Monday, October 19, 2009

The Drive to Work, a Homless Guy, Mooshkas and the Munchkin, and 7:17

I drove to work today. I can take two exits to get to work. I prefer one because its a more direct route, but today I was inspired to take the road less travelled.

At the end of the off amp I saw my favorite homeless guy Don, standing with his sign. I rolled down my window and reached for my wallet. I asked him if he remembered me, I told him Shanna was my partner, and she serves him food and beverages at the sports bars she works at part time. He assured me he remembered me, then startred talking about "Mooshkas and the Munchkin" referring to my cat mooshkas, named by my Munchkin...Tehya.

I looked at my clock when I was leaving, 7:17. The date of my awakening was 7-1-07

Don was wearing an old tattered "saints" jacket too

Thanks for letting me share


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