Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Journey Continues.

For some reason I was inspired to sit down and write. I just looked at the last time I wrote, and I was shocked it had been ten months.

On 7-1-11 I celebrated my fourth anniversary of my awakening. It has been an amazing four years. The past year has been one of the most painful,not what I anticipated when this journey began just over four years ago.

Although it was one of the most painful, it was one of the most beautiful as it opened up doors that never would have been opened for me. I was able to transcend many demons....because I was forced too.

Evidence all over the planet suggests that humanity is about to go through a big....big change. Humans are becoming restless. They are questioning their soverignty, and god given rights, in opposition to what their governments demand of them. Economies are collapsing. Civil war and violence seems to be popping up all over the place. Whistleblowers are pulling back the veil of the illusion, and the corruption that has been happening for a very long time. Our President told the TV viewing public that Social Security checks couldn't be guarenteed if the debt ceiling wasn't raised. I'm pretty sure that was a first in the history of this country.

When this first started for me I made a list of everything that I thought was going to happen by 2012.....and lo and behold if most of the items on that list are coming to pass. Before 7-1-7 I didn't care about any of the topics I care passionately about now, I experience miracles of synchronicity and Law of Attraction everyday. I see 11:11 and other similar numerical phenomena on an astronomical scale, and I have connected with people all over the planet who are experiencing the exact same thing. The skeptic would say...ahh Blayne, this is all simply coincidence. I would say....follow me around with a movie camera for 48 hours...and stop smoking crack.

Whats amazing to me, is we are all saying basically the same thing. The most important is that "we" are all connected. We are not seperate from each other or nature. Our relationship with the planet, the solar system, and in fact the entire universe is the same. For so long we have been taught the opposite. Religion is a sensetive topic for many. Although religion has many beautiful qualities, it's nature seperates us. Christianity for example teaches us that if we do not believe that The Christ, is "our" one and only savior, and accept him as that, that we will go to hell. They believe Buddhists, Muslims, etc...etc will spend their eternal life in "hell". That line of thinking makes me chuckle it does to most of my spiritually awoken friends.

We are all questioning subjects that are viewed as "conspiracy theories" by many, because we see the undeniable truth in much of the evidence that is being presented. Many of "us" have been shunned by our families, because of what we believe is unfolding on this planet right now.

We know that something is deeply wrong with how things are being done, what we are doing to one another in the form of violence and war, greed and abuse, and finally, what we are doing to the planet.

Many of us feel like we have been purposefully sent here to share our simple wisdom and knowledge as Lightworkers, with whoever will listen, so that we might finally be able to share this planet in peace and harmony.

I know....thats a tall order.....Global World Peace.....

So.....buckle up and hang on for the ride my friends....its about to get interesting.