Friday, March 20, 2009

My Magical Life

This is why my life is a dream to me.

On Saturday 14 March, the family returned to Washingon from vacation. I came back to work on Sunday, and since then, lifes felt more "dreamlike."

My first and only customer on Sunday had a birthdate of 11-11. As is common right now, this woman is having a very difficult time making a decision right now. As I was trying to "close" her on the idea of buying a car, most of her objections were fear based.

I simply gave her silent blessings of abundance and inner peace, and she went on her way.

I took Monday and Tuesday off and enjoyed time with my family.

Wednesday was a very financially abundant day. I sold a car to an elderly woman, who had lost her husband six months prior. The transaction was easy. She was downsizing to one car. I made a good amount of profit, and she was given red carpet service. I even drove out to her house to pick up the second car she was trading. Her birthday was 11-3, and when I picked the car up from being detailed, it was 7:11 PM

Yesterday was interesting. I received a phone call from a customer who was inquiring about of specific car. He had an East Indian name, and I was looking forward to meeting him. I pulled the car up off the front line, and when I hopped in, the time read 10:31 (my birthday) and the clock was off by a little bit as is often the case with "lot cars." An hour an a half later, just as I approached my first customer of the day, he called and cancelled our apointment. At first, I felt myself getting upset. However, after spending an hour with my new customer, I was reminded how everything is purposeful.

He was in his late fourties. Very "boistrous" some might have even labeled him as "obnoxious." I just believe this was a defense mechanism, and his way of dealing with the "percieved" conflict or confrontation that he was about to have with a "car salesman."

I got him to lighten up a bit after about a half hour. I kept trying to get him to drive the SUV. I called Shanna and bet her a $100.00 this customer would have an 11 combination birthday. She wouldn't bet me.

He pulled out his license so I could make him a "demo" permit for the test drive. His birthday was 11-12. I went out and picked an SUV of the same model he was looking at to drive. I opened the door and sat down. I knew before I turned on the the key I would see something cool. I turned on the key and the digital clock read 1:12. I opened up my cell phone, because I knew that wasn't the real time, and it read 11:44.

He didn't buy the SUV. However, at some point today, I think he and his wife will be back. I can't wait to see her birthday.

I got off work around 3:00. I couldn't go home because Beau had baseball practice until around 4:30. I called Supercuts to see if Kathy (been cutting my mop for ten years) was working. She wasn't. So as usual, in times that I have time and dont know what to do with myself, I drive aimlessly, being led by "spirit." Boy was it cool.

I pulled off the freeway by the Supercuts, just to see who was working. The light in front of me was red. The old beat of chevy blazer had a HUGE "peace" symbol in the back window and three bumper stickers. The first said, "Drop Food Not Bombs." The second read, "Bring Them Home Now," and the third said something like, "War Kills Hundreds of Innocent People Daily."

This message completely resonated with me because I abhor war now. There was nothing significant on the plate. I looked at my digital clock and it read 3:33.

I drove around some more. Got prizes for everyone at home, got coffee, and went and picked Beau up. We decided to go get more coffee.

As we were approaching the freeway on ramp, THE SAME BLAZER pulled in front of me, and onto the freeway. I pointed out the blazer to beau, and the time on the digital clock read 4:44. I actually pointed out both "synchronicities" to Beau. Sometimes when I babble on about this stuff to him, I think he thinks I'm crazy...LOL

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog....Just remember, its all magical, and you play a very key role in creating it.

You are so much more than you think you are.



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