Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Unfolding of the Divine Plan

Hello All. I just noticed it has been nearly two months since I have posted on this blog. Like everything in life....I found it was very compelling and exciting stuff I was writing about. The "numerical synchronicity" and other synchronicity still inundate every facet of my life.

Through this blog, my other blogs, the 1111 Awakening Page, and other sources I continue to connect with like minded people who are experiencing the EXACT same things.

We are being drawn together during this time of "shift" by the Universal Mind. We are being called upon by Saints and Sages, Celestial Beings, and Ascended Masters, to Be The Change we wish to see in this world.

I have had a multitude of magical/mystical experiences happen to me in the past few months. I have been connected to more "me's" in the past 2 1/2 years than I could have ever imagined.

Just two days ago I was connected with a man from London England. As he was explaining his "awakening" experience to me in his last e-mail...it sounded exactly like me.

On one hand we are being awoken to our divinity, and our "Oneness," and on the other hand, we are being awoken to many truths most people consider to be "conspiracy theories."

To much "coincidence" to even be considered coincidence I think.

I ask myself "why" often. Why me? Why do I feel, think, and act differently than 98% of humanity. Why do people think what I have to say is crazy? Why can't my family and friends just see the truth. How much "coincidence" do they need to see before they too can begin their own journey of awakening into oneness.

On December 23rd I kept having these strong intuitions to contact a female friend I had not spoken to or heard from for at least 15 years.

Through the past 15 years I have thought about her on a few ocassions. Prior to 7-1-7 I would have simply dismissed these thoughts and went on with my life. As I tried to push thoughts of her out of my head last month they got stronger...and stronger...and stronger....

So I did the work that was required of me, and I found her. Within two e-mails I understood why. I won't go into it here, but I will share with you she is on the EXACT same path. She is undergoing her own awakening/enlightenment...and at the time I was being "told" to contact her..she was pondering heavilly an option for her own life that would not have been good for anyone involved.

During the past month I have witnessed her spiritual growth. It is like a flower coming into full bloom in the springtime and it is simply amazing watching her path unfold. She is amazed at all that is happening...and so am I.

I still see the 1111 and it's counterparts multiple times daily..and they allow me to recognize I am on this awakened path with complete purpose.

This morning I was thinking about working my day off. I hate working my days off. The automobile industry continues to be a struggle....yet I continue to "tough it out" until the Universe places something new in my path.

I dropped Beau off at school and was on my way to work. On intuition alone...I passed my the exit to my work..and continued home. All the way home I was second guessing my decision...feeling guilty because I haven't made the money I need to make this month to pay the bills and survive.

When I pulled onto my road a car passed me. The license plate read 818-#$%. I smiled as I looked at my cell phone digital clock and it read 8:18. A little sign from the universe telling me my decision was a wise one.

I got home and crawled back into bed. I had a few dreams as I slept. When I awoke, I looked at my digital clock and it read 11:11.

Thanks for reading my blog people. I hope it inspires you to find out what this all means to you..the reader.

If you "found" this blog because you are experiencing the 1111 phenomena I say....continue to walk this path. Look for the synchronicity because it is everywhere. Once you begin to awaken you will see the "signs" everywhere.

Love, Light, and TRUTH to you all