Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Hero Next Door.

I woke up this morning wondering if something major was going to happen, synchronistically speaking, that would finally allow me to pursue my goals and dreams full-time. Today is the second anniversary of the beginning of my spiritual enlightenment. I waited with eager anticipation for something magical to occur. Sometimes I set myself up for dissapointment when I envision a call from a publisher, or filmmaker, or I just picked up 113 Million on the Lotto, or something cool like that..that would jumpstart what I believe i am supposed to be doing on this spec of dirt in the cosmos, outside of selling cars.

I went throughout the day and it was pretty much business as usual. I saw lots of numbers, and did my best to deal with difficult people. There are alot of stressed out people right now. I am so greatful to have this awareness. The timing was perfect.

I didn't have alot of energy to deal with people today, so I did alot of follow-up, and made a plan for next month.

In the early evening I walked over to the service department to get some cold water. It was about 90 degrees in Olympia today, and I spend alot of time outside, chasing after people. It sounds kind of funny, but its true. I was tired and dehydrated and needed water.

While I was standing at the water cooler, I turned around 180* and saw an old neighbor from our last house. I hadn't seen her in almost two years. She was forced to move out of her home of over 30 years by the Internal Revenue Service, after her husband died. It seems her husband, a well known dentist in the area and a wonderful man and human being, known for doing a TON of pro-bono work in the Olympia area for people who couldn't afford to see a dentist, and giving his time and skills to the community on a more than regular basis, hadn't paid taxes in several years. When he died she was contacted by the IRS, and in the end they seized her home because he didn't pay his taxes. Nice people. Makes me sick to my stomach. Stories like those make me look forward to a complete crash and restructuring of the "goods and services" system.

Anyway, Tehya spent the first 3 years of her life getting to know "Gramma Helana." Shanna and I got to know her well too. During the time I was struggling with cocaine addiction, I would disappear for a few days at a time. Helana was a huge support many times for Shanna when I was completely out of my mind. Helana never "judged" me when I was going through my insanity. I remember her being very encouraging, and told me not to give up many times.

After I had my awakening, and decided I wanted to be a philanthropist, I wrote a list down of who I would help, given the opportunity. The list has evolved over the past few years, but certain individuals are all still there.

Helana was at the top of one of my very first lists. I am sure I have it stuffed away somewhere. I remember writing that I wanted to be able to give Helana enough money to have fun for the rest of her life. Shanna told me her and her husband never really had an opportunity to do alot of "stuff", because they were "broke" because he did alot of charity work. I really would like to have the resources to send her on the trip of a lifetime to someplace she has always wanted to go, and to make sure she is taken care of.

As I turned to walk toward her to say hi, I instinctivelly opened my cell phone cover to see the time. It read 5:15. I walked over, said hello and sat down next to her. She smiled widely and we started catching up. We dont have alot in common because there is about a 30 year age difference. She asked me how I was doing, and she meant it. Alot of people ask "how are you doing" and really don't even hear your response. She asked about Shanna and Tehya, and I showed her a picture of Tehya. We both agreed that time feels like its speeding up.

The topic of career came up and I told her that Shanna was almost done with grad school, then it was my turn. Then we are going to open a private practice and help change the world to be a kinder place one person at a time.

I told her Shanna was doing her internship at Madigan Army Medical Center at Ft. Lewis in an intensive outpatient PTSD program with soldiers.

What I know, and what we agreed on is this war has hurt so many people. Not just casualty rates, but how it has affected families, relationships, children etc. The "ripple effect" is endless.

About 5 minutes into the conversation, she picked up a book she had been reading and turned it over. The title of the book was " The Hero Next Door." I immedialtely understood the synchronicity. I have always wanted to be her "hero next door" and she was there to show me I am well on the path. What a poignant message from the Universe to "keep on keepin on!"

We spoke for a few minutes more and Tehya called. Tehya and I spoke for a few minutes. I put Tehya and Shanna on the phone with Helana. I went on with some follow up and left her there in the waiting area talking on my cell phone.

I returned a while later and she was off the phone. The ladies had exchanged phone numbers and agreed to get together so she could see Tehya. My daughter is an "Indigo" and is very smart and outgoing. She is charismatic and attracts people. Its neat to watch. For some reason Helana and Tehya are smitten with one another.

I had work to get done so I said goodbye to her. I grabbed my phone back and instinctively looked at the call timer. I smiled once more when I saw the timer was 12:13...WOW.

What more could I ask for on this momentous day. Synchronicity and tangible proof that all is well, albeit difficult circumstances at the present time. The more I surrender to it all and get out of the way, the more peace I have. I know to continue to walking my path, exactly as I am doing it, and things will work out exactly as they were meant too.

Thanks again for reading.

One Love

blayne cameron lannan

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