Friday, July 24, 2009

"E.R. Docs", Law of Attraction, Army Guys, and Synchroncity.

It started last night. I was sitting at my desk pondering transfering to a Honda franchise for a change of pace, and there are some internal issues at my current store, that are a bit stressful

A young man approached me inquiring about an Xterra. He actually walked up to me at my desk as I was writing. After five minutes of talking to him I found out he was an "ER Doc," had just finished residency at trauma in a hospital in Allentown Pa., and was beginning a job at Greys Harbor County Medical Center on August 1st. I would have never guessed he was a "Doc."

At any rate, I have been "attracting" a number of people in the medical field. I'm not sure what the synchronicity is right now. I'm sure it will present itself at the appropriate time.

I spent about two hours negotiating a deal with him last night. He agreed to contract on the vehicle if we met a specific price. We met that price and he backed out at the last moment.

Giving his "word" to my sales manager he would be back in the morning, that he had to "sleep on it." He left. Being in the business for 8 years I know that whenever a customer says those words, 95% of the time they arent't coming back. For some reason society makes it Ok to lie to car salesman. I stll don't get it. I was thinking he was going to call a dealer up north to see if they could beat our price by a few hundred bucks, and go there instead...It happens every day. I don't think its ethical after using 2 hours of someones time.

Before I left last night I called him and told him if he was going to come back, to come back at 0800 si I could get out of a sales meeting. He kind of chukled and we hung up.

This morning I showed up at 0820, and in the sales office sat the "Doc." He bought the Xterra and even paid a little profit.

When I was waiting for him to come out of the finance office I was "drawn" to my general managers office. He had meditation music coming out of his computer speakers. I walked around the front and on the screen were different beautiful landscape and ocean scenes with Law of Attraction "quotes" across the header. I meditated on the screen and music for about ten minutes.

He finished the finance office I sent him on his way. I headed down to get gas and instead of going to Shell where I always go, something "inspired" me to go to AMPM a bit farther down. I pulled behind a car at the pump and my mouth dropped when I saw a Hawaian plate that read 717-#$%. I love it when that happens. It just means my vision is unfolding, even when it feels like it isn't.

I sat around for the better part of the day. I got an intuition to go outside. Within 15 seconds of walking out the door I saw what I was supposed to see. This time it was a used Nissan Armada, a military kid and his wife and a high energy kid that reminded me of Tehya. That car made number two for the day, and I made good profit on it.

All day long I was bombarded with "the numbers" like every day....Some days more intense than others.

At some point in the day, My general manager Marshall Adams and approached me to tell me "good job." I told him I had meditated on his computer screen for ten minutes and I just "attracted" car deals today. I said it was Law of Attraction. He agreed with me and smiled.

Again its feels very very dreamlike. The state is pure bliss and knowing. It's hard to explain. One has to experience this to understand the complex feelings.

The past few days it has been the "antithesis" based on the beginning of the month. I enjoy this energy pattern, I hope it sticks around awhile.

Thanks for letting me share.



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