Friday, September 18, 2009

9-9-09, A new 1111 Friend From Canada, A Broken Foot And My Podiatrist

It seems like I haven't written in awhile. I have been putting alot of focus and energy into bringing together on papar and possibly in film, the common messages of all the 1111 people I have met over the course of the past two years, and more specifically the "awakening" stories of 10-15, who are being led down the EXACT SAME PATHS of awareness and discovery, some of which are considered "Conspiracy Theories."

More importantly however, is the common vision we see of a world of peace and harmony free of poverty, and violence and disease.

I know it may sound far fetched based on what we see happening globally. The good news is more and more people are being awoken each day.

I knew something synchronistic would happen on 9-9-09. If you saw all the numbers i see, and throw on top of that my life path is a "9", I knew it was going to be an interesting day.

About midday my friend Bing, who I believe I met on Mike Dooleys Website, contacted me about a woman who had just started experiencing the "numbers" and she was having a bit of difficulty with it all, and maybe even a bit frightened. Bing asked us all to e-mail her to reassure she wasn't going crazy.

Very early on in my awakening I was very frightened. I learned things that most people don't want to think about. I was led to different paths of awareness which resonated with me more deeply than anything had in my life. It all started making sense. Deeper into my awakening I learned about the Universal Law of Attraction, Present Moment Awareness, and Quantum Physics, and I began to see miracles happen around me daily. I experience the "spirit" on a daily basis. I have known since day one of my awakening, I wanted to be of service to people experiencing the same things I had gone through.

on 9-9-09 I got my chance to be of service to someone who had just begun experiencing the 1111 phenomena and it's awesome seeing someone following the same paths of awareness, knowing we are being led by something much, much bigger than I can put my mind around.

In my first E-mail I wrote that she would be led, through "intuition" down various paths of awareness or discovery she never knew existed. I told her some might even frighten her, but to focus on what we each can do to be part of the solution and "Be The Change."

A few e-mails later she mentioned one particular group of individuals and the fact that alot of 1111ers are being led to learn about them, and that we have something in common with them.

I remember reading the email and silenty saying to myself, "it's happening Blayne, we are going to change the world."

I reminded her to focus on what she can do and who she can "be" daily to Be The Change, and to look for the synchronicity.

I do my best to Be The Change, and to be an inspiration to this person daily. Like all of my 1111 friends, I see a peace project of some sort with her in my future. She is a life path "9" too, which I thought was pretty synchronistic as well.

Today I went back to my podiatrist to get a cast put on my broken foot. The foot was a result of a MMA/JiuJitsu sparring accident in my little brothers front yard with my 15 year old son.. I was aiming for the thigh, and connected with the hipbone. I still believe i'm 20 and i'm ok with that. I surf, snowboard, rapell, hike, climb, waterski, skydive way less than I would if I had more dough, and I want to do more...of everything....mostly helping people awaken to their own divinity...all over the world.

When I pulled into his complex, there was one empty spot in the front row by his practice. I pulled in, and instinctively looked at the license plate of tha cars parked next to me. Sure enough the one next to me began with 911-#$%.. In Washington State, the plates begin with three digits followed by three letters. So I start to pay attention.

The last time I was there I was in quite a bit of pain so I didn't notice much. Today when I sat down, I saw pictures of my Doc and part of his staff doing pro-bono work in El Salvador. Since Philanthropy has been in my blood since the first day of my awakening, I decided I was going to get to know this guy.

What happened during the time he was casting up my leg left me in awe once again, as I see the unfoldment of an amazing divine plan happen in front of my eyes.

I can"t even remember how we got on the topic of The youtube video called "Zeitgeist" or "Freedom-Fascism" or the Federal Reserve Conspiracy. All I know is we both began our awakenings about two years ago, both of our families and co-workers think we are "conspiracy theorists" and we have been led down similar paths of awareness.

I think I mentioned to him that I had an awakening that led me to want to be a philanthropist, and the conversation went from there, once again, It all felt very dreamlike. I'm confident my higher purpose for being there wasn't to get my foot put in a cast....My foot simply got me a seat in front of this man...The purpose was what we discussed.

0nce again thanks for letting me share and for reading.

Veritas Lux Aequitas



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