Monday, May 18, 2009

Synchronicity At Work and 370-Z's

Last week one of the sales managers, and a good friend of mine made a mistake on a deal that affected me financially. As with most things that "happen" to me now, I took it in stride, knowing there was a higher purpose in the mistake

His last words before I left for the evening was "I will take care of you."

Fast forward to Thursday of last week. As always I had/have been seeing numerical synchronicity everywhere. It seems as if it is accelarating rapidly.

For example, one trip to the Shell Station that day, the car parked in front of me had a license plate that read 747-#$$, while the license plate right next to me was 474-#$%. The same day, I was walking to my car...with that knowing I often get, and when I turned the key on I smiled as I read 3:33 on the digital clock.

Early in the eveing I was "inspired" to walk into the sales office and asked my sales manager, when he was going to "make up" for the mistake. He turned and said, "as a matter of fact, I have been working a customer on a new Nissan 370-Z." He indicated there wasn't much money in the deal, but I could have it if it worked out. I thanked him and left his office.

Not more than five minutes later my girlfriend called me from work, telling me that her friend Lisa's husband had been in a car wreck the week prior, and was thinking about purchasing a new 370-Z, and wanted to know if I would be willing to help. At the time I didn't put 2 and 2 together.

I kind of just blew it off, because I get alot of friends and family that talk about buying automobiles, that never do for one reason or another. This is a special car, as there aren't many available which makes "getting a good deal" that much harder.

The next morning I walked in the sales office and asked my sales manager how the 350-Z deal was coming along. He told me he had emailed the guy, but was about $800.00 away.

Not more than 10 minutes after that conversation I got a phone call from Jason, the husband of my girlfriend's friend.

He explained to me he was planning on buying a 370-Z a few years from now but had been in an accident that destroyed his car, so his plans had moved forward a few years. He went on to tell me he had been speaking to "Tony" over the internet, and was about $800.00 away from where he wanted to be on price.

My jaw dropped open when I realized the synchronicity!!!! The guy who was trying to negotiate the deal on a 350-Z with my sales manager, was the same guy who had been to my house for my daughters birthday party three months earlier, and had called me on the phone expressing interest in buying a 350-Z from me, once he learned I was working for Nissan.

I walked in Tony's office and told him what happened. His response was something like "the wierdest #$@# happens to you Blayne." I agreed. I negotiated a few more hundred dollars off the sale price over the phone, and Jason is coming Wednesday to pick up his new 370-Z.!!!

His initial phone call was at 9:11 AM too!!!!

Pretty amazing stuff, when I realize there are ABSOLUTELY no coincidences in life.

I am led..each day by an amazing...intangible...unseen force that absolutely blows my mind and leaves me in complete AWE.

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope it inspires you to see the magic in your life that most folks call "coincidence."




  1. There's certainly a whole lot of magicin your life! Love these entires.


  2. Its pretty crazy Trish. I love it most of the time, sometimes it all drives me crazy. I definately feel different in my approach and knowing to how this life operates than most. The truth is "its" out there for everyone to experience "it." The sad truth is most people are too caught up in "stuff" that really doesn't matter, to be able to live with present moment awareness, to experience "it"