope it insprires you to learn, and grow in your own awareness.

The book "Conversations With God" by Neale Donald Walsch, is an excellent place to start.

I wish you all peace, abundance, and joy.



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MY 1111, Synchronicity, and Meaningful Coincidence Log

Hello to all who are led to this blog.

Several months into my awakening, and my dealings with the 1111 phenomena, I decided to attempt to write as many of these "experiences" as possible.

I used "Jott" on the internet, to turn my voice message left in the "Jott" mailbox into text. I also carried a pad and paper to document my experiences.

The following is a very small "snippit" of the 1111 and other very unique, dreamlike, and synchronistic experiences that occur in my life daily.

Before I start writing this text I want to explain I have been seeing “unique” number patterns almost everywhere since my awakening. At first it scared me. However, since then I understand what they are all about. I have also been noticing a lot more synchronicity in my life that may or may not correlate to the “numbers” thing. Synchronicity comes with living in the moment and using the Law of Attraction

I really started seeing them in 10/07. However, since I was trying to document all the other “odd” happenings in my life, the numbers thing kind of took a back seat. As I write the heading to this section mid February, I see them multiple times daily. If I wrote down something each time something noteworthy happened to me with numbers, I would be writing all the time.

There are a few million folks globally who have had spiritual awakenings similar to mine whose message of peace, love, and abundance for all of humanity is a common denominator.

So, here goes. There is nothing made up here. This happens to me daily.

1-5-08. Today the carpet and cable guy showed up at almost the exact same time. Tehya was into everything, getting into everything as she likes to do, the carpet guy said they had to come back with different pad because the original installer missed a big spot, and I just kind of rolled with it. This house has been a nightmare since day 1, but I just simply surrendered, letting time unfold as it would, without me trying to control, or fight the outcome. In one moment I gave the man a can of my fathers smoked salmon, just because that’s what insight said to do. The very next I wanted to share my message with him, perhaps offer a business idea, but I held back a little in fear. In the next moment he asked me what I did for a living?…wow..That led into a conversation about small business, knowledge, faith, desire, etc…The exact thing I wanted to share with this man. He asked what I charged for consulting/counseling. He looked shocked when I said I wouldn’t refuse anyone, and I thought he should pay me what he thought my “services” were worth. I am sure I will see this man soon.

They both finished at the exact minute!...and then left. It felt a little like a “dream.” Then I got it. I passed that test. I smiled and gave thanks.

1-13-08 Tehya’s birthday party. On the way home from Tehya’s B’day party at Chuck E Cheese, my former roommate Keith was following me. This was the first time Keith has ever been to the new property. As I was driving, I had an insight that said it would be cool for Keith to see a deer, as we have deer on occasion out here. So I said to myself “deer,” within 5 seconds of that thought a deer appeared in my right headlight. I smiled and gave thanks to the source. I thought, “that was cool,” so I did it again. I said to myself, “more deer.’ Within 3 seconds a second deer appeared in my left headlight. I smiled and chuckled to myself. I looked down at the clock on my Civic, and it was exactly 5:50 PM. Since my awakening, 11’s 12’s and 13s and multiples of those numbers, and the number 9 have been appearing all the time.

2-6-08 I spoke to my first group on Law of Attraction. It was well received. I saw people become “lighter.” I could see it in their eyes.

2-7-08 I was offered a 120k year management job, and sold two cars in one afternoon on a Thursday to two people who said they would be back. In the industry roughly 80% of people who say they will come back never will.

2-8-08 I accepted the job offer in the afternoon. Mike French, a guy that works at our dealership was running late to a dental appointment. He asked me to park a Kia Sportage. Mike has an odd personality and isn’t really well liked. I like everyone. I told him I had no problem doing that. On the way out the door I felt a complete wholeness…a sense of complete peace. I turned on the car. Before I turned on the car I knew “spirit” was going to show me something amazing. 2:22 was on the clock. Not more than 5 seconds later it turned to 2:23
Let me tell you about my last five days. I’ve been trying to document it all, because I knew if I didn’t, I would forget about it. So I have been handwriting everything that happens to me that lets me know I’m on the right path.

On 2-6-08 I spoke to a group of people in a seminar environment on the “workings” of the Universal Law of Attraction to manifest what you desire in your life. I shared my story, and how my life has evolved since my awakening.

The next morning I had two customers tell me they would be back in the afternoon. In my business, if someone tells you they will be back later, statistics show they are lying 80% of the time. Eight months ago I would have been stressed out wondering if they were going to come back. However, this time, and most times since 7-1-07 I just surrendered the outcome to “spirit.

About two that afternoon, I got a phone-call from a previous co-worker who had moved on to better things. He asked me if I would be willing to make a lot of money to help turn an auto dealership around that has been running itself into the ground. The money was nice, being able to drive whatever I want is pretty cool too. What closed me on the whole deal when we finally sat down on 2-8-08 is when he looked at me and said, “I need help.” Lets just say that myself and a few other managers have a project on our hands. In the end, I took the job because my buddy needs help, and it’s a challenge, and someone told him he could never turn the dealership around. I’m in….I have always hated being told I couldn’t do something.

Within about an hour of that phone call both of my previous customers came back and by three-o-clock I had closed two deals.

Before I begin this next paragraph I want to say that I had been experiencing strange “number” phenomena for about three months before I Googled 1111. If none of this makes any sense to you, let me explain.

There are about one million people globally right now that see, on a regular basis, some, on an almost constant basis, number patterns that follow the number 11. For example, 11, 1111. 12, 22, 21, 33, 44, 55, etc. If you are curious Google this stuff. If you have been noticing this, hang on for the ride.

Most of “us” will agree these “entities” that cause us to see these numbers almost everywhere are called “midwayers.” For me, that’s a fancy name for “angel” or “spirit.”

I theorize, we are being awoken to share a similar message that is outlined in my story. A message of faith, hope, abundance, peace, and harmony for anyone who wishes to have it.

With that said, let me speak about the last four days.

When I returned to my former dealership following a meeting with the owners of my new place of employment, I was immediately met at the front door by a guy who I won’t name. Every place of employment has one of “those guys.” You know, people pick on them, they get scapegoated, they have awkward sense of humors that nobody gets, and they really try to “fit in” even though they don’t. “Blayne, can you do me a favor man, I’m late to the dentist, can you park that car.” It was cold, and raining. Pretty typical stuff for Washington this time of year. My initial thought was anything but helping this guy out. Instead, I surrendered to spirit and did the next right thing.

As I was walking out of the door on my way to the car I smiled because I already knew what I was going to see. 2:22 was on the digital clock. I smiled and looked up into the universe just like I try and do whenever this happens and said, “thanks.”

Now, if I would have walked through that door 10 seconds later, he may have run into any other salesperson there, most who would have told him to park his own cars.

That evening, Shanna and I decided to go out to dinner to celebrate. When we sat down to eat, I noticed one of the owners of the Honda Dealership, was sitting right next to me. No big deal, there are only about 300 restaurants in a 30 square mile area.

Within about five minutes my three year old daughter had climbed on the table, spilled water on the table, and snuggled up to the table next to us. Shanna and I both looked at each other knowing we weren’t going to get the peaceful meal we had been hoping for.

I picked Tehya up and started to head for the door. Within about 30 seconds she was screaming, and kicking me in the back. What I did was laugh and try to distract her. In the end, I got her distracted by having her look at the raindrops. Ten months ago, my ego would have gotten involved, I probably would have gotten angry at Tehya, and took my frustration at not being able to have it my way on Shanna. Instead I surrendered, and realized it was not meant to be, and was reminded never to try to take Tehya out to dinner when she is tired.

As we were walking to the car holding hands, once she stopped screaming, I smiled because I knew. I turned on the car, and this is what I saw 3- :33. It was the 3rd song on the CD, 33 seconds into the song. Tehya sat in the front seat with me while we were waiting for some take-out food from the restaurant. She started handing me random CD’s that she wanted to hear. In every one of those songs (she would only let me play about the first 45 seconds of each 1st song on each CD) was a distinct message for me, from my source, through my three year old daughter.

The feeling I get when I experience this “knowing” I can only describe with a few words. Wholeness and peaceful, pretty much says it all.

Today 2-12-08, as I update this manuscript I was reminded again how magical and mystical my life is. The used car manager where I now work has been a “car guy” for many years. Since I am brand new, he doesn’t know me from the next guy, primarily because he deals with five other dealerships within the auto-group, and car salesmen in general transition quickly. This afternoon he was at Aberdeen Honda. He brought out a trade, and asked me to park it. Asking me to park it was one thing, but the way he asked me struck a cord with my ego.

My initial response was to find a salesperson to go park the car, and let him know that I don’t park cars. That would have been my ego speaking. Instead what I did is I grabbed the keys and shut up, because I already knew. The Odometer read 111,222. The exact time I sat in the car was 3:30. I parked it and smiled and went on to the next right action.

Now if you would like to explore some amazing possibilities, maybe even some amazing possibilities lying dormant within you please read on.

2-16-08 was the single worse day in the car business. What I was promised is definitely not coming to fruition. The owner is a very hands on type person who doesn’t appear to have much faith in his managers. When he is at the dealership, there is a level of fear and intimidation that I think affects his employees. I also saw a sales person get verbally abused by a sales manager while I was in the office. This kid was simply trying to get some information so he could continue working his car deal Today, I found out the pay plan I agreed to work for, wasn’t the pay plan that had actually been approved, and I almost got into a physical altercation with one of the owners after he got offended because I told him we would be more effective at making him and the dealership money if he would let his managers do their jobs. That night, at approximately 7:45 PM, I sat down in the Dodge Ram 1500 I was driving as a “demo.” I turned on the key, and the digital clock said 9:11. Often times when I sit in a used car, the time is off for one reason or another, however, the odds of this happening are huge. According to Doreen Virtue, 9’s next to 1’s indicate one door is closing, and another door of opportunity is about to open.

2-19-08- I was approached by a salesperson who is not allowed to drive company vehicles. Like many “car guys,” he has a “checkered” past. The guy is funny as hell, and is a good person. He had a customer coming in to test drive a Ford Focus. He asked me if I would drive it around the block to make sure it was running. This salesperson was not on my “team,” so financially speaking,if he sold the car, I wasn’t going to be getting any of the commission. However, since it was the “next right thing to do”, I grabbed the keys. I knew I was going to be amazed before I even sat down. 11:44 was on the digital clock. Later that afternoon, another co-worker who was not on my team asked me to move a different Ford Focus. Again I took the keys and smiled, for I already knew. I sat down turned on the key, and the time was 4:40

On 2-21-08 I had returned to my former place of employment. I spoke to a customer who wanted to test drive a Saturn Ion. After speaking to her for about 20 minutes prior to letting her drive the car, I learned we share many of the same spiritual beliefs. As she was waiting in the showroom, I walked over to get the car. On the way there, I had “that feeling” again. I knew before I sat down. I turned on the key and the digital clock read 1:11. Again this was a used car who’s clock was a little bit off. I opened up my cell phone to find the exact time was 12.20, which just happens to be a significant number pattern too.

On 2-26-08 I noticed a Volkswagon Toureg we had just gotten in. I looked over it for a few minutes when “spirit” Told me to get the keys and listen to music and check out the features on the car. I knew as I was walking into the building to get the keys that whatever I saw would “show” me again of the “presence” I feel. I walked back outside, opened the Toureg and turned on the key. 1:11 was on the digital display. Whichever Volkswagon Technician prepped this Toureg forgot to set the clock, because when I looked at my cell phone, the actual time was 12:59.

On 2-28-08 I was approached by a coworker excited to show me a copy of the Tao Te Ching he had purchased. I recommended he got the writings after I read them. They are beautiful and full of wisdom. He reached in the book with his index finger, and turned to the 22nd parable. I chuckled and shared with him the experiences I was having with numbers. Later that afternoon, I sat down in a Kia Sorrento I was trying to sell. The exact miles to the tenth of a mile was 22119.9

On March 1st 2008, a coworker approached me and to see if I wanted to go to get lunch at a fast food restaurant. I normally don't eat fast food of this type, and I normally don't like leaving a car lot on a Saturday because I'm afraid that I miss business. Instead of saying no, I said yes because it was the next right thing to do and it gave me an opportunity to talk to him about life. I started my car and I looked at the digital clock and the time was 1117 or 11:17."

On March 3rd I got in my car to take Beau to school and the exact time that I sat in my car was 7:11.

March 4th I went to Barnes and Noble to check out some books. I was led to the coffee shop and got a double tall hazelnut breve. With my Barnes and Noble Discount my exact change was $1.11

On 3-4-08 after writing before I went to bed, I had just logged out of my computer, when I walked to the microwave to make some tea. The exact time I stopped was 11:33

"On 3/5/08, I walked outside at about 12:30 p.m., and looked at a Honda Accord and the license plate is 444WCX, it's a Missouri plate and it says show me state. " Later that afternoon I saw 777??? In the parking lot at Hanson Motors. I see so many # patterns in cars its ridiculous….and I see them at places like on ramps, when they cut me off, or slam on the brakes in front of me, or are a specific kind of car. The point here, is there are messengers everywhere

"On 03/05/08, I got in my car to go get a soda at the gas station, when I looked at the clock it was 9:11."

On 3/06/08 one of the artists that hangs her art at Hanson Motors had 000 as the first three digits of the license plates of her Honda Civic. I followed her in and looked at some of her art. One of her pieces was titled, “Mexican Dreams”. It is full of symbolism. One of the moist poignant features was a pyramid. When I am in deep meditation, I see rotating pyramids with the “all seeing eye” on top.

On 3/06/08 I had texted a potential client about something I am trying to share with her. About a half hour went by and she returned my text. The exact time on the return text was 11:21. I returned her text. I was holding the phone the next time she texted me. It went off in my hand. I looked at the time in my hand and it was 1:11.

Many times today I would stand under the speaker and listen to the music. I would simply listen very closely to the lyrics as if god was trying to speak only to me. I will tell you that every song spoke to me. Some at a surface level, some at a much deeper level.

On 3/7/08 I was sitting at my desk when spirit told me to get up and look out the window. I got up from my desk and looked out the window at 2:29PM. I saw a black Toyota Corolla with Washington license plate number 444WWR.

At 11:55 AM on 3/7/08 I sat down in my car to call Shanna and recharge my cell phone I looked at my odometer as I was calling Shanna and the exact odometer reading was 40440

On 3/10/08, Shanna called me while I was snowboarding at Crystal Mountain with my brother and told me that she just had a unique experience. She went on to explain that she was at the laundromat and she was approaching a man and she visualized herself asking him how he was doing, how his day was going, etc. She went on to say she heard a response in the male's voice say " can't complain". So she approached the man and asked him how his day was and he responded " can't complain", exactly as she had visualized. She said next, she sat down in the car, looked at the digital clock and it was 2:22

On 3/11/08, I received the letter from a former employer saying that I owed them money for the work that I had done for them. I didn't get upset about it, I wrote them back a letter saying that I felt like I was lied to and explained my side and I put the ball in their court for not having a lot of integrity. Tehya and I got in the car, getting ready to go to work. I turned on the key and it was 12:12 exactly on my digital clock.

On 3/12/08, I sat down in my car to charge my cell phone on my phone charger. I turned on my car, and it was 2:12.

On 3/12/08 at about 5:30 I was sitting in a car listening to an uplifting radio station, texting a friend in Hawaii when another salesperson asked me if I wanted to talk to a customer. I got out of the car and approached the customers. It was a mom with her son I put them out on a test drive, and when they got back I asked a few “closing “ questions. She indicated she didn’t intend on buying a car, but I got them to come in and look at what a payment might look like, with the intention of selling them a car at some point. I felt an “odd” connection to this mother and son, as I do with many of my “clients” in the car business…that just happen to come my way

As I was filling out some paperwork and as we were trying to agree on some terms, she indicated both her and her son expected to be in a better place financially in a very short period of time. She was worried about a 25 dollar a month payment difference, but she had a lot of fear, even though she and her son made more than enough money to cover the payment. She said something like “I always hope for the best, but expect the worst.” I told her I used to think like that, so most times I got exactly what I expected. I told her my new saying has been “hope for the best and expect nothing less,” and since I’ve started “living” that saying, my life is becoming truly amazing.

Then she asked me if I have ever watched the movie, “The Secret.” I chuckled a bit, told her that I was led to “The Secret” two months after my awakening/enlightenment began, and realized everything I had put on my collage (aka vision board) two years prior in treatment, I had achieved, or built.

I shared a bit of my story with her.

That led to a conversation about her not being able to live in the moment. I believe my specialty is living in the moment, and that is what has allowed me to connect with spirit so easily, and for “stuff” to continually …magically….appear in my life.

It appears that another client has become manifest in my life… a new and used car lot….and I still sometimes get upset that I’m not writing books, or speaking, or inspiring, or giving enough….and then things like this happen that remind me I do all that every day….and a little closer to my life purpose…at a little quicker pace…each and every day.

And I might even sell her a car this weekend…..You amaze me universe….you keep up your end of the agreement….I will too.

On 3/13/2008, I got into a Volkswagen Jetta that was just traded into me at 10:31 AM, 10:31 is my birthday. The exact mileage on the odometer is 90909. Wow

On 3/13/08 I was driving to work contemplating whether or not to take the Black Lake exit or the Crosby Boulevard exit. Nine times out of ten when I get off at the Black Lake exit, I usually have to wait at a red light. So, I typically go to the Crosby Blvd exit. I was also about 20 minutes late to work. I was a little stressed out but I just surrendered, and right when I came to the crest of the hill where I could see the Black Lake exit about 500 meters down. I saw what appeared like a whitish green light was glowing. I even blinked my eyes, thinking that I couldn’t be seeing what I was seeing. Naturally I took the exit. As I was about halfway down the off ramp the light post came into view and the light was still red. Not more than three seconds passed and the light turned green. I floated through the intersection knowing but not wanting to believe what had just happened to me. I have lived in Olympia 17 years and been on that exit many, many times. That is the first time I can remember never having to wait, or even slow down at that off ramp. The glowing whitish/green “haze” still has me smiling too…and wondering?

On 3/13/08 I got out of bed because I couldn’t sleep. I sat on the couch for a moment watching the news. A commercial about the movie, “Enchanted” coming out on DVD March 18th came on TV. The “gist” of the commercial was all of Cinderella’s dreams coming true…Now I know this may sound weird, but often times I “feel” as if the songs that come on the radio, things I see on the rare occasion I sit in front of a TV, the “deeper” meaning of a conversation…etc…etc…etc, are speaking directly to me….from “spirit” directly through the various forms of modern communication, and people…..anyway, within 15 seconds of the end of the commercial, I got the “intuition” to get up and grab a piece of bubble gum. Just as I got up and turned around to look in the kitchen, the time on the digital clock on the microwave was 11:11 PM….Hmmm?

I have said for a few months like something “big” is going to happen….but then I look at my life and see “big” things happening to me each day…

On 3/14/2008, I was walking across the street to another dealership to talk to a sales manager when a car with a license plate 222, and then three letters that I forgot passed in front of me. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket opened up and it was 2:20 PM.

On 3-16-08, I got into Kia Rondo to take a customer for a test drive. I turned the key on 6 o'clock and it said 11:11, opened my cell phone and looked at time on my cell phone and it was 12:08. I didn’t sell the car, and I really didn’t care. I got exactly what I needed out of that interaction.

On 3/16/08 I got in my car to go to the Shell station to get a soda. I turned on the key, I looked at the digital clock and it was 1:11

On 3/13/08 I got out of bed because I couldn’t sleep. I sat on the couch for a moment watching the news. A commercial about the movie, “Enchanted” coming out on DVD March 18th came on TV. The “gist” of the commercial was all of Cinderella’s dreams coming true…Now I know this may sound weird, but often times I “feel” as if the songs that come on the radio, things I see on the rare occasion I sit in front of a TV, the “deeper” meaning of a conversation…etc…etc…etc, are speaking directly to me….from “spirit” directly through the various forms of modern communication, and people…..anyway, within 15 seconds of the end of the commercial, I got the “intuition” to get up and grab a piece of bubble gum. Just as I got up and turned around to look in the kitchen, the time on the digital clock on the microwave was 11:11 PM….Hmmm?

I have said for a few months like something “big” is going to happen….but then I look at my life and see “big” things happening to me each day…

On 3/14/2008, I was walking across the street to another dealership to talk to a sales manager when a car with a license plate 222, and then three letters that I forgot passed in front of me. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket opened up and it was 2:20 PM.

On 3-16-08, I got into Kia Rondo to take a customer for a test drive. I turned the key on 6 o'clock and it said 11:11, opened my cell phone and looked at time on my cell phone and it was 12:08. I didn’t sell the car, and I really didn’t care. I got exactly what I needed out of that interaction.

On 3/16/08 I got in my car to go to the Shell station to get a soda. I turned on the key, I looked at the digital clock and it was 1:11

As I sit down on 4-8-08 I had several 1111 prompts. A customer who “happened” to be the daughter of a guy I worked with in the restaurant industry years ago brought back a car from a test drive. The exact miles were 33,000. Her stated monthly income was $2222.00. Her birthday is 11-13. I got in cars numerous times and got 1111 prompts.

If I were to put a daily amount on the prompts right now, I would say in the dozens. I stopped “jotting” them because they come too often now.

I find that if I allow myself to be led by “spirit” they happen all the time. I am manifesting more $ and more consulting clients through selling cars.

It’s as if I am living in a dream, I understand the dream, and now that I am armed with that knowledge, and power, I am creating a much better dream. The beauty of this is I am not special. Within us all is this pure potential.

When I experience these prompts throughout the day, I typically look around and thank the army of “guides” I have all around me and I usually giggle.

The path to creating an amazing dream is through the ability to master living in the present moment. That is where pure consciousness lies and the veil of duality is dissolved.

When I come from a place of “love” within all my interactions, I find complete peace and knowing within my “self.”

I am simply manifesting what I desire in my life by being eternally grateful in the present moment.
Its called synchronicity. Its pretty magical when you see it working in your life.

Today, 4-19-08, as I update this section I am amazed and sometimes overwhelmed with the frequency I am receiving numerical prompts.

A common denominator for when I see the prompts seems to be when I am “led by spirit.” Very simply stated, when I act out of love, selflessness, or sometimes when I just allow others to lead me, I see them all the time.

For example, last night I got home from work at around 8:20 PM. This is the average time I get home from work during my work week. I sat down on the couch and ate dinner. “Something” told me to get up and go put my pajamas on. My wife sets our bedroom clock ahead by ½ hour, because she thinks that will help her be on time. I walked into out bedroom, looked at the clock and it was 9:11. Let me remind you that was not the real time….However, I was prompted to go in my bedroom to change clothes at that specific moment in “time”, and that was the time I saw. Yesterday afternoon I had a customer who’s birthday was 1-19…or 911 backwards. I had a difficult time sleeping last night. I was awoken on three separate occasions. When I am awoken out of sleep and am “prompted” to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, or get something to drink or eat…I listen immediately…I don’t lay in bed and “think about it.” Last night the first time I was awoken I looked at the clock and it was 12:21. The second time it was 2:44, and the last time was 5:55. This is not unique to me as I am awoken many nights at least two times. 9 out of 10 times, when I get out of bed and look at a digital clock, I will see a prompt.

This goes on all day long as well. I work in the automotive industry, so I am around digital clocks and license plates all day every day.

Each and every day I will see triple number patterns. Lately I have been seeing 777’s, 999’s, and 000’s

It’s amazing to me. For example, for the past three months, all of my customers have had “unique” birthdays. 1-19, 1-13, 7-7, 2-2, 2-22, 11-7, etc…and these are just a few. I have been saving copies of driver’s licenses, and blacking out names and addresses. Typically when these customers “pick” the car out they want to drive, I have a sense of knowing I will see a “prompt” even before I get in a car. 90% of the time or more I do. When I do, I simply giggle to myself, or look up in the sky and say thank you.

It feels as if I am being led, or guided.

It happens to me when I get in my car and am “guided” to turn up the radio…at that specific time…most times I hear exactly what I was meant to hear.

The “signs” are present for me everywhere. Only through “living in the now” and “present moment awareness” am I able to recognize the prompts for what they are….simply blatant messages from the “Creator” that I am continuing on the right path.

I also believe the prompts aid me in seeing all the wonderful “synchronicity” that is happening in my life as my “awareness” increases.

I still maintain each and everyone of us has this capability within us. The unfortunate part of all this right now is many people are simply too busy or distracted with the pressure of daily life to recognize or to have an awareness of anything going on “outside” of themselves, or are too skeptical to believe any of this.

I share what is going on with my friends and parents and coworkers, and they see it all as mere coincidence.

I don’t believe there is anything coincidental about these number patterns, and the amount of people seeing them. I believe there is much more to these prompts than meets the eye.

I have been working with the akashic construct. I bought the CD about 1 ½ months ago. Two nights ago during meditation I heard an almost angelic female voice that I have never heard before say to me very clearly…”it was Aunt Sarah.” The only weird part of all this is I don’t have an Aunt Sarah.

My awareness progresses a little each day. The illusion of fear, lack, and duality is dissolved a little more each day, as I see the synchronicity in my life, and as I see myself along with the “creator” as a deliberate creator of my life.

It’s pretty neat. Now I am sharing my experience with others, and watching their awakening process begin. One of the individuals I am working with is now seeing the number prompts as well.

I have decided to shoot a youtube video with the aid of one of my coworkers who is beginning his awakening/awareness process. I am going to speak about my chaotic life, my awakening, simple universal truth that is working miracles in my life, and my experience with the 1111, and how and why I believe its all correlated.

I feel very blessed to have this board here. If I hadn’t googled 1111 three months ago…like many of the folks that get here the same way, I probably would think I was going crazy.

I wish you all peace/light/love/and abundance.

Thanks for listening to me. I pretty much walk around in awe and wonder all day…every day. My life is magical today, as magical “things” happen in it numerous times each day


On 4-22 I met a man and his 16 month old beautiful daughter. She "beamed" at me as I was approaching her from outside through the door. I stopped just outside and smiled at her. All I could see was he huge smile through her "binky." That led into a conversation with her father about the innocence of the children, and how their life is so "magical' because they truly live in the moment. They don't know the future exists. They don't have any guilt and shame from the past that they carry around, and when they experience an emotion, they express it. All things as adults we are "taught" about.

I met the woman artist who had hung paintings of the “tree of life” and the pyramids of Mexico. I told her how her paintings had resonated within me lately in meditations and dreams , and simply by talking to her for less than 30 minutes, I found we have many similar beliefs about life and spirituality, and even the Law of Attraction

I had multiple numerical prompts today. In fact as I just glanced down at the computer digital time display for the first time since I started writing about an hour ago , the time was 12:12. As I have said before, they happen to many times to document now. I have decided to just document the most meaningful.

I haven’t written here in a few weeks as I have been feeling like I was in some type of “void.” Hard to explain in words. I actually made a conscious effort not to look at digital clocks recently. It still seems like almost every time I glance at one, I get a prompt.

Yesterday was 5-15-08. I accompanied Shanna, Tehya, my two nieces Kyleigh, and Kayla, and my one year old long haired Dacshound Lexi to the beach. It’s about a five block walk from my house.

The afternoon was perfect, It was about 75 degrees I decided to skip out of work early to hang out with my family. I buried Tehya and Kyleigh in the sand. I love watching the joy in little kids faces, when you play with them at their level, and are “present” with them having fun, instead of worrying about what happened at work two hours ago, or what the gas prices will be by Monday.

We left the beach and I was a little ahead of the group. Two of my former Psychology professors, Rona Rubin and Russell Hollander drove right in front of me and parked. I approached them both and said hello. They didn’t recognize me at first. After 15 seconds we were talking about old times at St. Martins.

I went into my awakening with them both and told them I would send them a copy. I told Rona I was trying to write a book about what I had learned, and what I felt I had to share, and she told me she was writing a book on compassion. What a beautiful subject, and something very dear to my heart. If we all understood our “oneness” and operated from these very simple principles, compassion naturally flows from us.

Today, 5-16-08 I accompanied a co-worker to climb a portion of Mt. Rainier, then snowboard down. He had mentioned the idea about a month ago. He mentioned it again earlier this week and I balked because finances aren’t the best as a result of the economy right now, and I felt like I should be at work working. I immediately recognized I was living from a fear/lack based perspective. We chatted again on 5-14-08 and agreed to do it today.

The plan was to climb from Paradise Lodge in the national park at about the 5000ft. level, to Camp Muir at the 10,000ft level. I want to mention neither one of us has any kind of climbing background, and neither one of us had been to Camp Muir. I had climbed to the 6500ft level several years ago to snowboard down, but I have never been above the tree line.

I slept in Beau’s bedroom because I had my alarm set to go off at 5:45 AM, and Shanna didn’t want to get up that early. The alarm went off and I walked in our bedroom to take a shower. I looked out of our bedroom window and saw two deer eating grass and flowers in my back yard. What an amazing way to start the day

The drive up was amazing, and almost dreamlike as we drove through the old growth forest of the Cascade Range. On the way up, “intuition” told me to glance at my cell phone and it was 9:11. All along the drive, and for the three days leading up to the climb, I have felt as if I was being led to go to the mountain. Seeing this solidified it for me.

We got to the parking lot at Paradise, and my adrenaline started going. I looked at Shane and I could tell he was feeling some of it too. We ate a little food, put on the packs, and headed up the mountain.

I didn’t look at my phone again, to see if it had any service on the mountain until exactly 11:11 A.M. As this happens to me I begin to start looking for anything of significance or relevance, or anything that is “synchronistic.”

Our first stop was shortly thereafter, at about 7,000ft. As I was eating a snack of dried bananas and strawberries, a blue bird landed in the tree next to me and looked at me. Without hesitation, II held up a piece of banana. He flew over, snatched the banana out of my hand, and flew back to his spot in the tree. It amazed me. Within moments a man approached us sitting on our backpacks as he was coming up the trail. I immediately recognized him as one of my very first customers in the car business. I was new in the business and didn’t “pre qualify” him. As a result I sold a car that day. He walked past several salespeople before I approached him. I said hello and told him I sold a car to him. He looked, smiled and remembered, then sped off talking about keeping his heartrate up. I just sat there in wonder, as I do often right now, wondering what the odds are for that to happen.

Shane and I pressed on for several more hours, stopping several times. At one point at about the 8500ft level my quadriceps were at what felt like total failure. I was finding it difficult to place my legs in the next foothold. It was painful. I found myself laughing loudly at the pain I was feeling in my legs, and for a moment, it went away. It was pretty amazing.

We had agreed to climb until 5:00 PM. However, as we got higher and as oxygen got thinner, both of us started to fatigue rapidly. We approached an outcropping of rock we had designated as a stopping point, and Shane was about five paces behind me. I started to think it would be a good time to turn around because I felt like I might have a hard time boarding down, as a result of my legs being so fatigued. At this point, my legs were close to total failure between breaks. Shane piped up and said, “do you want to stop here and start heading down?.” I immediately agreed.

We stopped, strapped on the gear and got ready to head down the mountain.

The next time I looked at the phone, after I had been prompted to look at the time by Shane, was 4:40.

Heading down a bit early was a good call by Shane. My legs nearly gave out on me a few times on the way down. Shane said he crashed once as a result of tired legs.

I believe if we would have pushed until 5:30 or 6:00 we could have got to Camp Muir. However, the odds of one of us getting hurt on the way down would have been increased due to the amount of fatigue we were each feeling

After we left the diner, after grabbing a burger and a Guiness, I looked at it again to see if I had cell service yet is was 5:55.

In the end, the entire day was magical. I was called to go play on that mountain. I saw some amazing things as a result. I lived in “present moment awareness” the entire day

Going there, and getting to 9000ft feels like a huge accomplishment for me. The summit was so close it felt like I could reach out and grab it. Going there inspired a new passion within me, and it also reminded me of my limits. Most importantly it reminded me never to let fear stand in the way of reaching my On 5-18-08 a good friend, colleague, like minded, entrepreneurial, former college associate, former co-worker, etc.etc…stopped by to finally sign Shanna and I up for a multi-level-marketing telecommunication company that is giving big business telecommunications mainstream a run for its money. People are catching on with the idea to “invest in yourself,” and Donald Trump himself, endorses this company.

Anway, I laid in bed for about the first hour, because he “closed” me on the idea a long time ago, and this Law of Attraction thing has been bringing good stuff into my life, and my intuition just told me to do it. I got up and made some tea and started packing for the beach. Jason Seuess is a “fireball” of energy. Some call it A.D.D, I call it passion and intensity. He went a little past the promised time, as he often does, but something I have learned to Love about Jason. I was getting a little in-patient as I sometimes still do, but I just tried to roll with it. I purposely didn’t look at any clocks all morning long. He finally finished and was headed out the door when he chimes in and says “dude” you have to listen to this Wayne Dyer meditation CD…or something like that. What I wanted to tell him was , “dude” I see four dimensional images of past world leaders…that talk to me when I’m in deep “Alpha”….and lights flicker when I walk by….and I see and feel spirits…and energy move through me….and on and on..

But instead I just followed him. He has an Audi A-6 Quattro (all wheel drive.) It’s a very nice car. Anyway, he says, “sit in the drivers seat,” so I did. I sat down, and he started the car. I looked in amazement as the digital clock read 11:11. I look at Jason and said, Oh My God….He was like “whats up.” I pointed it out and he started laughing.

The rest of the day at the beach was amazing. The kids played hard and got dirty. I picked up trash on the beach for the Surfrider Foundation.

About 4:00PM came and my cell phone rang. Nathan Quade was calling me to let me know we sold the car. So I got to see joy and happiness in my children’s eyes, helped in a small way to save the beach, made a little money, and helped my buddy make a little money too.

It was a magical day.

I find myself actually not wanting to write about numerical “coincidences” that I experience, because they happen so often. However, I am sure they have meaning, so I decided to start documenting them again.

Yesterday, 5-29-08 I left work early to go see Beau play baseball. After about an hour of watching them slowly self destruct, I decided to drive home. As I neared the entrance to Steamboat Island Road I heard a male voice that was not my own whisper B-17. I drove past my exit and headed to the casino.

I sat down at the roulette wheel and laid out my five dollar bill. It was as if the dealer didn’t even see me. My money sat on the table for two spins. I just sat there patient. He finally acknowledged me, and changed my money into chips. I put the money on B-17, and that was the number the ball landed in. I calmly collected my money and left. I made sure I gave some of the money away, tithed some, and spent a little myself.

On 5-30-08 I had a very magical day. I got to work around 8:00 AM. The next time I sat in my car to go get some coffee, I turned on my key and the time was 9:11. This happened to me again at 10:44, 11:11, and 4:44.

I left work early with the intention of going back to the casino. I walked in the casino with both numbers I was going to bet on my mind. The first number was 9, and it hit. The second number was 12, and it hit. I played three more roles and the numbers that hit were the next door neighbor to my number.

I look forward to experimenting with this new found talent.

On 6-3-08 I emailed my physician, Dr. Katz to ask him how his trip to Arizona was for him, and what he had learned from someone he looks to as a “spiritual guide.”

I will preface this by saying the three times I have been in his office the past year, he makes sure to have a look at what I am reading each time. I believe once early in my awakening I brought “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, One time I was reading one of the “Conversations With God” books, and another time I was reading a book on the Law of Attraction.

During each of my prior visits it seems we end up talking about spirituality, mystical experience, and enlightenment, more than we talk about my current “ailment.”

Our relationship has grown into something very unique where I believe each of us are helping the other

Early on in my awakening, I shared “My Truth” with him, and since that time he has expressed he believes we are on very similar spiritual paths.

I have shared with him some of my magical/mystical experiences.

Two weeks ago I went to see him, and as we were talking, he began to tell me a story of a Rabbi Michael Shapiro, who is the founder of the Scottsdale Torah Institute.

Dr. Katz is Jewish, and “recently” began to get “interested” in the spiritual/mystical side of his faith. By this I mean Kaballah and Chabad.

Dr. Katz went on to say how he was moved to tears by listening to this man speak. As He was trying to explain what he was experiencing, he pointed out his desk, and how when we simply look at it as a “desk” it is pretty mundane. He then started speaking about how the concept of “present moment awareness” and the “now” were making him look at all things, and events in his life from a different set of eyes.

He went on to tell me about seeing the plant life look more “alive” when he was practicing this type of awareness.

He was so moved by what he heard from Rabbi Shapiro, he set up a personal meeting with him and flew to Arizona.

When Dr. Katz responded to my email this morning, this is what the gist was. The meeting was awesome, He’s going to continue to follow this new spiritual path, and Rabbi Shapiro told him to read Eckhart Tolle, “The Power of Now.” If you remember, based on an earlier statement, I was in his office about six months ago…reading the same book

This is one of the books I read about six months into my awakening that helped propel the synchronicity that was happening in my life, and made me more aware of it.

I believe this information, knowledge, awareness, etc,. could revolutionize the way we treat a lot of sickness, depression, etc

Maybe this is why Dr. Katz is in my life. We have spoke about the non existence of coincidence, and we both look forward to see how the dream will unfold.

On 6-4-08. I sold a car to a grandma and grandpa. The experience from start to finish was magical. Her birthday is 8-18. Several times during the process I received numerical prompts. The exact mileage on the car when they returned from the test drive was 40,111. I got in the car to deliver it to them at exactly 4:41. The exit to their house was 77.

I continue to have numerous prompts each day, many from cars parked on our lot, that don’t have the correct time, that when “I” sit down to turn them on for whatever reason…I see triple digits or equal number patterns.

It’s 7-17-08, I realized I hadn’t written in this piece for quite awhile. I think I just got tired of it happening all the time. I was inspired to write again after I started reading a book called “when God winks” and it inspired me to write again. So here goes…

During the month of June I had a total of 11 car deals. Of those deals, at least 7 involved a buyer or co buyer with a 1-1 multiple birthday. For example 4-4, 8-8, 9-9, and number patterns involving 111 number patterns. For example 11-17, 11-15. These birthdates are saved in all of my car deals at Hanson Motors. This, along with clock and vehicle plate “synchronicity” reminds me there are no coincidences.

On 7-17-08 I had a powerful Law of Attraction experience. In the morning I was with a customer who’s birthday was 11-15-45. About two hours later I was with another customer who’s birthday was 11-15-54, and her mothers birthday was 1-3-31. I found this information through driver’s license during the credit application. Now, if you believe this simply to be a random coincidental occurrence, I have some ocean front property in Switzerland I would like you to check out. I don’t make this stuff up. It happens in a variety of formats daily.

More importantly was the conversation I had with my co-worker Mike Priebe on the morning of 7-18-08. Mike produced my youtube video, and is just starting his own awakening process. We are kindred spirits. I have shared with mike all of my numerical synchronicity since the beginning, and he has shared a lot with me. We were standing in silence enjoying the morning when I said, “Mike, I’m going to sell a car today, I’m going to make good gross profit, and one party involved will have a birthday with a multiple of 11.

By 2:30 that afternoon I had done just that.

7-31-08. What an amazing roller coaster all this has been. The universe provides tangible proof through numbers mostly that its all working in perfect time. Today I was sitting at 8 cars on the last day of the month. My 9th car would have made about $1,100.00 difference just in retroactive money alone. Early this morning an appointment I made, decided to keep putting money into and driving her 81 BMW.

Blayne of one year ago would have started freaking out about losing money. I would have “checked out” before the day even got started Instead I simply surrendered to what is, putting my intention forth on the desired outcome. Not more than ten minutes passed when I was motioned by our internet manager to come talk to a customer.

I walked over and met a man named Wallace, or Wally. We found out we had many similarities. He brought his wife back, paid a fair price for the car, and I made retro!!!

I went back to our detail department to pick the car up. I turned on the key and it read 1:11. Later that afternoon, I had an intuition to call Shanna and let her know what happened. I opened up my cell phone and the exact time was 4:44. I sat down at the work computer to e-mail my friend and future business partner Wallis…from Australia….that I had sold a car to a man named Wallace Potter. Right when I logged on it was 5:55

Last night I was awoken out of a dead sleep by a loud yell. I knew immediately when I woke up. I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen. The time on the microwave was 4:44. I woke Shanna up because I know people reading this are going to say I’m making this up.

8-23-08. I am seeing prompts multiple times daily. When I was delivering a car to a customer today the time was 7:07

I would say I average 20 a day. For example, today, I got in my car to go get a soda and it was 3:11. Shanna called me back and said I called her at 1:11. It seems like whenever I pull out my cell phone to look at the time its 3:33 or 4:14 or 6:11. Its always one of those number patterns….and it all correlates with synchronicity, surrender, and law of attraction.

9-3-08 I had two customers today. One had a birthday of 11-15-1951. The other had a birthday of 2-11-1970. After my first customer left, I was “inspired” to hop in my Honda to go get a snack at the Shell Station. I sat down in my car and before I turned on the key, I got “that feeling.” I turned on the key and it was 2:22. As I was going through my stack of driver’s license’s, I noticed on 8-3-08 (one month prior to the day) I sold a car to a woman who’s birthday was 2-11. I keep all driver’s license’s for all my customers, as I assume one day I will be “proving” what has been “happening” to me, or as I like to put it, “who: I have been “manifesting.”

9-4-08 I had multiple numerical prompts today. I have decided to, based on a conversation I had with a friend who also experiences “numerical” phenomena at the same increasing pace I am dealing with….sometimes the exact number patterns…on the very same day, who lives in Denver Colorado…to carry a pocket notebook for two weeks and log every numerical prompt, and to take it a step further and write down what I was thinking about each time I receive a “prompt.”

Today I had several. The biggest jaw dropper of the day was when I left work. I got in my car and sat down. I turned the key on and it was 4:11. I messed around in my car for a few minutes then pulled into traffic. I hit a stop light and looked at the license plate in front of me. In Washington its 3 digits followed by 3 letters. In this case, the car in front of me had a license plate that began with 414-###. I looked at my digital clock and it was 4:14. Right when the clock turned to 4:15, the light changed.

When this happens…and it happens a lot, it feels almost dreamlike….like a “knowing” that there a much bigger forces at work…..that I am just now beginning to comprehend.

I have decided to start trying to document all the prompts as they happen, as well as what I was thinking or doing at the time of the prompt.

I have been noticing even more numerical synchronicity, as they relate to 1111 number patterns.

At the beginning of this month I started out going back into fear and doubt. The economy has not been great, I didn’t have a great month last month $ wise, and we just finished closing on the house.

I see the magic daily now, even when I move back into fear temporarily. On 9-2-09 I decided every time I started to experience any type of fear with respect to money, I would immediately replace that thought with, “I attract and manifest money, wealth, and positive relationships in my life effortlessly

On 9-3-08 my customer’s birthday was 2-11-1962.

On 9-4-08 I sold a car to a young military kid. His MOS was 13B ( artillery) The MOS I was reclassified into year ago when I was in the guard was 13F (artillery). I keep “running into “special ops” guys with similar backgrounds as me, or artillery guys.

On 9-5-08 I met two amazing people. He had a net worth of about 1.5 million, and they both spent their time travelling around the world. As global travel is one of my passions, and because I have been in many foreign countries, we had a lot to talk about, and it enlarged the flame that I have lit as my passion to travel grows daily.

Her birthday was 11-20-1957, and his was 2-12-1942. I knew the moment they pulled on the lot, they were there to see me, buy a car from me, and share some wisdom with me. There were 8 other salespeople on the lot yesterday…and they pulled right up next to where I was standing. The sales process was easy from start to finish and they paid a fair profit for the car.

On 9-6-08 I finally sold a car to an artillery officer (first lieutenant) who I had been working with for 3 days. As I got to know he and his wife over the past 3 days I learned he had spent the first 17 years of his life in Lebanon. We spoke about real things. His wife was going for her teaching degree, and their little boy reminded me of Tehya at that age. A bunch of energy, passion, and fire typical of an Indigo or Crystal Child.

His birthday was 2-2-1983, and I keep getting this intuition that I will see him again.

Whenever I sell cars to people now, it is so much more to me than just a car deal. I’m looking for the truer meaning in all the interactions I have with both people and nature now.

It amazes me daily. It feels very dreamlike…especially if I am 100% in the present moment.

It’s as if I am moving along…creating my dream…in a state of bliss…even in life’s “chaos” at times…awaiting what the universe will throw at me next…and looking forward to it.

Most importantly, I have some angel allys that show me the synchronicity in my life…by a very simple yet profoun number patten…that remind me to stay on this path of sharing truth and light with anyone who will listen

On 9-13-08 I was standing outside about 10 minutes to closing time with about seven other co-workers, when a short haired guy (obviously military) and his wife pulled up right next to me, as I was sitting in my car, waiting to go home for the evening.

I immediately felt a connection to the guy and approached he and his wife to see if I could be any assistance.

They indicated they were looking at a particular make and model of mini-van that we stock at Hanson Motors.

As I was opening the van, they noticed one of my co-workers closing the gates. They asked me what time we closed, and I responded with , “7:00 PM” but we stay until the last “car deal” is completed.”

They indicated they would come back the following morning. We chatted briefly, I found out they were going to Catholic Mass, and would be done by 10:30. They indicated they would return at 11:00 AM the following morning.

Now, having been in the automobile industry for approximately six years, I know that about 80% of customers that say they will “come back,” never actually do come back.

I knew beyond a shadow of any doubt, after talking to this guy, he would be back.

The following morning on 9-14-08, I got to work at around 10:00 AM. I had to put a jumper box on the van they were interested in, because someone had left the light on and the battery had gone dead.

I started the van, and let it run in order to charge the battery. After several minutes of “charging” I decided it would be a good idea to run the van around the block in order to make sure it had a good charge.

I hopped in the van, looked at the clock, and the exact time on the clock was 12:12. I looked at the outside temperature and it was 66 degrees (also the year of my birth.) I then looked at the odometer and the exact miles was 111.

I chuckled to myself and thanked the universe. I looked at my watch, and the exact time was 10:40 AM….nowhere near 12:12.

I pulled back into the dealership about five minutes later and noticed my customer had already arrived.

After getting to know him a little better, I discovered he was a First Lieutenant in the Army. This was the 3rd Lieutenant I had dealt with, and sold a car too in under a week.

He and his wife drove the van and fell in love with it.

We marked the van all the way down to a “nothing” deal for the dealership” but still were about $2800.00 away from the $16,000.00 he and his wife had budgeted.

I tried another new vehicle, and still couldn’t get to a price that was comfortable for their budget.

Just as I was about ready to let them leave without a vehicle, I had an “intuition” that told me to go look through our used selection of vans.

They both had indicted they wanted something new with a solid warranty.

The first van I went to…kind of as if I was “guided” there, was a 2005 van of the same make/model that had 34,000 miles on it. The price tag on the van was $14,311.00.

This van however had multiple “bells and whistles.” Leather, sun-roof, power seats, heated seats, 6 disc CD changer and a cassette player. I knew immediately this was “the van.”

I hopped in the drivers seat, turned on the key, and the exact time on the digital clock was 12:12. My jaw dropped open.

I had nearly let this customer go, and if I would have sold him the new van, I would have made a flat $250.00 on the vehicle. In the car business, that’s called a “mini.”

I pulled the van up for them, and off they went.

They pulled back on the lot after a 10 minute test drive. They both loved it but were concerned it only had 26,000 miles of warranty left.

I indicated the van was already discounted at $14,311.00 but I would try and add some warranty to the van without affecting the price.

My sales manager reduced the price of the van by $1,500.00, and added a 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, keeping the price at $14,311.00 With tax and license, the “out the door” figure was $15,672.00, nearly $300.00 less than they had budgeted for.

They both smiled when I presented the figures, and agreed on the terms without any more negotiation.

They were extremely happy, and I made more money by selling the used van.

They went through my finance office and signed all the paperwork.

I spent about 10 minutes going over all of the features on the van, handed him a stack of business cards, asked him for referrals, and was ready to send him on his way.

On my two drawer filing cabinet next to my desk was a small stack of my “other” business cards.

My partner Shanna and I both have undergraduate degrees in Psychology/Sociology, and we are both working on our Masters in Counseling.

Our “idea” is a consulting/life-coaching partnership that is spiritually/Law of Attraction based.

I have had this idea since my awakening on 7-1-07. I believe with 100% certainty I am here to teach how Law of Attraction could be the key to Peace on this crazy mixed up planet My “soul” purpose is to do this.

He asked me what my counseling philosophy was, and I gladly shared it with him. He indicated his wife had a very difficult time when he was “deployed” to the Middle East, coping with day to day life, and was riddled with “worry.”

I explained my philosophy on “worry” and the fact that worrying can actually create negative life experience…or more “worry” as it were.

He indicated this “car buying experience” was the easiest he had ever had, and that his wife would probably be calling Shanna or I when He deployed again to Iraq.

They left the dealership, and I stood there in awe at what had just taken place.

Again, I had an “intuition” that told me to go down to the Shell station to get a soda. I hopped in my car, turned on the key, and the exact time was 1:11.

I looked up to the sky…and said thank you.

Not only does the Law of Attraction work in my life on a daily basis, the Universe..or God..or Infinate Source..or whatever you want to call it, provides me with 100% tangible proof that it works, through numbers.

Since about 10/07 I have been experiencing numerical phenomena multiple times daily. Most numbers I see are multiples of the number 11.

“It” happens to me multiple times daily. I am awoken at times like 2:22, or 3:33, or 3:11, or 12:21. When I sit down in cars the times have similar patterns. When I pop open my cell phone to check the time, just because “intuition” tells me to, 90% of the time there is a similar number pattern.

In fact, I was so intrigued by these “numbers” a few months ago, I started keeping track of the birthdates of the “customers” I was attracting into my life.

During the months of June and July I sold 20 cars. Of those 20 car deals, 15 involved the buyer/buyers birthdate as an 11 multiple. For example 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 9-9, 11-4, 9-11, 6-11, 11-12, etc.

What I know to be 100% truth today is this. I manifest and attract money, abundance, and positive relationships effortlessly…when I’m in “present moment awareness.”

When I approach anything from a place of “fear” or “lack” etc…the “magic” disappears rather quickly.

Therefore, since I have gained this amazing awareness, I try to never approach anything in my life from a place of fear or lack…or worry…and we all know there is plenty of “stuff” going on in the world today that can keep us those “icky” places.

I call it Synchronicity…and it is simply amazing.

I wish all of you reading this Peace, Love, Light, Abundance, and Joy.



More Synchronicity on 9-17-08- At about 7:30 as I was locking up Kia and VW I ran into a guy looking for a car for his wife.

As it turns out, he is a Ranger from 2/75.

In the past 10 days, I have sold cars to 2 Army Lieutenants, one Ranger, and one undercover dope cop.

In dealing with these people, I have been forced to go back and experience the “loss” and “shame” …even in the small portion of my life experience where those feelings still hide.

It forced me to deal with losing my commission as a Lieutenant, it forced me to finally put to rest all the shame I carried for getting addicted to cocaine while working hand in hand with other agencies to get rid of the drugs, and finally it forced me to deal with what happened when I was in the National Guard.

In the end, I have the complete knowing that God, or what I like to call Universal Intelligence, knew exactly what was going on when those circumstances were placed in my life.

As a result of all this pain, and despair, and days when I didn’t want to live anymore, and some very simple steps I took to clear the wreckage of my past, I had an awakening on 7-1-07 that led me to all these amazing universal truths.

Thoughts Become Things!!


9-26-08 was a crazy, amazing day. I will start by saying what is going on in the US economy has affected the car business drastically. Right now a lot of people are “afraid” to buy. I have made about 2/3 of the money I normally would have at this time of the year.

I have complete faith and knowing that every moment in time is purposeful. That simple truth alone, along with complete surrender, has allowed me to “roll with it.”

Early in the morning on the above mentioned day I approached a military kid and his wife. Through the course of about 5 minutes I leaned he was a 13F (artillery forward observer) just like me, and he was stationed in the 25th Infantry Division on Hawaii, just like I was about 20 years ago. I thought this to be very synchronistic.

I also learned he and his wife had just filed bankruptcy, had serious negative equity in their current car which will be shipped here from Hawaii when she leaves the Island for Ft. Lewis, and he heads to Iraq.

I had no chance of selling them a car, and unless he comes up with about 5k to put down, I won’t be able to sell them the Jetta they want. What I did was allow them to rive a car and gave them about 30 minutes of my time.

A lot of salespeople would have seen this interaction as a waste of time and not even allowed them to drive the car.

My next customer was a girl on vacation from Colorado who wanted to show her sister in law the Forrester she had ordered, and she wanted to play with a navigation system. She had no problem taking my time. I wonder if people understand car salespeople are paid on a 100% commission base.

She spent about 30 minutes..having me open 3-4 cars so she could show her sister in law. I learned a lot from this girl. I knew from moment one that I had no chance of selling her a car either. I gave her my time, a lot of patience, and even a little love.

The next customer was my favorite of the day. My old roommate Keith and I were chatting on the showroom floor. We both looked out the window as our general sales manager was greeting an old guy with a cane getting out of an old Honda Civic.

I ran over Keith to get to the guy. In the car business, this is considered to be “the perfect customer.”

What happened next was magical. I thought I was going to sell him a car. He had another idea.

We sat in chairs in conversation for about 45 minutes. I let him lead. I think he was about 85. He talked about the 52 Jeep he had owned, and I learned about his son, and the wife he lost about a year ago.

About 5 minutes of the conversation dealt with cars. In that time I think I have him talked into a Subaru over a Jeep. I am pretty sure his plans are to attach a pop up tent trailer to it, and drive into the woods in Oregon and live out the rest of his days there.

During the conversation there were times when he didn’t speak for a minute or so. I knew I wasn’t going to sell him anything yet I was able to find distinct purpose for this amazing and very wise old man sitting across from me.

As he was leaving me he finally said “my son handled millions of dollars for Boeing, and he’s not an easy customer.” I told him I wasn’t an easy salesguy. He chuckled a little bit and said he would see me later.

My next customer was the best. They were looking at a Kia Borrego that they were thinking about buying TWO YEARS FROM NOW.

I gave them my time, and a lot of my patience, and I learned from these folks as well.

My friend Lete texted me at 5:50 (multiple of 11) asking me to go to the store with him. I hopped into his car and we pulled out. I glanced down at the car coming toward us and the plate read 888-!@#. WoW. This number combination is very powerful to me. According to the experts this is an auspicious sign from the universe that financial abundance is on the way.

I got back to work and sat down and started meditating. I looked up after about 5 minutes to see a black Kia Spectra 5 pull up.

Out of the car stepped two of my previous customers. I know I was meant to meet her and her husband the first time, and the universe just reminded me that she is in my life again with purpose. She is a reflexologist amongst other things. Since my awakening I have been learning a lot about non-traditional forms of “healing. Intuition is telling me that is part of why we connected again.

Within an hour I had found them the perfect van, and as a result I am a tiny bit closer to paying the bills.

I don’t always get what I want day to day. However, I always get exactly what I need. There is a higher purpose in all things.


Thank you to whoever reads these posts. My hope is that through my sharing I can help awaken others to the divinity within themselves.I will start by saying that the "car business" is doing horrible. We are down about 20%, and my year to date paycheck is down a little more than that. In fact, Hanson Motors was on the front page of "The Olympian" newspaper yesterday, with a caption from Vince Hanson talking about how bad it is right nowIt has been a very difficult three weeks, as our nation is gripped by financial fear.I would like to say I have transcended all fear when it comes to money, but I would be lying. I do know that experiences like the ones that happened to me today, let me know that everything happens with precise timing and purpose.Early this morning, there was some internal store conflict over an internet manager taking traffic off of the floor. There were people stepping in front of other people on the lot to get to customers first. As people get more stressed out, their "true colors" come through.I did my best to avoid all the negative energy. I tried to joke with some of the other sales people who were dealing with the negative energy to bring them out of it.It was rainy and windy and I spent the better part of 8 hours in it. When I woke up this morning, I reminded myself that I am here to serve other people, and people are to leave me more happier and peaceful as a result of meeting me. I have been very wet and cold before so it didn't bother me. In fact I embraced the wind and the rain and actually had fun getting wet, kind of like a little kid being completely in the moment.We had a total of about 15 vehicles on our lot today. It was a very slow day. Pretty similar to the 20 or so days before it. Two of those vehicles had license plates that began with 911.You don' have to be a rocket scientist or a numerologist to figure out that number pattern has huge significance. To that end, I wonder what the mathematical odds of having two cars with 911 plates in the same car lot are.So here is where it gets very interesting. I'm standing out on the lot all by myself when I see a car approaching that i'm immediately attracted to. It was still out on the main street when started to approach it. it slowed down and pulled over. It parked and two people emerged. I approached them both and introduced myself. I recognized him from somewhere. I could tell they were a bit intimidated. We hit it off immediately. I grabbed her license so they could test drive a 2006 Kia Sedona that had come highly recommended. Her Birthday was 9-11-85. My jaw dropped. When I went to pull it out for them, the time on the digital clock was 4:11. I shook my head in amazement and awe and smiled.On the test drive it kept nagging at me. How do I know this kid? I found out he graduated from a high school in Anchorage Alaska, and that he was born in 1979 like my brother. It still didn't register.We got back from the test drive I tried to hard close them a few times. I could tell they were getting scared. We were asking $15,999 for the Kia van, and they only had $15,000 including tax to work with.I let them talk alone for a few minutes and they agreed to come inside. I sat them both down at my desk and started gathering up paperwork. I sat between them at my desk and began filling out the paperwork.Out of nowhere it hit me. I was brought back 15 years when I was a counselor at a group home.The last time I sat next to this young man he was sitting next to me in my car as we were headed to get donuts, just to get this kid out of the group home, to make sure both he and the group home were safe.You see, he had been placed in protective custody of the state after witnessing a murder two days prior. Both of the perpretrators had dissappeared, and the group home was worried they were going to try and kill him so he could not testify.He had been placed in the group home a few months earlier as a result of some family problems. Somehow he ended up in foster care, and through that process, was an eyewittness to a brutal murder of an elderly man that had been a foster parent since he had retired from the department of social and health services.If memory serves, I believe this man was beat and stabbed to death, then his body was set on fire. The two boys that comitted the crime claimed they had been molested by the man, but most evidence showed money was the primary motive.The young man sitting next to me went on to tell me he ended up in juvenile jail and told them he wouldn't come back and he hasn't. I shared my story of going to Jail 5 years ago and telling them I wouldn't be back, and I haven't. He told me he ended up graduating from high school in Alaska, after he went to live with relativesI looked next to me and saw hope. I saw a young man full of hope. I saw a beautiful wife with a child on the way. He spoke of how we all go through "stuff" but in the end we all have a choice to live how we want to live.I spent almost 10 years in the counseling/corrections/parole/law-enforcement field.This young man was 1 of 2, of several hundred that I have dealt with on a very personal level, that I have seen in the community that has created any type of normalcy in their life. I have watched many go to prison, and watched a few die.Seeing this kid, "being" something for himself and for his family, in light of his past circumstances inspired me today more than selling them a car.I did sell them the van. We reduced the price to $13,700 in order to help them keep within their budget.We sat there talking for 1/2 hour while he and his wife were waiting to sign paperwork. I could tell it was a bit uncomfortable to be "feeling" the past, and he acknowledged he didn't "think" about that time in his life anymore, that he had put most of it behind him.He disclosed to me and his wife he had not shared some of his personal life with her, and meeting me again had motivated him to do so.We agreed to stay in contact and go out for coffee. I'm sure I will see this young man again soon. He has a very powerful message to share with others, and he doesn't really even know it yet.I was once again reminded that there is a much higher purpose in all things. Just when I think i'm starting to figure out what that purpose is, God and the universe throw me a curveball.Thank you for listening to me ramble.peace, light, and lovenamasteblayne

It has been a crazy month in our economy. My sales have been horrible.

Through it all, I have still been able to find magic through present moment awareness, being of selfless service to others, and my 1111 friends.

Yesterday I ran into a young military kid and his young wife. Through the course of a 10 minute conversation I learned his MOS (military occupational specialty) was 13M (Field Artillery.) My last MOS was 13F, which is a very similar MOS. I found this to be very synchronistic.

I also learned he had purchased a 2002 Honda Accord from a dealership across the street six months prior that had just blown a head gasket.

He owed about $13,000.00 on a car in its current condition is worth about $5,000.00.

He indicated his credit wasn't that great either. My initial response was to blow this guy off the lot, simply because I didn’t think he had a prayer of trading his car. Instead, I showed him the only vehicle on our lot that had any chance of working.

Our Kia Sorrento has a $5,000.00 rebate that would help eat a bunch of his negative equity.

I took down all the info on his car, and told him I would call them today.

This morning I attempted to call him, and the cell phone was out of service.

Then about 11:30, he and his wife pulled up. He got out first, followed by her. Tears were streaming down her face. Her face was bright red, and her eyes were puffy and swollen I assumed her tears had something to do with the car.

I asked her what was wrong and she indicated they had just came from the veterinarian where they just had euthanized their kitten. I was immediately able to empathize with her.

I shared my story of Tasha...the most amazing Black Lab ever, who was Jill's dog originally, then my dog too, after Jill and I started dating in Hawaii while we were stationed there together.

A year after Jill and I separated, I went with Jill to "put Tasha down" at the Vet's office. Jill and I both held her, as I held Jill, as Tasha went back into pure spirit form. As I write about it, I still can feel the loss. At least now I can allow myself to feel loss, then let it move through me, as if I have embraced it as a friend.

After I shared my story we moved inside to try and help them deal with their car issue

We sat and talked a while. I learned his birthday was 10-09-85. I also learned on his birthday he blew his head gasket and his kitten got sick. I learned they grew up in a town about an hour north of Sacramento. I learned they had been on again-off again sweethearts since 7th grade, and they had just gotten married in early February.

In front of me sat two very frustrated, sad, stressed out young people. From the beginning, based on what he told me his credit was like, I figured I had about a 10% chance of getting this kid financed somewhere.

It seems every “car deal” I have had this month has been a challenge. It has definitely kept me on my toes.

I went out to the Sorrento they had picked out and turned on the key. The digital clock read 1:11. I opened my cell phone and the actual time was 12:47. I smiled as this usually means very good things. Right now that includes financial abundance.

They loved the vehicle. They completed a credit application, and also told me they would trade the Grand Am she was driving if that would help. I indicated it would and we proceeded.

As I was preparing my paperwork, I heard her talking quietly to him about searching the Grand Am for change to buy a snack from the vending machine. I took a couple of bucks out of my wallet and handed it to them.

The paperwork was submitted to a few of our lenders who were open today. I waited until about 2:30, then indicated to my former roommate and co-worker Keith, I was scheduled to pick Tehya up from the sitters and go to Beau's game by 5:00 PM.

He told me he would help me finish it up.

On my way out to update them I was inspired to offer them lunch. I drove down to a fast food joint and bought them burgers and fries. They were both greatful and thanked me when I showed up 15 minutes later with the food. I could tell they were hungry, and it felt very good helping them.

A half hour later I introduced them to Keith and told them I had to get to Beau's game.

He thanked me several times for working hard for them. She reached out and gave me a hug.

I spoke to Keith at about 7:00 PM to get an update. Not that it really matters, because it will work out exactly as it’s meant too, I was just curious, and the money would help.

It was submitted to a few banks with nothing but "turn downs"

A few more that might give this kid a look will re-open tomorrow following the Columbus Day Holiday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him.

Whether I make a penny on this transaction or not is completely irrelivent to me. Being of selfless service to these kids was my job today, as well as my son, and daughter, and girlfriend, and anyone else who crosses my path.

Thank you for letting me share


Money and the lack there of has been the focus of attention for many folks in the United States right now. Many people are very stressed out, and getting caught up in all the fear surrounding the current state of our economy is very easy to do.

Through present moment awareness, and faith in the higher order of things, I am able to transcend much of that fear.

I believe we have incredible power to shape, reshape and structure our physical reality. This is done through present moment awareness, faith, and burning desire for change.

I believe if humanity does not awaken to what is really going on, and the need to radically change things, we will destroy ourselves.

Each and every human being is nothing more than energy and pure potential. Greatness is not for the chosen few. It is for anyone who wishes to achieve it. Your thoughts are powerful, and in the end create your very existence. What you think about, you become.

The ONLY way to lasting peace, is a complete understanding of the fact that we are all connected in this universe. Duality is an illusion. When we harm others we are harming ourselves first.

Violence and war only leads to more violence and war. Most countries fight because they believe there is not enough “stuff” to go around. The fact is there is more than enough “stuff” to go around.


My primary source of income has been dreadfully slow the past few months. October 2008 was the worst month on record in well over 15 years. People are scared. I try to avoid fear, and continue to have faith. When I live with purpose and in present moment awareness it’s pretty easy to transcend fear.

When I am able to do all that, I am able to see the magic in life.

Yesterday I sold a car to a young gay couple. Not that it really matters, except when I refer to “her” twice, it might confuse the reader.

The car deal actually started three days ago. They both came in on Thursday. Their intention was to trade in a car they currently owed money on, into something much cheaper. In the end they traded their car, and ended up owning our car for very little out of pocket.

Yesterday I went to Subaru training in Seattle. We sat in the Fox Sports Lounge at Quest Field and compared cars. Although I didn’t know it, my son was on a field trip to the Seattle Auto Show, and was in the same building, less than 500 yards from me. I ended up seeing him. It was pretty neat. I was able to give him some goodies I got from Subaru.

We ended up back at the dealership at about 3:30. Keith dropped me on the street and I was just going to go home. I got the intuition to do the opposite so I walked inside. I walked in the sales office, and there sat one of the girls, check in hand, after a “thumbs up” from her mechanic was given to her. If I would have been 5 minutes later that deal would have been turned to another salesperson to complete the process, and that would have cost me money.

Today I got up, not really wanting to go stand around a car lot all day. The morning was difficult. At about 3:30 the other girl showed up to sign paperwork. I grabbed her license to make a copy and was amazed when I saw her birthday was 1-13. That is my daughter’s birthday.

I should also note during the course of the process, I learned on of their professions was a counselor specializing in domestic violence.

At about 6:15 PM I was standing outside, letting the raindrops hit my face. I was meditating, asking God to give me some “purpose” on the car lot. I walked back inside, stood a few moments and then joined a few of my peers in the alcove on the other side of the building.

I wasn’t out there more than a minute when two ladies pulled up in a Honda Civic, asking when we closed. Told them we closed at 7:00 and told them to “pull on in.” We hit it off pretty quick. I learned they were sisters. I learned that one was “kind of” looking, while helping her sister find a car.

I showed them a TDI Jetta and they drove it. I showed them a Subaru Legacy, and one of them fell in love with it. On the test drive of the Subaru, I glanced down at the digital clock and it read 1:11. Immediately I knew this “chance” encounter was not by chance at all. She indicated she couldn’t make a decision tonight because she had to sort out some financial stuff and talk to her husband. She agreed to keep the car overnight, then I realized my current store policy on letting customers do that had changed.

They sat down at my desk, and one of them pointed out my “Angel Numbers” book and crossed referenced “The Secret” to the book. I told them about my experiences with the Law of Attraction, Angels, Synchronicity, etc.

Somewhere during the conversation I was compelled to ask them their birthdays. One was 10-21, and the other’s was 9-2. I had to stop for a minute and them realized 9-2 was Shanna’s birthday. I told her, and then I pointed out that I don’t believe in coincidence anymore.

In one day I dealt with two female customers, both with the same birthdays as my daughter and partner. WoW!

I ran out to my car and grabbed three books that I had in my back pack. She picked up The New Revelations, By Neale Donald Walsch, a very warm, kind, caring, enlightened human being. He is also the author of all the Conversations With God series. I told her she could take it home and read it and return it when she is done.

It amazed me as I watched her and her sister’s reactions as they were reading. There heads were moving up and down in a yes motion, as if everything they were reading completely resonated within them. Even more powerful were the smiles on their faces.

I penciled out some figures on the car, set an appointment for tomorrow noon with her husband and bid them farewell. With any luck I will sell them a car and make a few friends tomorrow.

Before they leave, whether they buy a car or not, I will give them a hard copy of this and another piece I am working on, because that was the core purpose of our meeting, I believe

All in all, once I decided to surrender and ask for it, the universe in all its wisdom provided me a pretty magical day.


I don’t even know where to start, so I guess I will just write. I was inspired to sit down at this keyboard, so here goes.

What a rollercoaster this whole awakening process has been. I thought I was going to be retired by now, finishing my first book somewhere on Oahu or Maui, rubbing elbows with Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra.

I envisioned getting an advance on a book, or winning the lottery, etc…that would set in motion all the resources I need, coming together to allow me the time and freedom to teach and share my ideas.

I was told from “spirit”, through a variety of sources and synchronicity that I am here to teach Law of Attraction in a big way through my experience and addiction to cocaine. How I went from a gun carrying parole officer to a drug addict, to going to jail, to getting stabbed, to having a gun to my back, to a series of miracles, after I completely surrendered, still baffles me.

I was told I was to carry a similar message of peace as Ghandi, MLK, Jesus Christ, Mother Theresa, etc.

I went from being completely pro-war, a former army paratrooper, to believing the only way to peace is for enlightened individuals in each country to convince the world to completely disarm, and to live the Truth there is no lack.

The notion of lack and duality has all but destroyed this planet through war and greed, and it’s time for it to stop

I believe at the core of my soul we can achieve global world peace, through present moment awareness, living in the “now” and utilizing the Law of Attraction. It sounds simple, but to practice these principles is not a simple task.

On top of that, I am visited by celestials during meditation, and I see “spirits,” of people like MLK, JFK, Ghandi, etc. Lights have turned off in my house in front of my eyes, and I feel energy move through me. This is just a very small list of never used to happen to me before 7-1-07.

I wake up at times like 1:11, 12:21, 2:44, 3:33, and I am bombarded by 1111 prompts at least a hundred times a day in the way of cell phones, digital clocks in my car, and every car I get into at Hanson Motors, receipts, gas pumps, customer’s drivers licenses etc..etc

That is why I question why that at 17 months into this “radical awakening” I am still struggling to pay my bills.

I have heard people on this 1111 site talk about having financial miracles happen at the perfect moment, and I am prompted with 888, 999, and combinations of that number that tell me financial abundance is on its way, that will allow me to complete this crazy spiritual path I have found myself on.

Then I wait, and wonder, and hope, and visualize, and meditate, and month in and out I am tested to my limit. Sometimes I get to the point of giving up. I feel like I want to cry, and I do at times. Then I will see, hear, or experience something that is magical that places me back in present moment awareness.

I go from complete bliss and knowing, to complete fear. I try not to stay in fear to long. Sometimes its difficult when I have a physical reality that contradicts what I know to be truth.

Any advice, encouragement, words of wisdom, etc, is appreciated.




The past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. Sometimes very dreamlike and magical, and sometimes so frustrating I don’t want to deal with it anymore. If it weren’t for the 1111 and what I believe my higher purpose is, I think I might have given up.

Two weeks ago tomorrow, Washington State was hit with the biggest snow storm in 50 years. It has further crippled an already battered industry.

The auto industry and my livelihood has seen a steady decrease in sales since our mini “crash” this fall. I keep seeing 11 multiple birthdays, addresses, license plates, times on digital clocks when I get into cars, and so on, that gives me the sense of being right where I’m supposed to be at that moment, even if I don’t want to be there sometimes. Lately, as I yearn to be of service, it makes it more difficult

The last time I sold a car was on December 21st. Two people came in looking for a 4X4, and I knew we were meant to meet from the moment our eyes met. We talked about synchronicity, law of attraction, present moment awareness, and how we both believe we are on the verge of a consciousness shift the likes of something we can only imagine. I think I pulled the car out at 2:22. I’m certain there was more to our meeting than just a car deal. Those are the times its most magical for me.

Since then it has been a struggle. The last Saturday of the month historically is a very big day in the industry. So, although beaten and battered I trudged in today with I smile on my face…through the rain and the snow. My mom is down here visiting from Alaska, and she called me from my son’s wrestling match. I really wanted to be there to support my son and hang out with my mom, who I see twice a year. But I couldn’t because as it stands this month is the worst in 6 years. I felt myself get angry, and guilty, and then I cried. That happened a couple of times today. I ran into three people to talk too today. The trend continues to be people who are very analytical who are having a hard time deciding to spend money.

The first had a birthday of 10-12. When I pulled the car out for a test drive the digital clock read 1:21. The actual time was about 12:15. She drove the car and left. The next customers came in and drove three SUV’s. I spent about 2 hours with them. I felt like I connected with her. Her birthday was 2-20. The first car I pulled out, the clock read 2:22, and that was the actual time. I smiled and said thank you, because historically for me this means a car deal. The second I pulled out read 3:31. The last one read 4:14, and I was sure I was going to sell them something. In the end they drove away to another dealership. What I thought was going to be productive today ended in frustration.

I left work not knowing what to think. I was frustrated and angry, yet I have a sense that all will be well. I was driving down my road and I was brought back into “presence.” At that moment It felt like I was floating or moving through liquid and I had an intuition that said, “you are so much more than you think you are, your view of “reality” is very limited, you will be amazed. I looked at the clock and it read 6:19.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw that combination was that I am a very spiritual being, limited by my current physical reality, and I am on the right path so that my physical reality catches up with my spiritual reality.

The rest of the evening has been pretty magical. I got off the couch to eat at 7:17 and again at 8:08. I get 808 a lot. It’s the area code of Hawaii. I feel I have a connection to that island like I have a connection to Australia. One of my goals is to write books and teach from Hawaii.

The last time I looked at the clock since I have been writing was at 11:31 and just now at 12:12.

What’s it all mean, and why does my physical reality seem to be getting more difficult when in my spiritual reality I am told that everything is working with exact timing and purpose.

Sometimes I think I’m this Guru at having all this stuff figured out and sometimes I’m left in confusion and awe.
All in all I am gracious. I try to give more than I take every day