Friday, June 26, 2009

11-13,1:11, 3-31/3:31 and 7-1-09

I have been looking forward to a job change for some time now. One of my intentions is to be a counselor/consultant/life-coach, along with my best friend and partner Shanna. Sometimes when I am having difficulty living in present moment awareness, I hate my job, and everything about my job. I come home angry, and it usually causes an argument.

To that end, as soon as Shanna completes her Masters internship in December, its my turn. Sometimes i'm impatient. Being impatient doesn't go well with The Universal Law of Attraction. It ends up being a cycle that most people get stuck in. I really just focus on allowing and "surrender" and watch the Universe work miracles in many forms.

This morning I got to work for a sales meeting. There were a couple of guys in suits I had never seen before, standing at the front of the room. On the whiteboard behind them in huge lettering were the words "Walk Away." WalkAway, is the company who underwrote the Hyundai Assurance Plan. Its basically an insurance plan for returning your car if you lose your job.

My dealership is the first dealership in the area to sign up with the plan, and I see it as a valuable tool to close deals. If you lose your job, become disabled, etc, you can return your car and it does not effect your credit. In todays unstable economy people are in fear, and this helps.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the words "walk away" on the white board was to hop in my car, go home, and finish writing my book. I have this thought constantly. Right now I need to make money so i'm a little cornered by circumstance, but that will change soon. The only thing I could do was smile because I believe one day soon I am going to be able to walk away, and I believe that was what was being spoken to me this morning, not some new closing tool, albeit a good one that I am sure I will use.

Close to noon I greeted a customer I found out was an Artillery Officer in the Army. My secondary MOS was Artillery. I learned to adjust and coordinate artillery fire and air force close air support (fighter/bombers). His birthday was 11-13. Another 11 combo. He was really logical/analytical like most officers. I didn't sell him a car. I don't think thats what the interaction was about.

I hopped in my car to go grab a soda a while later and the time on my digital clock was 1:11

My second customer was a very similar personality. He was an IT guy who had just "lost" a 250,000 mile Sentra, and had to replace it. A Honda Fit was $15K (uncomfortable), my Nissan Versa that I could sell him for $13k, or a 2 door Hyundai Accent for $12K. It was a no brainer for me. He had all kind of faith in Nissan product. As I took out his license after talking to him for 15 minutes I knew I was going to see something. His birthday was 3-31. On the way back to the copier I opened my phone on intuition and the exact time was 3:31. I smiled again, even giggled a bit. It didn't seem real.

In the end I tried to explain to him just because USAA says to call them to negotiate a deal for him, he could actually make a decision for himself. I guess there was a higher purpose for that interaction as well.

and finally, the two year anniversary of my spiritual awakening is on 7-1-09. Since my awakening that is one of the most prevelant number patterns for me. I see 719 constantly.

I have thought from the beginning something important in my life will happen near that date.

Tonight on the way home, the first car I was behind at a stop light was 719-#$%. I smiled.

When I walk through the door most nights, Shanna and I compare the synchronicity that we have experienced that day. Tonight the first topic related words that she said were, "I have ben seeing nothing but 719 today! I smiled again.

Thanks for letting me blog. Share this site with everyone you know.

If anyone wants to follow me around with a camera for 48 hours to document synchronicity, and numerical phenomena, let me know. I would be pumped.

How about Global Peace?



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  1. and, yes, HOW ABOUT global peace!!! let's create it now!!! great site - jenean