Wednesday, June 24, 2009

616, 1:11, and Being of Service at Work

Hello again seekers of Truth. Welcome to my bloggidy blog. If you are reading this blog for the first time as a result of a Google search of "synchronicity" and or "1111 phenomena," may I suggest to you, there are absolutely no coincidences in this thing called "life." You have been led here with complete purpose. So with that in mind, open yours, and read on!

As most of you are aware that follow this blog, my life has been inundated with numerical synchronicity, and synchronicity in general. Sometimes its very blissful, and sometimes a bit painful. In the final analysis, quite purposeful i'm certain.

Very early in my enlightenment/awakening I was told I am here to teach Universal Law, Present Moment Awareness, and Synchronicity, with the distinct purpose of helping to heal this planet, as we move toward a global "consciousness" shift of humanity, where we learn our true nature and essence. The goal being a humanity that understands it's inherent "oneness." Through this, we, as a "humanity" finally come to a place of peace, and harmony unlike anything we have ever experienced before. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

There are many theories surrounding 2012. Mine is of a world where Peace and Harmony reign supreme. No more war and violence, no more poverty, no more disease. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The "knowing" I have surrounding all the unusual phenomena I experience, as it correlates with 2012 is very hard to explain, but it is a "knowing" nonetheless. Call me Crazy, Whacko, etc...and I say Hang On For The Ride, because it's going to be the ride of a lifetime.

At times I feel like a visionary/healer, stuck in the body, and physical reality of a car salesman. Quite confusing, and unnerving at times, but in the end, very synchronistic I am sure.

This morning I awoke and rolled over and looked at the digital clock on my partners chest of drawers. The time was 9:19. I got out of bed and greeted the day as best I could. Mornings in my current physical reality can be difficult. I have even been described as "grumpy" by Shanna. It usually takes me a little while to get going, not to mention looking at the upcoming day with vigor, given the current circumstance in the auto industry.

Sometimes getting up, and getting motivated to go to a job that doesn't feed my "soul" as well as I would like to feed my soul, is difficult. Especially after having a few days off, hanging out with my family.

I dropped my son off at his moms house and headed to work. I was a bit sad because he just got out of school, and on Friday he will be headed to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan and the Green Bay Wisconsin area, where his mom was raised, to hang out with his cousins and grand-parents. Then he will fly directly to Alaska to spend some time with my parents. I won't see the kid for about a month, and now that he is a "teenager" he really would rather hang out with his friends than with me or his mom anyway.

I got to work at about 10:30 AM and started my day. I have never been much of a planner. I don't write down "to do lists." I like to see how life is going to unfold, with me surrendering and getting out of the way. It usually works best that way. The more "planning" I do, the more frustrated at the process I become, so I try to keep it simple and to the point.

Each day I write down pretty much the same thing.

1. Be of Service!
2. Have Fun!
3. Live with Present Moment Awareness!
4. Look for the Synchronicity!
5. Be Kind
6. Make Money to Help Support My Family!

Most people I work with know I am easy to talk too, and have a counseling background. I am the "resident" counselor for a few people at work. I don't mind, in fact I feel most in "spirit" when I am helping someone work through issues.

One person in particular approaches me daily to tell me his woes. Its usually the same issue, with me telling him a good course of action, and him not following through with anything. Day in and day out it's pretty much the same thing. He "corners" me to talk to me, and for the past month, its always the same issue. Sometimes I feel like I am speaking to a brick wall. In the end, I realize I am simply being of service to him, and thats exactly what I am meant to do during that specific space and time.

Today we were sitting on the railing in the front of the dealership talking. He started talking about not having made enough money to pay his bills this month, and that he might need to take out a "payday loan" to make ends meet. The sad part of this, is that during these trying economic times, many of "us" are in the same boat.

I was listening to him speak, yet completely aware of my surroundings. Right when he finished the sentence about having to take out a "payday" loan, a car pulled on the lot. The license plate was 616-#$%. I know through my research of numerical phenomena, that 6's involve the physical world, and being too focused on the material world. Whenever I see 666, 661, 116, or 616 I know I am paying to much attention to this physical reality, and that is what both of us were doing as we were comparing the small amount of money we have made since the bottom fell out last September. I smiled as I saw the car.

INSTINCTIVELY I opened my cell phone to see what time it was. I hadn't looked at my cell phone to see what time it was, since I got out of my car at work a few hours earlier. I KNEW before I opened the phone that I would see something that would drive these feelings home.

The EXACT time on my cell phone was 1:11. I giggled to myself as I was immediately brought back to complete present moment awareness.

"Keep on keepin on" was the thought and intuition I got immediately following that prompt.

I understand these times can be seen as very difficult. I don't think anyone is immune to whats happening right now. I do have the understanding...most times...that it is all very purposeful, and the only way through it, is through it.

Some days I manifest EXACTLY what I want, and other days I manifest what I need. I think I have all the answers and know exactly what is best for me, but as my awareness/enlightenment grows, I know I don't have all the answers. What might be seen as "bad" today could be a blessing in disguise tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on ths Blog, and most importantly, thank you for reading it. My hope is that it will help the reader grow in awareness, and to look for the synchronicity that is "life."

Peace, Light, Love, Bliss, and Abundance. It is possible! Thats where we are headed!

Namaste My Friends

Blayne Lannan

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