Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More and More Synchronicity...As The Global Awakening Progresses

Hello Everyone and Namaste!!!!

It's been awhile since I sat down and put finger to keyboard. This month has been very interesting. I'm not going to spend any time going into it. However, I believe it was a major period of growth.

The Synchronicity and the 1111 phenomena has been going CRAZY....or is it me going crazy. I think the jury is still out on that one, and it will probably depend on who you ask.

I will share with you that about a half hour ago I was "awoken" by a soft voice in a dream. I got up, threw on my favorite red "Roots" fleece I got in Whistler/Blackcomb back in 1999, that says "Nagano 98" on it. Its warm and comfy!!!

Anyway, as I often do when I am awoken like this, the first thing I do when I walk out in the kitchen is look at the digital clock display on the microwave. The time read 12:21...Hmmmm?

I was inspired to sit down at the computer and sort through my e-mail and facebook messages.

One of my fellow "truth seekers/speakers/visionaries" Sean O' Grada, posted this video on his profile....Its funny, and sad at the same time...Have a look if you have time...

So about two weeks ago, I am driving down highway 101, on the way from my house to Olympia, when all of the sudden..and completely out of the "blue" I get this vision of pink cotton candy on a cone...I thought about the yummy taste and dismissed it.

Not more than 30 seconds later a woman passed me on the right because I have a tendency to "zone out" in the fast lane if there is not alot of traffic. As she passed I looked over my right shoulder and what I saw dropped my jaw wide open.

In the back seat of the car....a Toyota Camry actually....sat a beautiful young lady of about 4-5 years old. She smiled at she was nibbling on a cone of pink cotton candy. She held it up high as they passed...almost as if she "knew" was so surreal..and still gives me the goosebumps.

I smiled back and looked down at my digital clock and was amazed again when it read 1:11

How much more proof do I need?

One more "incident" that is noteworthy and then I'm going back to bed.

After I "lost" my job the beginning of this month, I went through a period of not being able to sleep. I called my Doc, and he called in a prescription for some medication to help me sleep at my local Costco.

I went there to pick it up. This particular day for one reason or another I was sad, angry, frustrated and depressed. After I picked up my prescription I sat in my car and started to cry.

5-10 minutes went by and I gathered my strength. I backed out of the stall and headed toward the parking lot exit. A vehicle, in a hurry and not paying attention, cut me off. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him. My initial response was to give him the "bird" ....but instead I looked at the plate. 888-#$% is what I read. I smiled. I looked at my digital clock on the Civic and it read 1:11.

I continued toward the exit, and ANOTHER car...did the EXACT same thing. Again I looked at the plate and it read 999-#$%.

From one moment, being completely lost in fear, uncertainty, pain, discomfort, seeing a series of numbers..all bundled together in this "phenomena" that is happening to people like me all over the planet...brought me back to complete present moment awareness...and a knowing that it is all OK.

Once again, thnk you for following this blog! I hope it inspires you, makes you wonder, and gives you a sense of wonder.

Love, Light, and TRUTH



Friday, November 6, 2009

Huge Changes Rumbling through My Life

On Wednesday 11/4/09 I resigned my position as a finance manager in the automotive industry after a series of "synchronicities" occurred earlier that morning.

For the past year, I have been being led to do something completely different with my life. However, a sense of comfort, familiarity, and fear has kept me from taking the leap into the great unknown. My spirit has been screaming at me to make a change, yet I haven't been strong enough to "just do it."

I believe a series of events, that I ultimately manifested into my life, led me to the point of being forced to resign.

For the past year, anytime I am asked how I "like" being in the auto industry, I always reply that I don't believe that its was feeding my spirit, and I didn't believe it was in allignment with my true purpose here on earth.

I think I am going to be led by source energy, to exactly where I am supposed to be and to exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

I know I am a healer. Prior to getting in the auto industry I was a counselor at a juvenile prison.

Since my awakening I have had this intense desire to get back in the "healing arts" at some level.

All my intuition has been leading me down that road, but I have been stuck.

I have wanted to design a treatment modality, Law of Attraction, and Present Moment Awareness based, that could compliment or eventually replace the typical "12 step program" modalities that are common with most addiction treatment facilities.

Based on my personal experience, and what has happened to me since my spiritual awakening, I don't buy into the whole "powerlessness" theoretical principles that guide 12 step based programs.

I believe we are very powerful "co-creators" with that "higher potential" I choose to call God.

The 1111 phenomena that I experience on a moment to moment basis, along with the intense para-normal spiritual activity that inundates my life, I believe I am being led on this Journey.

Yesterday for example, I was feeling sorry for myself. I spent the better part of the day crying....some was fear, but most was just an overwhelming sense of release, or relief.

I got my M.D. to prescribe something to help me sleep.

I went to Costco to pick up the prescription.

When I got in my car, I sat down and started crying again, asking God for some clarity and guidance.

As I was leaving the parking lot a car cut me off. My initial response, in my state of mind yesterday was to "cuss" the driver out. Instead I just slammed on my brakes and allowed the vehicle to pass in front of me. As the vehicle drove past I noticed the license plate read 888-#$%. I smiled and said "thank you" aloud as I often do when this happens to me. Intuitively I looked at my digital clock and it read 1:11. The interesting part to this, is my clock is still an hour "ahead" because I haven't turned it back for daylight savings time yet. I continued driving to exit the parking lot, and not more than ten seconds later another car did the EXACT same thing. Again I looked at the plate and it read 999-@#$. I smiled and said thank you out loud again. I mean what are the odds right.

Immediately I was brought into the knowing that EVERYTHING that "happens" in my life is completely purposeful.

What appears to me to be a setback...or a nothing more that an opportunity to rise above my comfort, complacency, and fear, and to begin doing the "work" I was sent here to do in the first place.

Last night, I was standing in the shower, just letting the hot water run over me. I was feeling blessed to have hot water to comfort and clean me, when I got an intuition.

I envisioned "Hitch-Hiking" along the I-90 coridor from Seattle to Boston, ending up in Washington DC.

I thought of making a HUGE sign to carry with me that says "Ask Me about 11:11" or "Fight The New World Order With Global Non-Compliance," or Be The Change, or You are So Much More than you have been led to BELIEVE....etc..etc..etc....You get the idea right.

My message is simple. We are all very powerful. We are all one. We can change the course through action. We can be a world at PEACE.

I thought about connecting with others, experiencing the 11:11 phenomena, or being led down similar paths of awareness along the way.

I thought about the conversation, and the doors this journey might open for me. Most importantly....I was excited at the thought of raising the vibrational level on this planet.

If anyone lives along the I-90 coridor would like to "sponsor" me, in the from of a warm place to sleep, or a hot meal on my journey of awareness, please let me know.

If anyone reading this has any ideas or suggestions on how to make this intuition a reality, please get ahold of me.

Once again, thanks for following my blog. WE are the bringers of TRUTH and LIGHT.

Spread the WORD

Love and Light