Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dreams, Synchronicity, and the New World Order.

Very early in my awakening I was led down a path of discovery/awareness about The Illumaniti and other secret societies, as well as the catch phrase "A New World Order."

I had many dreams early on involving Freemason and Illumaniti symbology. In one, President John F. Kennedy said to me "Its all a lie." His lips were moving, and he was speaking directly to me in my dream

I have completed HOURS of research on 2012, The New World Order, The Illumaniti, The Freemasons, The Bilderberg Group, The Federal Reserve, 9-11-2001, FEMA, United States Tax Code, The Department of Homeland Security, the assassinations of J.F.K, R.F.K, M.L.K., John Lennon, and Ghandi, and others. Further, I have completed research on NASA, "UFO's and other "cover-ups" thoughout history.

What I have been discovering is shocking, and what is "happening" to humanity globally backs up what those "wacko" conspiracy theorists have been saying for decades.

Since my awakening that began on 7-1-07, intuition has led me down many paths of discovery. What used to sound like "crazy talk" now resonates deep within me, and I have felt a distinct yearning to bring all of this "stuff" into the light.

Whats more is my sincere belief that I was awoken to share the truth of "who we really are" with anyone who will listen. Along with creating a world filled with Peace, Harmony, and Abundance for all, not just a select few.

Before I sat down to approach this subject I thought about the potential ramifications of putting these words on paper. It has been knawing at me for quite some time, but I haven't written about it yet out of fear. That time is over.

Two years ago I didn't care about much, outside of my little circle of influence. I looked at people speaking out against the Iraq War as liberal sissies. My pro-military mindset thought the answer was to wipe Iraq off the map. I believed my government's intention was pure, to rid the world of the "evil" Sadaam Hussein, and to rid the country of Iraq of it's weapons of mass destruction.

Today and everyday for the past 24 months, I wonder what I can do to help awaken the core of humanity to whats really going on. It seems that the core of humanity would rather turn a blind eye, and bury it's head in the sand. When I have attempted to approach these touchy subjects with my family and friends, the response is that of apathy, or I get "the deer in the headlights" look.

Alot of folks have been trying to do just that for many years. David Icke is the first person who comes to mind. Naomi Wolf, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Aaron Russo, and others are doing and saying the exact same things. This is a very short list. Two years ago I would have listened to what these folks had to say and then said they were either crazy, dillusional, or traitors. I now see these folks as pure PATRIOTS, standing up for the freedoms we were guarenteed in our Constitution. These individuals see the writing on the wall, and they are speaking out. I believe it's time for the rest of "us" to get educated, to listen and learn with an open heart and mind, and to start doing something about it.

RIGHT NOW, under our noses, our FREEDOM is slowly being eroded, and taken away from us. Some people have even likened it to pre-World War II Nazi Germany. Our's is a closing society, and most of us are to busy voting for the next American Idol to be concerned about it. What's happening in my country and globally frighten me to the core of my being.

Here is what I know for sure. Just because NBC, CBS, ABC and others report it, doesn't mean its real. Remember when this war in Iraq first started, and Iraq's Minister of Information kept going on Al jazeera TV, telling the Iraqi Citizens the United States Military was being easilly defeated, while US tanks were rolling down the outskirts of Baghdad. Its kind of the same principle for me with "network and cable news." Two years ago, in my perpetual state of "un-consciousness" I believed anything the news media and government told me, because I KNEW my government would NEVER lie to me. I'm not so certain of that anymore. In fact, i'm quite concerned about how much I am deceived, misled, and lied too by all of those people I used to trust unconditionally.

Here is something else I know. Less than 250 Bankers control almost 50% of the global economy. Poverty, Starvation, Violence, War, Corruption, and alot of other EVIL keep the majority of this planet in fear, while the ELITE Unseen pull the strings like that of a master puppeteer.

Those "kind" people who orchestrate all the chaos and misery globally are responsible for the current state of affairs in this world. They do so without any thought or remorse for a family starving in Africa, or an eighteen year old kid with his chest blown apart in Iraq.

There is so much injustice in the world, and what I know to be TRUTH since my awakening, is that it was NEVER intended to be this way. God abhors war, poverty, and violence in any form.

The good news is this. People like me are being awoken all over this great big planet. WE are concerned, and we are motivated to see and be change. We know the only way to Peace is through Peace.

Here's how I see it. We can continue sitting idly by, while our freedom slowly erodes around us, or we can stand up and speak out. I prefer the latter

The synchronicity that surrounds me day in and day out led me down these various and multiple paths of discovery. I believe I was led down these paths of discovery with complete purpose in mind. I believe it's my responsibility to share this truth with humanity before its too late to do anything to stop it.


blayne lannan

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