Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I worked as a counselor at a group home for at risk teens back in the early 90's. I worked there for a total of two years. It was there I gained an affinity for working with at risk kids.

During the past ten years since I left the law enforcement/corrections community, there are two young men that continue to show up in my life on a pretty regular basis, that I met at that group home.

One in particular, we'll call him "Lehman"for privacy purposes, a man now in his mid twenties, shows up about twice a year. I have always felt a connection with this kid, not sure why....the answer will present itselt i'm sure. Through the years I have watched him struggle with many things, much like myself.

So fast forward to today. My daughter has a violin lesson at a music store "Lehman" used to work for, 5 years ago.

I dropped my daughter off and sat down. As I sat, I thought of him...wondering what he's up to. A minute later I get the intuition to go get something to drink so I hop in my car. I exit the parking lot onto the main road. At the first stoplight, I looked at the time and noticed it said 907 (area code of Alaska...my home state). I looked at the plate in front of me and it was 888-$#%. The very first car that came from the other way had a plate that read 888-#$%. The firts car coming out of another parking lot had a plate that read 881-#$%, then 088-#$%, and 118-#$%. When this happens to me, it almost feels like time slows down and I move into pure bliss. All of these plates happened within ten seconds of one another. I'm not a mathmetician...but that has to be crazy odd's.

I'm grinning...being in complete present moment awareness...with a sense of knowing...and understanding of the universal consciousness...that really can't be put into words other than magical and mystical I get my drink and head back. I'm first in line at a stop light, I look at a young man...alone on the corner waiting to cross the street to the music store, and its HIM...I honk and wave, he smiles and waves back. I turn through the intersection and there he is, standing in the parking lot.

We chatted for about five minutes, agreed everything happens with complete purpose, and he walked inside to go to work. This was like his second day back to work there, and he didn't want to be late.

I walked inside to get my daughter, still amazed at all the synchronicity I had just experienced, within 5 minutes of it all starting.

We create our reality my friends...One moment at a time.

888 is all about increased financial abundance. It sure would be nice, having had my income sliced in half since the economy tanked.

I guess we will see what turns up.

Thanks for reading and keep walking the path



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