Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saying Yes, and Synchronicity at Work.

The past few weeks have been pretty strange. I find when I am not living in present moment awareness, either by dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, I usually attract similar thinking people into my life at work.

Worrying about making money and paying bills instead of of knowing that the universe is taking care of everything sent me into a week of hard work with little financial result. I even worked both of my days off. That didn't work either.

This morning should have been the beginning of my work week after normally having Monday/Tuesday off. I got up early to take Beau to school. It was an uneventful 25 minute ride from my house to the high school he attends. We are both typically both still "semi" asleep on the ride in. The time on my digital clock when I hopped in the car was 7:17. The song on the radio that began just as I turned on the key was "One Love" by Bob Marley. If you have never heard the lyrics, Listen to them. I believe it speaks to the "oneness" of humanity, and how if humanity realized its true "oneness" what a beautiful place this would finally be.

I dropped Beau off, and turned back down I-5 toward the Olympia Automall.

I had been at work for about an hour when a sales manager asked me to go park a trade vehicle from a new car another salesperson sold the day before. My initial response was to tell him to find someone else to park it or wait till she got back to work to park it. Then I simply said "yes" Mark, I'll park it. It was a 2002 Outback with low miles, so I wanted to check it out anyway. I am a big fan of Subaru product. I sell many of them, because I believe they are one of the better manufacturers out there.

As I was walking toward the car my ears started ringing. Whenever this happens, or I get that "feeling" I always get, I know to pay attention. I got in the car and turned on the key. The time on the digital clock was 9:11. From that point on I paid attention. I knew my day was going to be interesting

Mid-way through the day I was compelled to get up from my desk to go outside. The exact thought was very simple, it was in the voice of an older male, one very familiar to me, and he said, "get up and go outside Blayne." Once again, my ears started ringing slightly, sometimes they even feel like they are about to pop, like when I am going up in altitude. As I was wasking out the door, an older couple pulled up in a truck. I saw lots of number combinations through the entire deal, I won't bore you with the details. Lets just say it was magical, very dreamlike, and I was "inundated" with numerical prompts from start to finish. It's a "knowing" thats difficult to explain, unless at happens to you.

In the end I made a good amount of money, they were happy, and they got a very nice car. I'm very confident we "manifested" each other. They manifested an honest, diligent salesperson, and I manifested the financial abundance I needed badly to help pay my bills this month.

At the end of the day, about 6:00 PM I walked down to our other lot to get a vehicle for an appointment I have on it in the morning. I got the same feeling and my ears started ringing as I was walking up to it. I got in the car and turned on the key. The exact time on the clock was 12:12. I didn't even open up my cell phone to look at the time. I know it was between 6:30-7:00. As I often do when this "happens" to me, I shook my head and giggled like a little school girl who knows a secret bigger than life itself.

When I wake up in the morning, from the moment my eyes open in the morning to look at the time on the clock in my bedroom, until I lay my head down at night I am looking for the synchronicity and the magic. I still think it would be awesome, and an interesting research project, to have my day followed by a movie camera, in order to capture and document all the synchronicity that "happens" to me

Throw out logical, analytical, thinking folks. Our highest self gives us all the guidance we need. All we have to do is pay attention. In order to pay attention one must live fully in the present moment.

Herein lies the most difficult part of the "Secret." Surrender, and "knowing" help too.

There is no "good" and there is no "bad." There is just "stuff" we have been taught to label as such.

There is just ONE universal substance of which all things are "made." Some call it "infinate potential." Some call it "pure potential." Those are all fine. I call it love.

If what I am saying sounds to "woo-wooish" for you I apologize. I am certain as we draw nearer to 2012 much of what has been said by visionaries past and present will reveal itself. Have fun! Live in the present moment. Hang on for the ride!!!

There is a RADICAL shift in human consciousness ocurring right now. There are many different prophecies, many pointing in complete different directions.

I say pick the one that forsees a world of harmony, health, wealth, abundance, bliss, joy, experience, etc FOR ALL PEOPLE..and use your "thoughts" to create that reality around you.

8-10% is all that is needed to achieve "critical mass." We are well underway! Look around you

In the words of my visionary friend and hero David Icke. In the end, its all synchronicity idn't it mate. ( He's you have to imagine a thick British accent.)

I wish everyone reading this Peace, Light, and Love.

One Love!!!!



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  1. you are so right, blayne - it's all about THOUGHT and INTENTION and KNOWING - we are/our world/our reality are all a result of our own creation - i'm so looking forward to the NEW age of aquarius! namaste' - jenean