Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome Home

On 7-1-07 I began a radical spiritual transformation that began with an intuition that led me to believe the world was going to "end" in 2012.

What was initially panic and fear has evolved into a place of awareness that still leaves me in awe many times daily.

3-4 months into my awakening I began to see multiples of the number 11 EVERYWHERE. It began with the digital clock in my kitchen.

I started to notice on nights I could not sleep I would be awoken at times like 1:11, or 2:22, or 4:14, or 5:51. Nearly two years later, it still happens about 90% of the time based on the research ive completed.

I currently work at an automotive dealership. I am in and out of cars with digital clocks all day long. More than 80% of the time, when I hop in a car to do, or go wherever, and more specifically, when I am asked by a manager to go get or move a car, I am bombarded with the same number patterns. More interestingly, and something that occurs often because the clocks in new cars are rarely set correctly until they are sold, is when I hop in a car, look at the clock that says 2:12, and open my cellphone to see that the correct time is 12:57.

In the past 16 months, I have been keeping copies of customers, who I make "demo" permits for test drives, drivers license's.

To this day, approximately 75% of the customers who drive and buy cars with my assistance, have birthdates that correspond with the above mentioned pattern. For example. My last two customers have had birthdays of 7-17, and 11-15.

These examples are just the tip of the iceburg. If you are like me and see and "feel" this stuff as often as I do, you will totally understand what I mean by that...Gas receipts...times on bank receipts, gas pumps, etc..etc

I kept a running log of 1111 and other synchronistic "stuff" that I will post at some point.

About three months into this, and about 16 months ago, I sat down and Googled 1111, not expecting to find anything really.

I was wrong, and what I found and learned amazed me. What amazes me today is that the number of 1111 sites and blogs are increasing daily.

So whats it all about?

I believe humanity is in the midst of a massive consciousness shift, that will culminate in 2012.

I believe humanity, at its current pace and course, is poised for some tough times.

I believe that the universe is connected, and "human beings" everywhere are connected by an amazing force I choose to call God.

To that end, I believe "humanity" needs to wake up and stop killing one another.

I believe through principles like the Law of Attraction, and present moment awareness, humanity can effectively co-create a wonderful new reality.

I believe I was awoken to teach peace, Law of Attraction, present moment awareness, quantum physics and whatever else fits

I believe I was awoken to share truth with humanity.

The COOLEST part of all this, is the FACT, other folks all over the world are being awoken to teach these simple Universal truths. Through my research, I am finding other people experiencing 1111 phenomena are also learning about "synchronicity" instead of coincidence. The Law of Attraction, and the very simple truth, that moment by moment we are creating our reality.

I welcome EVERYONE here who is experiencing any 1111 type phenomena, or any other paranormal phenomena, and anyone who is just curious what its all about.

I believe we were all meant to "reconnect" during this shift, in order to bring the vibrational level of the planet up a few notches.

I wish you all abundance, peace, harmony, and bliss



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  1. I started MY synchronicity blog on March 3rd, 2009 .

    and, I know of another sync blog that started the day after!