Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Sustainabilty Project

Very early on in my awakening experience, I felt an intense desire to create...or be a part of a self-sustainable community. I have had multiple dreams about this place. I have seen it in dreams and in meditation. Initially, I believe my being led to that "place" was fear based. In 2007 when this all began, I knew what was coming. I have been speaking about it to friends, family members, and anyone that would listen.

My want/desire to either create, or be a part of a collective/self-sustainable community was partially fear based. I knew/know that there was to be a complete collapse of all existing structures, before humanity could come together as one, and function from a higher level of consciousness, with the knowing that what we do today, affects everyone on the planet, and that those thoughts we have today, create tomorrows reality.

I envisioned a large piece of land, and many like minded individuals, living together, co-creating complete self-sustainability. No one "goes to work." Work involves working the land, raising the food and building materials, helping one another, and raising children in a completely harmonious and balanced environment, where the modus operandi isn't "what can I get from you", but rather "how can I be of service to you."

I know....I know.....visions of a hippie commune come to mind. Thats not my intention at all. What I hoped to create was a place where people could live and work and take care of one another, where there is no "going to work", leaving the kids at a day care, because the work is the land, and becoming self sustainable, and the "day care" and "school" are within the community. Everyone has a role. Everyone has worth. Everyone does their part, whatever that may be.

I have spoken to my Guru/Life Coach/Drug and Alcohol Counselor about my ideas for the past five years. He enlightened me to the fact that these type of communities are sprouting all over the place, with great success. He has been pushing me to "take the leap of faith" for the past 5 years, since my awakening began.

I FEEL deeply that we have become a very, very sick society. I believe many of us have it all twisted and backwards. We work 50-60 hours a week, so that we can take our kids on a week vacation once a year. We see our children an hour a night, if we are lucky. We are driven by material excess. We are programmed to consume...consume...consume. We are taught that the cooler and newer our "stuff" is, the more sucessful we have become. We don't know our kids, we don't know our spouses or partners, and 1 of 2 marriages fail miserably because we are stressed out, addicted, overworked, overburdened, and have lost touch with everything that really matters in seeking "stuff" that doesn't really matter at all. I'm sick and tired of it, and part of my awakening was a realization that I needed to do something for myself and my family so that I could "be the change" at a personal level.

Since this all began on 7-1-7 I see synchronicity in every area of my life. I don't take anything at face value. I believe there is a higher purpose in pretty much everything. This includes relationships, people I meet at work, conversations I hear, "things that "happen" to me on a regular basis that don't really happen to other people, etc, etc....Ad Infinitum. I found all this by living in a place called "The Present Moment."

I recently moved to a different area within my company. I started having regular conversations with one of my co-workers about whats "really going on" on this planet. He has just begun his own journey into discovery and awareness. He is being led down many of the paths I was "led" down early on in my awakening. There are no coincidences.

His girlfriends mom lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. I have felt a powerful spiritual connection to the Hawaian Islands for a very, very long time. I was stationed on Oahu when I was a young man in the Army. I have vivid dreams about the Islands, and I feel like I have been being led to go there to work and learn for quite some time.

Today, I got into a conversation with my "awakening" co worker. He is very seriously considering "unplugging", and selling everything except a backpack and some clothes, to move to the Big Island, to be part of a group of awoken/awakening people who like us, are tired of being a part of the status quo, and this runaway train that is about to crash head on, with another big train moving in the opposite direction. Like many of us, he "feels" and "senses" that something is terribly, horribly wrong, and he doesn't want to be a part of the madness anymore.

Immediatly I recognized the opportunity that I could become a part of this flowering community too. I was overwhelmed with excitement. I called my ex-partner and asked her if she would ever consider unplugging, to move to Hawaii, to be a part of a community of people that are trying to "be the change." Im very excited to see where this "thought" will take me/us.

Im tired of never seeing my kids. I'm tired of working so that someone else can "get rich." It doesn't resonate with me anymore. I feel a pretty constant state of "dis-ease" because I'm not doing what my soul has been telling me to do for almost 5 years now.

So, the next few months should be interesting. I will continue to listen, and learn. I will continue to pay attention to everything that "happens". I'm very ready to step off of this train, and have absolute faith that by following my intuition, everything will be very, very OK.....


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