Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1:11, Synchronicity, and The Police.

So now that I have your attention let me share with you what happened to me this past Saturday.

As I often do throughout the day when I am at work, I make a few trips to the local gas station/mini-mart, to grab a soda, cigar, or whatever else I'm compelled to grab.

Last Saturday was pretty boring in the car business. The Memorial Day Weekend was beautiful in Washington, so most folks were enjoying the outdoors.

At one point I was "inspired" to drive down to the gas station for a soda. Whenever I get these little "intuitions", I always try to follow them, because I always know I am going to see something synchronistic. I try to say "yes" to things, even when I would rather not do or deal with them.

This was very obvious to me, and encapsulated the correlation between numbers and synchronicity for me once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I hopped in my car. It was programmed to a radio station I rarely listen too, as I was flipping through stations on my last trip to the gas station earlier that morning.

When I hopped in my car and turned on the key...to the second this is exactly what happened.

Right when I turned on the key a station announcer said, "Jack F.M. We play whatever the *bleep* (and there was a bleep) we want to play. I looked at the digital clock in my car and it read 1:15. Then the song "Synchronicity" by The Police began to play. My jaw dropped open! I opened up my cell phone cover because I know my car clock is exactly four minutes fast. The time on my cell phone read 1:11. As always I shook my head and smiled in disbelief.

I always ask what it all means, hoping to get an answer. I seem to get a little closer each day to discovering the meaning behind all these odd happenings in my life.

Once again, thanks for letting me share, and thanks for reading.



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