Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A New Job, an Old Friend, and 12-11

Hello All....

On Friday November 27th I began a new job in the automotive industry. Not exactly what I want to be doing, because I feel like I am being called to do more healing/spiritual work....but purposeful none the less.

What happened to me this weekend reminded me, through numerical synchronicity of course, I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be right now.

In the three days I worked last week I had the opportunity to test-drive two people in different cars.

Whenever a customer is test driving a car, it is state law that the dealership makes what is called a "demo-permit" that includes the customers current insurance card as well as their current drivers license

On Friday I got a drivers license from a customer, and his birthdate was 12-11. He drove the car and went on his way.

On Sunday November 30th. I made another demo-permit. This mans birthday was 12-11 as well.

Two demo permits in three days at work and both customers had a birthday of 12-11.

Late Friday night I received a phone call from a young man who had been released from prison after serving a three year sentence for drug-related issues.

In 1997 I was this young mans case-manager in a juvenile prison. I met him again in 2004 when I turned myself in to get drug and alcohol treatment in jail. I was walking past the bathroom in the treatment facility...and there he was...standing in the bathroom mirror. I looked at him...he looked at me..and he said "Mr. Lannan" what in the fu#$ are you doing here.

In 50 days of treatment we became very close. Looking back on all the synchronicity in my life...I know he has complete purpose in my life, and our meeting was no accident.

So last Saturday night I went to the clean/sober house he is staying at, and for about an hour he described what sounds like his very own spiritual awakening to me. He said he thought he was "going crazy" having the thoughts he was having about the Universe...and all the "synchroncity"...he was calling "coincidences" that he was experiencing in his life.

So Sunday, about an hour minutes before I met my second 12-11 birthday customer, this young man called me to talk about some of his own numerical phenomena that he had just experienced. After he hung up I looked at the time he called me, and sure enough...the time was 12:11.

An hour or so later I was staring at my second 12-11 birthday..one of two I had made demo permits for.

My second customer pointed out a Buick Lucerne he was interested in. I grabbed the keys from the lock box, hopped in the drivers seat and looked at the digital clock. I smiled when I saw 1:11 pop up on the digital clock when I started it....

Once again, thanks for reading my blog.

The awakening is well underway...and the puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place




  1. A digital clock is the inspiration for http://www.timeassociation.net/ which allows you to to share associations with the numbers on the clock.

  2. Hey - I started MY synchronicity blog on March 3rd, 2009 .

    the post post on 3/3/2009

    the home page:

    and, I know of another sync blog that started the day after!



    Please, check out the sites. I have other stories about people coming forward with UFO and Synchronicities related blogs within a few days. Something was happening around 3/3 last year! You can find my email on my blog.

    Mike C!