Friday, March 6, 2009

why i'm in awe every day

Hello to all who found your way to this blog. My day started off with NUMBERS everywhere. In all my interactions I "felt" as if I was a part of a very strange play. Very difficult to understand, unless you have been in that place of awareness.

Last month was the worst on record in 30 or so years. I really try not to pay much attention to that, because I believe we become what we think about.

I'm thinking about how I can teach this stuff most effectively to the most people possible, because quite frankly now that I have this awareness I really don't want to "go back" although at times it really boggles my mind.

At 11:33 PM (I know because I always look at my cell-phone digital clock when im "inspired to do so) a white truck pulled up and out popped a young kid. My initial response and thought was to blow the kid off because he was so young. Intuition told me otherwise, and I headed out the door.

In five minutes I learned he had a 755 beacon score, owed less on the truck than it was worth ( in todays market, he's about 5% of the population), made 4k a month at a job he had been at for four years, and had financed 3 cars prior. The kid was 25 years old with perfect credit.

He wanted to buy and drive our Mercedes for 300.oo a month.

As I reached for his license to make a demo permit for him to drive the car I knew I was about to see something special. His Birthday was 11-22, and his adress began with 919.

He bought the car, I made a good amount of dough, and he was happy as a clam.

When I went to pick the car up from the detail department, the clock read 1:11. I smiled at the heavens and said my cursory "thank you."

He had to take a bunch of stereo equipment out of his truck, so I agreed to drive the Mercedes to his work later in the day to swap vehicles.

He had taken out an aftermarket stereo, and replaced it with the factory system, and thus the digital clock was re-set.

When I hopped in his truck and turned on the key, it said 2:22 on the digital clock. I smiled.

I have a very strong feeling something..or things very unique, enlightening, and magical are going to happen on this trip to San Diego.

Thanks for reading this blog...I hope it insprires you to learn, and grow in your own awareness.

The book "Conversations With God" by Neale Donald Walsch, is an excellent place to start.

I wish you all peace, abundance, and joy.



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  1. Hi Blayner,
    Intriguing synchronicities with numbers! We're writing a book on synchronicities,would welcome any stories you have to share, and would post them on our blog:

    Trish & Rob MacGregor