Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Synchronicity, Contrast, and 1111 Phenomena

The past five days have been unique to say the least. The first 12 days of July have been difficult for me financially speaking.

This past Saturday and Sunday my customers birthdays were 9-10, followed by 9-11 about a half hour later. 3-31, 2-21, and 6-11 and 7-17. All of these customers were very dificult to deal with and not one bought a car.

On Saturday night, Sunday morning I was awoken at 1:11. Sunday morning I was awoken by thunder and lightning at 8:08. I love the 808 time prompts because that is the area code for the Hawaian Islands. In fact, looking vack through my notes, I left work last Friday evening and on the one block ride from my dealership to the entrance to the auto-mall I saw two vehicles. One had a plate that began with 811-#$% and the other was 611-#$%. When I looked at my digital clock it read 8:08. This all happened in a 15 second time frame.

Last night I got home from work physically and emotionally exhausted. I hadn't made any money yet this month, and I was feeling fear. I got in the shower and started crying. I asked God what he wanted from me.

Sometimes I feel like I want to go back in time to before 7-1-07 before any of this "craziness" started happening to me. Sometimes its very overwhelming.

This morning I woke up and decided to work a day off to try and make some money to support my family. I knew I had an appointment coming in to buy a new 370-z sometime later in the evening.

At about 6:30 a young couple in an older Nissan Altima pulled on the lot. After speaking to them for about 5 minutes I knew I was meant to meet them. I knew that divine timing and purpose paired us.

I wasn't with them for more than about a half hour when my appointment showed up.

Here is where the contrast came in.

The younger couple made about $4,500 a month. They were very happy, upbeat, and fun to deal with. They had never financed a nice car. They drove a 1995 Nissan Altima to trade, and were overjoyed to be able to finance a nice car that fit in their budget. They didn't question the price. As long as it fit within the payment they had budgeted, they were happy. When he was taking the Nissan Murano out for the test drive I looked at the digital clock in the Murano and it was 7:17. When I walked them into the finance office to sign paperwork, I looked at the time on my finance managers desk clock, it was 9:19. They were happy to pay a profit. They were just happy to be treated with respect, and to be able to buy a car. They had a 15 month old son who was getting cranky waiting, and they were apologizing because he was crying in the dealership

The second customers were in their mid-fifties. His birthday was 9-11. She kept talking about how much of a "Christian" she was. However, in the end, they paid about 800.00 over our cost on a $37,000 car. They made about $450,000 a year as business owners. To be honest she wasn't very kind. She was demanding, and wanted to let everyone know just how important she was. She had to wait for about an hour before going into our finance office, because it got really busy this evening, and four deals got "closed" within about 15 minutes of each other. She let me, my sales manager, and my finance manager know how she was being inconvenienced by having to wait. She was supposed to have shown up at 5:00 PM, and she would have been in and out. She was late, and didn't call to let us know she was going to be late. We are sending a driver to pick up her new car at a dealership about 250 miles north, and she was concerned her car was going to have 260 miles on it. Her complaints went on and on. I thought t myself, "Christian."? Humility? Selfless Service? Loving? Giving? Caring? Understanding?....Hmmm?

At any rate...a synchronistic few days nonetheless...Some good...some bad....all very purposeful i'm sure .

Thanks for reading. Thanks for letting me share.



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