Saturday, October 3, 2009

1111, 12:21, and a Deer with Bad Timing..I just wanted to share what happened to me today....and what I learned.

I just wanted to share what happened to me today....and what I learned.

On the way to work today, while driving down Steamboat Island Road, enjoying the trees, my cup of tea, and a half of a cigar left over from last night, a deer ran from the woods to the left of my car, in full stride.

I had about one second of reaction time, and slammed on my brakes. I went into a skid.I have been in a few wrecks, and a few other intense, traumatic situations. What I notice, and what other people who experience trauma/high-arenaline situations report is a feeling of "slow-motion."

Everything was "slow-motion" i was still skidding, she hit the front of my car...and was ejected about 20 feet in the air. I followed her in the air, as she was flying upside down now, landing about 15-20 feet off the road to the right of my car, in a heavy grass, and scotch broom laden area.

I stopped and got out of my car, still not wanting to believe what just happened.

I ran over a squirrel about 15 years ago, that I almost got in a wreck over, and I felt horrible.

I looked at the front of my car and could see her hair sticking out of my grill. The front wasn't as messed up as I thought it would be, and the only engine issue is a fan and a piece of metal touching, that makes a horrible noise.

I listened to the woodline and didn't hear any thing moving. I called 911, let them know what happened and continued to drive to work.I felt horrible.

My core belief, is that moment to moment, day to day, everything happens with complete divine timing and purpose. Even the stufff that is considered "bad."So then I begin to question why. If I would have left my home just 2 seconds earlier or later, that doe and I would have never met. There was no one else coming on Steamboat Island road, either way, for at least the next two minutes. As I was walking on the side of the road, one car passed me.

I got to work and was really bummed out. Why did that deer pick me.? I called Shanna and left a few messages, and I called mom. Mom basically told me what I already know but it was helpful to have someone else tell me. Shanna called me back and we talked too.

I wrote a friend in Canada who also sees the numbers, and also has very similar beliefs on whats going on in the world.She told me to go do some research on deer symbolism...I was pretty amazed at what I learned. After reading for about ten minutes I got it. It still hurts my heart but its all part of the puzzle nonetheless.

Heres where it gets interesting.My general manager has a neighbor that buys all of her cars here. In the past ten years, they have bought at least ten cars. Today she was in buying an older Honda that we would normally wholesale because it has too many miles and is hard to get financed. It was for her daughter. It was a cash deal, with no financing involved, and had to many miles on it to put extended protection. I have been training for the finance department for three weeks now. I haven't actually been able to "sign a customer up" on a car yet. My manager decided to let me get my feet wet, by letting me sign my general manager's neighbor up on the Honda. Due to the fact there was no finance paperwork, warranty, gap, etc, the paperwork was very simple. I didn't have the opportunity to make any money, but thats ok. For a first deal, I didn't care. It justs means they trust me enough now to let me get started.

I have seen her many times in the past when she has bought cars. She has never bought one from me. I introduced myself to her, and she told me her name was "Shanna." My partner's name is Shanna. I smiled at the synchronicity.I grabbed her file and walked over to my office. I put it down on my desk and opened it up. The first document on the top of the pile was her drivers license. I looked at her birthday and my jaw dropped and I shook my head when I saw 11-11-1969....WOW...I printed up all of her paperwork and brought her in my office. The signing went smooth. I was still a bit nervous, even though I couldn't sell her anything.I went through it all, we chatted about how I got my broken foot, our kids, and our jobs. There was nobody in line, so we just chatted for a few minutes.Her daughter called and she got up to go meet her in the front of the dealership.I "intuitivelly" looked at the little digital clock on the bottom right of my computer screen, and shook my head again when I read 12:21.

Somethings going down.!!!!...I feel it to my core, and I have something much much higher leading me down this path.... I promise i'm not crazy...If you look up 1111 phenomena you will be amazed...same as 2012...Ohhh...By the way. Last night I had a dream I wrecked my car and ended up in a ditch....The only thing I wish I would have done was look at the clock, or been paying attention to what song was playing, when I hit the deer. So there you have it.

Thanks for listening.



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