Saturday, June 6, 2009

1st Special Forces Group, Religion, and Synchronicity at Work.

What an amazing day synchronistically speaking.

I knew it was going to be interesting today before I even got to work. With a date like 6-6-9 how could it be anything but interesting!

The morning went by pretty uneventful. Then in the early afternoon, it really started to feel "dreamlike."

My used car manager bought a slightly used Toyota FJ-Cruiser at the auction 3-4 days ago. I was sitting in the showroom, when a military "looking" guy parked his Jeep on the street and walked toward the Toyota.

When a customer walks on the lot, I know within two seconds of looking at the person or people whether or not i'm going to talk to them, or pass and wait till the next. I was immediately drawn toward this guy. Its hard to explain the feeling I get, I will just say it's very noticable and I move on the feeling quickly. As I was walking toward him, I popped open my cell phone to see what time it was. I smiled when I saw 1:19 (911 backward) on my cellphone display.

I approached him and introduced myself. Within one minute of talking to him, I knew why I was compelled to appraoch him. I asked him if he was in the military, to which he replied, "yes." I asked him what he did, and he told me he was in "SF," which is short for Special Forces. You see, my bother is a Army Special Forces Team Leader. In the Army these teams are designated a "team number." I told my customer about my brother and I told him his ODA (operational detachment-alpha) team number. I wasn't surprized when he told me his team number and it was two digits "off'" from my brothers team. I asked my customer if he knew my brother, and indeed he did. In fact, they are in the same building at Fort Lewis.

Now this might sound coincidental to you, so let me clarify. Within a 50 mile radius of my dealership are at least 100 other dealerships, and we are not a Toyota Dealership, so we rarely have any FJ-Cruisers. Getting this one was kind of a "fluke" actually. Further, there are more than one million people in this 50 square mile raduis. Moreover, there are probably over 20,000 active duty military people at Fort Lewis including two Special Forces Battallions of approximately 1000 soldiers.

He took the FJ-Cruiser for about a 1/2 hour test drive. When he returned he was still unsure whether or not he wanted to spend the money on the car. He told me he needed to "think about it." I know, statistically speaking, 95% of people that say they want to "think about it," never return. After some persuasion, he agreed to take the vehicle for the afternoon, in order to think about the decision more, and to talk to his girlfriend about it.

An hour or so went by and I walked back to my service department waiting area to watch the Belmont Stakes horse race. There were 10-12 people in the service lounge, waiting for their vehicles to be fixed. There was one seat on the couch and I sat down in it. I started listening to an elderly woman and a young woman discussing religion. I could tell the older woman was very "set in her ways" as they both were discussing this troubled period of time, and all the violence, war, and poverty that our world is dealing with at the current moment.

I glanced at the book she had open, sitting on her lap and noticed it was the Bible. I smiled as I looked at the page she was on and saw it was page 212. Then I looked closer at the content. The section was NUMBERS 19:11....I smiled again. This time a little bigger :)

We started talking about God and religion, and she asked me what religion I was. I explained to her I was raised Roman Catholic, and considered myself to be a Christian, but since my spiritual awakening, I consider myself to be a bit of "everything." I told her I was a bit "Taoist" and "Buddhist, " a bit "Jewish," and a bit "Muslim." As best as I could I tried to explain to her I was now able to see the beauty and truth in all faiths, but that I saw "religion" and lack of religious tolerance as one of the fundamental problems with our world. I told her I thought intolerance for individual belief, and the notion that "my religion is RIGHT....and your religion is WRONG"...has caused hatred and war throughout the ages, and that I believed that fundamental value needs to change before we can achieve "peace."

I immediately felt her energy change. Even the look on her face changed. Then it almost turned into an argument about "right" and "wrong." Before it went any further, I excused myself, thanked her for the conversation, and stepped out of the service area. I smiled once more when I opened my cell phone and it read 3:33.

A few hours went by as I was waiting for my customer to returned. I opened my phone again when he entered the parking lot. The time was 5:11. Imagine that!

When I shook hands with him, after my General Manager finally closed him, I opened my cell phone and it was 7:11. Wierd!


When I hopped in my car to come home, after he had signed all the paperwork and left, the time on the digital clock was 8:08.

Thats how I know...that EVERYTHING is perfect...and EXACTLY as it should precious moment.

I wish EVERYONE reading this blog harmony, peace, abundance, love, joy, and bliss!!!!

If you have found this blog, and are reading it for the very first time I will tell you this. There are no mistakes, accidents, coincidences, or the like. There is a higher purpose in all things. Through present moment awareness you will find truth.


blayne lannan


  1. hello blayne - yours is one of the few blogs i do follow and i came about it through rob and trish macgregor's synchronicity blog - i also had a very "numerical-oriented" day yesterday - while i was driving down to the beach about 15 miles away, i was glancing at the tags of cars around me and noticed that the car in the left lane had a "222", a few minutes later two other cars passed me in the left lane - one of them had "444" and the other "888" - i almost laughed out loud and said to myself that it would be just more than perfect to have a "666" - a few minutes more and i got my wish - a black cadillac went by with the "666" to complete the little series! - in any event, i enjoy your blog very much - thanks for sharing - namaste' - jenean

  2. Thanks for the comments. Its pretty amazing isn't it!!!! KEEP MANIFESTING!!!


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