Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Last night I finished writing about my experiences in Seattle, re-living some not so pleasant past, renewing my purpose of speaking my truth about what is happening to us globally right now, and how I think we can go about fixing it, and making some new memories with a 4 1/2 year old who's face lit up in delight many times throughout the evening prior.

I sat down on the couch and tried to make sense of it all for a while. It was a crystal clear starry evening in Olympia last night, so after a few minutes of "pondering" I took a few sleeping bags outside, and made a bed under the stars. I grabbed Lexi (my two year old long hair Dachshound), tried to pry Tehya from Shanna's arms for extra body heat and failed, and instead, headed outside with just a dog to keep me warm.

It was a full moon last night. There is something more magical to me about a full moon since my awakening. Early on in my awakening I remember meditating on a full moon one night. My ears started ringing, and my head started tingling. I felt my vibrational level raise. It was the oddest feeling. So every time there is a full moon, I like to meditate and see what happens.

I remember laying there with Lexi. She was doing her best at keeping me warm and I was almost asleep. I was startled and raised my upper torso out of bed when I heard a little girls scream, very loud! At one point she screamed "I don't want to" It went on for about 10 seconds, then a car door slammed, and I didn't hear her again. Moments later I heard what sounded like a truck drive off. I was sleeping in the backyard on the deck, and my street is off the front yard, but it was all very real and very vivid. At first I thought I was just dreaming, but all of my five senses knew it wasn't a dream.

My mind raced. Had Tehya gottten up and came outside to get in bed with me. Had she wandered out front and gotten snatched. The fear was only there for a second, then I remembered about a little 10 year old girl that had gone missing in a the tiny logging/lumber town of McLeary about a week ago, and just because I live in the "country" a little bit...doesn't mean there aren't crazies out here. I quickly put it out of my mind, got up to reassure myself and walked in the back door. I looked at the clock on the microwave and it read 1:11. I smiled, feeling reassured already.

I walked down the hallway and turned on the light. I opened up the door to my bedroom, and on the bed my daughter lay sprawled out on her back, with one of her feet in the middle of Shanna's back.

I decided to come inside because I was still a bit startled. I pushed Tehya over and hopped in. I wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep. My sleep was disrupted again. Once at 3:13, and again at 4:44.

Today was another very synchronistic day. All day long I kept telling myself, "In the midst of chaos, have faith and trust in the process," and in many cases both professionally and personally, thats exactly what happened today.

Sometimes I get caught up in everything changing for the betterment/enlightenment of humanity NEEDING to happen today, instead of setting my intention, and allowing the universe to respond.

I find the more I just get out of the way and allow, the more my visions start unfolding before my very eyes. I know it may sound wierd, or "'woo-wooish" or perhaps to good to be true. Believe me it's not, and I get tangible proof each day.

So what was the girl screaming at 1:11 about? I'm still not sure

I have an intense feeling that somthing interesting is about to happen in my life, but then again, I have been getting those constant feelings for the past few years. I guess I will sit back, relax, and watch the universe respond.

If there are any authors, publishers, visionaries, etc,..out there who have any ideas about how to collaborate in moving this planet in the direction of peace and harmony, I would love to hear from you.

Once again thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and thanks for being the change.




  1. Bravo Blayne! Here's to you, doing your part.
    I particularly enjoyed the Seattle experience of which you wrote.

    Continue being ready... being strong....This world 's so much greater than the sum of it's much the wiser sharing our hearts....when given the option to love or to fight....each of us knows the way of the light...gentle insistence will pave the way, for a time that approaches ....the earth has her say....

    Keep on keeping on my brother!

    Peace and love...we are all in this together


  2. Good story, Blayne. Your posts are always intriguing!