Thursday, April 12, 2012

1111 and Percival Landing.

Easter Sunday was amazing this year. Tehya spent the night with me saturday night, the Easter Bunny came sometime during the night, she woke up to find a basket of goodies on the window sill. We got up and got ready to go. Shanna and I had made arrangements to take her to an easter egg hunt, out to breakfast, the farmers market, and maybe to a park downtown.

Its really quite harmonious to be able to spend time with my ex-partner, having gone through what we went through, and be kind to one another, hold no resentment and anger, ill will, etc... Not only is it good for both of our spirirts, but it is really good for Tehyas spirit. I see many divorced or seperated partners that do and say the most unkind things to each other, over Ego, anger, jelousy, and a whole myriad of other issues that we choose to make us, and each other miserable. I have just chosen not to participate any more. If I am to be the Peace and Loving Kindnes I claim to be, I must practice that with everyone.

So we did all those things and ended up at Percival Landing in Olympia, on the waterfront. Olympia is the southernmost point of the Puget Sound, a really ecclectic city, its downtown waterfront hosting loads of cool shops and restuarants. The people of Olympia are special in many ways. It is my home. I love it here.

As Tehya was playing on the toys, and Shanna and I were sitting on the bench, a man about my age, and his wife and kids showed up. He and his wife sat down, as his children ran off to play.

Moments later, after feeling hot in the afternoon sun, I got up off the bench, my back facing the man and woman sitting next to us, and pulled off my sweater. My T-shirts came up as well, exposing my lower back, and a few of my tattoos. My forearms were then uncovered, exposing a few more tattoos.

I turned around and the man said something like, "that is the coolest tattoo, I have ever seen." I looked at my forearms, then looked back at him saying something like, "which one?" He said, "the 11:11 in the center of your back."

Whenever this happens to me, time kind of stands still. I know that there are no accidents, and that life is lived in the present moment. It feels like I am living in a drea,. and in fact, I am living in a dream. So I introduce myself, I find out his name is Brett, and he is a Yoga Instructor in Seattle. I ask him why the 11:11 is significant to him, and he tells me some stuff that blows my mind. I have the opportunity to share my story, struggle, awakening and ongoing enlightenment.....and he shares his.

We probably spoke for about a half an hour. He even shared an amazing Cohiba Cuban cigar he had in his vehicle after I shared a synchronicity story that happened a few nights before, when I stopped at my local store for a cigar.

The most important and poignant part of his sharing is when he was talking about the intuitive process that brought him to downtown Olympia in the first place. He and his family were on their way back to Seattle from a trip to the Washington Coast. Something intuitivelly told him to come to downtown Olympia.

After speaking and exchanging contact information, we both agreed this encounter was why we had both come there.

I left Shanna and Tehya and headed over to my friends house. This person has been in my life for about a year and a half, and I love and care about her very much. Our relationship has been interesting. She is going through her own awakening process too.

Several nights before, I had been really wanting Lamb, but its really difficult to find Organic Lamb, that I know has been fed well, and has been put down humanely. I don't eat alot of meat anymore, and I really try to not put anything in my body, thats not good for it, or has alot of chemicals, fertilizers or hormones. My friend who I was spending Easter afternoon with also likes Lamb, so I was super excited when my neighbor who I hadn't seen in many months, stopped me right when I walked in our local store, and informed me he had just slaughtered a few lambs, for the easter holiday, and for food. His animals are fed and raised organically. He and his family carry a really good energy, I know they treat the animals well, and respect the fact that they sacrified so his family and other people they know could have good healthy meat.

My friend and I had an amazing time. We had Lamb, and a whole bunch of other good food, music, and amazing conversation. The day ended with me feeling really super blessed about all the amazing people, and synchronicity in my life.

Had I not gone through the pain I had gone through, I dont think I would have ever searched for clarity, and I don't think I would have ever discovered the absolute bliss of living in the Present Moment.

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