Monday, October 12, 2009

11-22, 11 October, Flight 22, and Divine Timing on an Airplane.

Yesterday I left Seattle to fly to Nashville to attend a Finance Manager's conference held by Allstate and Nissan North America.

When I was approaching the "dreaded" TSA screening area I pulled out my passport and out fell an old "demo permit" people use to test-drive cars. I have made it a habit to save the permits if the customers birthdays I "manifest" have 11's or combinations of 11's in their birthdays.

I picked up the demo permit, not havinga clue what I would find. I looked at the date first. It was 3-8-09, and it was from a kid I sold a car to about two hours before my family left for a vacation for San Diego. Here is where it gets interesting. I picked up the permit and his birthday was 11-22. Yesterday was the 11th, and my flight number.....U guessed it....22!!!

I'm wearing a walking cast still from my broken foot, so I was placed aside by a TSA agent so they could run some type of swab test on my cast and my hands...I guess to make sure my cast wasn't fashioned from c-4, tnt, or some other high explosive.

As he was doing his job, I said, "its all changed since 9-11, and he agreed." I said, what do you think happened on 9-11. He gave me a funny look, and said, I don't think it happened like they tell us it happened...WOW

He then went on to say he had recently seen some footage of the carnage at the Pentagon...and how video tapes of bystanders were confiscated, there was ZERO plane wreckage, etc....I said, "A plane didn't hit the fu$#ing Pentagon," and "what we were told about 9-11 by our Government and the news media is FAR from the truth....they don't want us to know the truth." He looked at me and smiled, nodding his head up and down.

Who knows, he may have "reported" me to his superiors to get me on some type of terrorist watch list...LOL....Probably not. The bottom line is I don't care. I am sharing my truth, and it appeared our two minute airport security conversation while he was checking my leg for explosives resonated deeply within him.

I smiled and went on my way, just realizing I had just had a conversation, albeit very brief and in a very low voice, careful of who was listening, with a TSA Agent at an airport...who seemingly believes in some other "side of the story," other than the US Government approved for TV version.

I got on the plane and walked to my seat. I sat down next to two young ladies. One young lady was reading an article, correlating thimerisol (the mercury adjunct in many immunizations) and autism. After speaking to her for five minutes, I knew we were meant to be sitting together. Our conversation, although initially on immunizations in general moved to H1N1 vaccine. It seems that both of her children have autism. According to her, her youngest child has Autism so "bad" at some point she fears he will have to be institutionalized...WOW AGAIN. Her birthday...10-09, and her friend, 11-17!!!!

Within five more minutes we were speaking about the nature of the Law of Attraction, and the movie The Secret.

As I was sitting there I was again reminded that its ALL synchronicity...As long as we are AWAKE enough to see it.

Divine timing, divine all long as we have our eyes and ears open!

Thanks for your contunued reading and comments.



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